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I experienced many things while working as a nurse in palliative care

I was nursing in long term care where I worked in the palliative
care unit and of course saw many deaths. Sometimes the nurses
were the only ones there to be with these elderly souls as they took
their last breaths. I recall all of them but there is one in particular
that haunts me still but in a good way. I was working the night shift
and this lady was close to death. I went to check her and as I was,
she opened her eyes and they were bright and happy. She smiled at
me and whispered, are you an angel come to bring me to heaven? No,
I replied, I am your nurse. She reached up and touched my blonde hair
and told me that I had a halo over my head. Perhaps it was the light
from the hall or her poor eyesight, I will never know. She was a sweet
person who loved to wear her pearls that her husband had given her
on their wedding day. She was smiling and told me they were dancing
And when I tried to leave she said don't, please stay with me, so I did.
We did not say much, but touched each other, she touched my face
saying angel over and over and then, quietly she gasped only once and
she was gone. I never forgot that experience. Maybe, God did give me
a halo that night to help this soul pass into heaven. I think he did.

July 7, 2021

Poetry/Narrative/Are You An Angel ?
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