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free verse
. . . I am lost in a sea of memories
that scar the roadmap to my soul
and my words- are the highway to my pain
as I follow a labyrinth of passages and corridors
curved and contrived-
and here, I am a child praying
oh, my withered dreams, my hopes, my aspirations
why do I dreg up my past sorrows
that come drifting like a dark death melody . . .
my grief comes unbidden to stain my years
and my tears hang from dripping branches in a
. . . graveyard where tombs stand in rows and rows
where grass grows greener
and happy hummingbirds hover in heavenly harmony
and red roses decay- and the wind is a violin . . . echoing
and blood seeps from the forever dagger in my heart
barefoot, ragged, hair tangled- I am a little girl again playing
and again lost in the sad wail of violin and wind
. . . life stretches before me like a long road
and I am sick of all this sorrow- and rose decay
I want days as clear as sparkling wine
to live a life full of serenity
with days brilliant blue and nights of sparkling stars
instead of this vast empty place my thoughts wander . . .
oh, bitter and cruel is this life at times- yet a fire burns
within me . . .

July 8, 2021

Poetry/Free Verse/within me
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