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by Rinku
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This is in regard to human science value and law of "World Science".
World recollects the beautiful phase with introduce of science. It brought a ray of hope, unveiling false beliefs and pretense that shrouded communities from various faiths. It won’t be wrong to say that science brought human advancement. Elevating humanity and development in lifestyle, lighting the darker portion of the world that without science it lived.

Science and medicine gave a tough blow to false faith. Even preaching changed and popularity of science took to a new rise. As if science was unstoppable and where liberty seems to have stepped out from all restrictions that the stereotype communities held back.

Technology took a lightning speed and digitized the world, enabling people to percept virtually. Science steadied to rule with a magic wand, making global networking possible. Developed world saw science monarchy and its rule in every community.

But before the existence of human there still existed “World Science” due to which creation in nature advanced. Science is predominant in nature where later it edged with more refine creation known as human. Nature’s benevolent law came to threat with advancement of human, devouring the bio-system for the sake of greed and pride.

Abnormal greed and pride has taken toll not only upon nature but on human with introduce of nuclear power and biological weapon. Greed which has devoured many rulers from the past is putting even science regime to threat. It seems with fast corruption the modern world of science is soon losing its charm of bringing the world in one place.

World War was one phase but introduce of biological weapon by science has made human more self destructive. Intensity of science is making human more self destructive and is killing the modern generation.

We simply cannot exceed by avoiding “World Science” law and must be benevolent to nature. Clearing of green to establish concrete world; today with shower of heavy rain the city gets waterlogged. As if a sea of water in a concrete jungle.

Our Intelligence at stake, beautiful cities made for the convenience of the people are left waterlogged. Rain as a part of nature can login but science with time has failed to log out flood water from city. We are not being wise while clearing off greens, neglecting planned water outlets.

We know if big water reservoirs and open space are filled with earth then we will bring our own misery and water log ourselves. A waterlogged city recollects to Venice the floating city but with ugly and stinky note. You have four wheel big machines but you cannot wade in waterlogged city. Science cannot help at the exceeding cost of human greed
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