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Thoughts on fulfilling prompts incomplete

1. Ancient Gods

2. Exotic Vacation

3. Hipsters

4. Dancing

5. Science Fiction


7. Beekeeper

8. Character Swap

9. Roommates

10. Utopia

11. Summer Camp

12. Fairy Tale

13. Bad Horror Movie

14. Chefs

15. Crossover

16. Hippies

17. Wings

18. Pirates

19. Daemons

20. Dystopia

21. Soulmates

22. Theatre

23. Historical Fantasy

24. Gangs

25. Time Travel

26. School of Magic

27. Royalty

28. Werewolf

29. Pretend Relationship

30. The Day the World Died

31. Any Two Previous AU’s


Norse Mythology


Arranged Marriage

Norse gods and gaming—Gods and Gossip, a game invented by Tuffnut, has a many sided die with images of ancient gods on it and situation cards to put them in. Day One, Ancient Gods/ Alternate Norse Gods, Day Six, Gaming

Mall of the Gods—Ruffnut drags Astrid to a god themed mall. Day One, Ancient Gods/ Alternate Norse Gods

Exotic Vacation—Hiccup acts as housesitter and exotic plant sitter to raise money for vacation. / Ruffnut has standards. That’s why she makes the men who like her take her on a vacation, to judge their character. She goes on an exotic vacation, committing to work during it, only to find out it’s not the kind of work she expects. Hiccup has standards too. Astrid fills in, and Hiccup’s plan to judge Ruff’s character takes Astrid on a real tropical vacay. Day Two, exotic vacation

Hipsters—shopping for clothes. Day Three, Hipsters

Dance Lessons—Stoick survives. Partially recovered, Stoick begins physical therapy by dancing with Valka. Day Four, Dancing

Take Me to Your Alpha Dragon—Little Green Men don’t have dragons./ What happens when an archipelago full of dragons encounters a scaly beast they don’t recognize? Day Five, Science Fiction

How to Pick Up Girls—Tuffnut dares Hiccup to approach three different girls at a club, and rolls a die to choose them, and Hiccup has to draw cards for pickup lines. Never agree to anything when you’re hungover. Day six, gaming

Beekeeper—Hiccup studies beekeeping, something neither parent wants him to pursue. Electro-mechanical engineering starts looking good. Day Seven, Beekeeping

Character Swap—Eret/Ruffnut and romance, Heather/Fishlegs and courage, Hiccup/Stoick and the future, Gobber/Spitelout and weapons training, Heather/Mala and poise, Tuffnut/Gothi, and common sense safety. Day Eight, character swap.

This Space Available—To avoid taking on another person in his rental, Hiccup has a pet sitting service. He has plenty of roommates, and enough money to pay the rent. Day Nine Roommates.

Utopia—Valka criticizes Hiccup for not making Berk into another nest like the one she left. “It was a utopia, Hiccup.” “Yeah, but I’m not alone like you were. Don’t pretend you’re not defending your choice to stay.” Day Ten, Utopia.

Summer Camp—Fishlegs is the driver for a summer camp, taking kids there and back. Heather works at the local amusement park. She joins in on camp field trips, as an extra chaperone. Riiight. It’s not about the gentle giant driving the van. Day Eleven, summer camp.

Fairy Tale—Dagur tries entertaining Heather and Fishlegs kids with a story. They question his choices and he keeps changing the story until it’s unrecognizable. Day Twelve, Fairy Tale

Bad Horror Movie—Tuffnut attempts to film a horror film, but it becomes comedy of errors, and possibly a future cult classic. Day Thirteen, Bad Horror Movie

Chefs—Hiccup does the cooking, but when he leaves for the Great Beyond, he provides a few simple recipes for Stoick. When Valka returns to Berk, Stoick tries to teach her. Day Fourteen, Chefs

Crossover—Toothless and Pascal meet and discuss their similarities. /Sybil warned Sam not to use the dragons as cigar lighters. Terrible Terrors delivering mail are not the same as swamp dragons. Day Fifteen, Crossover.

Hippies—Trader Johann wears unusual clothing to Berk. A visiting Camikazi raids his ship and strips it off him while he’s drunk. Earth shoes, tie-dye, bell bottoms, peasant blouses, flip flops, bandannas. Day Sixteen, Hippies

Wings—Gothi was the first to befriend a dragon, and drew her picture. Sacrificing the bond paved the way for Hiccup to befriend Toothless. Day Seventeen, Wings.

Pirates—Heather escapes from pirates, but Astrid doesn’t believe her until the pirates come for Berk. Day Eighteen, Pirates

Daemons—To reach the Great Guru, you have to battle the Daemons. Those that try never return. Those who succeed become a Guru. The daemons? A dragon and his rider. Once you know the truth about dragons, there’s no going back. Dread Pirate Roberts vibes./ For those in the know, dragons are friends and partners. For those on the outside, dragons are demons. Day Nineteen, Daemons


Soulmates—Astrid seeks the intervention of Madame Gothi to learn who her soulmate is, but she already knows him./ The letters of your soulmates name show up on your skin over time. Day Twenty-one, Soulmates.

Theatre—puppetry. Day Twenty-Two, Theatre.

Historical Fantasy—Runaway lady-in-waiting can’t manage the real world. She can manage to trade work for room and board. Day Twenty-three, Historical Fantasy.

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