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Self-review and characteristics of the story Unseen
There is a pocket story given below:-
Sabujava Kumar Chatterjee

She is going towards crossing in front of me. I become mesmerized.
After a few minutes, the sense returns

Searched her several days, but she remains unseen forever.

Characteristics of Book-pocket story

1. At first, it created in a page which is only three inches wide and five inches long page.
2. In our era, we convert it into the 30 word limit.
3. The story will be clear and complete.
4. So, readers need to apply their common sense in time to time.
How? It will be discussed in self-review section.


She is going towards crossing in front of me.
Here you need to understand, what is crossing?
The Junction of several lanes or road is known as crossing. Hope, you all know that.
I become mesmerized.
A reviewer asked me the gender teller. You need to apply your common sense here. She mesmerized me. So, I am a male person.Another question arises, how? I ask you very simple question, how can a young boy feel attracted to a lady?
The answer is through her beauty.
But, the unlucky teller searched her heavily, but she remains unseen. Actually, in the crossings are over crowded. To find a person within thousands of people is almost impossible.
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