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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #2254083
Sam Adams enters the gateway to Hell, in a cavern underneath Mt. Shasta.
Hell's Gate

inspired a poem

Gateway to Hell

Sam Adams
A noted paranormal researcher
Fascinated by hell
Tracks down the secret gateways
To hell

Hidden in plain sight
Deep in caverns
Underneath sacred mountains
Like Mt. Shasta

He approaches the gateway
Not knowing if he could return
There was a secret protocol
That may allow him to enter
The gateway

The cave is humongous
Dark and dangerous pathway
Leads downward into the earth

As he walks it gets hotter
And soon he sees active lava flows
He comes to a gate

With a warning

“You are entering hell
Proceed at your own risk
If you are alive
You may not escape
Back to the sunlit lands”

Sam Adams stops
Demon functionaries
come to the gateway

He tells them he is just a visitor
Wanted a day pass
They laugh and laugh

Look up his name
And said

“You may proceed
But with a guide

And you have to sign
He signs the document
Without reading it
Not knowing he had signed
A contract with the devil

Sam Adams
Descends into Hell
And was never seen again
For he had signed away
His immortal soul
And Hell’s contract
Are iron clad
So many lawyers in hell
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