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Facing loneliness a jewel makes a choice.
A Jewel

There was a time when my husband's gift of jewelry was a joyful moment. I'd tear off the wrapping paper, tug off the lid, and freeze. My eyes would be dazzled by the design of whatever rested in the box. After a moment or two, I'd remember to breathe. One time it would be enchanting diamonds and pearls set into a bracelet that would make the Queen of England blush. Another time, it would be an elegant ring. Whatever the gift was, I cherished it. It was evidence that Walter cherished me as a jewel in his life.

Today, my large jewelry box set open before me. The partitioned trays caressed each treasure inside. I'd been staring at them for a while. The once beloved memories of each piece now produced an empty feeling. Lifting a heavy necklace, I felt none of its prior magic. I studied it. Nope. I felt nothing.

But I did have a thought. It should bring a large sum of money. I dropped it carelessly into a gym bag. In short order it was followed by the rest of the gifts from the box.

Time to go.

I wasn’t worried about being caught driving away in his precious Jag. Walter was out on his racing yacht with his crew. Gone ‘fishin’ again. It was a stupid joke that was no longer funny. He was obsessed with sailboat racing.

Oh, lonesome me. What good is a beautiful mansion, swimming pool, tennis court, and expensive cars, if they are experienced by just me. Alone.

The rear view mirror gave me a last look at our love nest. I looked forward and toward the future. It was better to live in the streets of Baltimore than in an empty palace. Of course it wouldn't come to that. A jewel will have great value to someone. I set my jaw.

Time to look.
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