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A coming of age story - includes LGBTQ+ representation, soccer, feet smelling and bondage.
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Part I: Stacey Starts The War (F/F)

Stacey is a 15 year old Westville girl with fair skin, flowing blonde hair hair, and blue eyes. She was wearing a white shirt, black shorts, dark blue socks, and black sneakers with white laces. Gym class was over and all the female students were getting ready to go home. While Stacey pulled her bag out of her locker, she felt a hand tap her shoulder. Stacey turned around and saw a teen girl, probably 14 or 15, with fair skin, long red hair tied in a ponytail, and green eyes. She was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and black socks. Her shoes were laying by her locker. "Hi," the redheaded girl greeted. "My name is Laine, what's yours?" She asked.

"Stacey." she answered as the two looked at each other. "Wait... I know you. You're the new girl, right? Just enrolled here about a week ago?" "Yep, that's true," Laine answered. "I didn't you you were a good soccer player" she commented. "I've been playing for a long time" Stacey said with a smile. "Hey listen, since it's Friday tomorrow, wanna hang out immediately after school?" Laine asked. "Sure!" Stacey answered excitedly. "We'll even play soccer outside so you can be as good as I am!" "Ok, that sounds good" she said enthusiastically. Just then, the bell rang. "Hold on, let me just get my stuff so we can leave the school together" Laine said. "Ok, be right there!" Stacey said as she watched Laine return to her locker. But before Stacey could leave the locker room, a hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her aside, being hidden from view from the other students and Laine.

"Stace, don't talk to that girl," Dawn, a fellow 15 year old soccer player with long brown hair and black eyes, whispered. "What? Why?" She asked, confused. "That new girl? There are rumors that she pretends to befriend female students and when they least expect it, she ties them up, gags them and tortures them." "She what?" Stacey asked. The student cupped her hand over Stacey's mouth and handgagged her. She made a muffled questioning noise through her hand. "Once Laine befriends you, she'll tie and gag you whenever chance she gets. And don't get me started on the rumors about her feet torture." She removed her hand from Stacey's mouth. "What? That's terrible." Stacey whispered. Dawn nodded with agreement. "You better do something, Stacey, before we all fall victim to her." Dawn waved and left the locker room, hoping that Laine wouldn't see her leave.

Stacey peeked around a locker and saw that Laine was the only one left and was finishing putting on her left cleat. She then saw Laine open up her bag and pulled out lengths of rope and a roll of duct tape. A big smile came across her face. 'Stacey doesn't even know! Oh that girl is mine, she'll be bound and gagged in no time." Laine happily thought to herself. Stacey planned something out but she knew she needed to be quick about it, otherwise she would end up at the redhead's mercy. Lacey stuffed her bondage supplies back into her bag and stood up. The second she turned her back towards Stacey, the teenage soccer star quickly sprinted up behind her and wrestled her to the floor, pinning her arms down. "Stacey? What the hell are you doing?" Laine asked, surprised and shocked.

"I'm not falling for it, Laine." Stacey said as she got out the rope from Laine's bag. She began to tie Laine's hands above her head. "Fall for what?" She asked, as she struggled on the locker room floor. "Stacey, this is ridiculous. I would never do anything to you!" Stacey took out another coil of rope, removed Laine's cleats and tied her feet together. "Come on, please just untie me and let's talk this out." "Like I said, I'm not falling for it. I have already heard what you do to girls and I saw you! Shut up, it'll make this easier. " Stacey said as she untied her own sneakers. "What the hell are you doing?" Laine asked as Stacey tugged off her shoes.

"I'm sooo glad gym was our last class of the day. Now girls like you need to be punished and I have just the idea for how to!" Stacey said as she put her sneakers aside. She then placed one of her dark blue socked foot over Laine's mouth and placed the other over her nose, making her smell it. Laine's eyes widened as the tied redhead struggled to get away from Stacey's sweaty socked feet, now the only thing she could smell. "Aww what's the matter, Laine?" Stacey asked teasingly, becoming more and more dominant by the second.

"You don't like the smell of my socks? Come on, I know you do, I heard all about your tortures hahaha." She then used her toes to pinch Laine's nose, cutting off her air and causing her to squirm and struggle hard. Stacey then released her hold and Laine was forced to deeply inhale the stench. "Oh yeah, that was soooo good Laine!" Stacey said, laughing as she continued to torture the girl with her feet. Laine shut her eyes tightly and screamed from under Stacey's socked foot. Stacey then finally removed her socked foot from Laine's nose and peeled off her very sweaty sock.

When the blonde dominating teen removed her socked foot from Laine's mouth, the redheaded prisoner of Stacey opened her mouth to breathe in fresh air. Stacey quickly noticed it and shoved her sweaty sock into Laine's mouth and clamped her hand over her mouth to prevent the sock from being spat out. Ignoring Laine's muffled cries, Stacey peeled off her second sock off her other foot. She removed her handgag and forced the other sock into her mouth, causing her to gag on the taste.

Laine's eyes widened as the foul taste assaulted her tongue and mouth. She thrashed and screamed from behind her foul sockgag. Stacey took out the duct tape from the bag and wrapped it around her mouth, sealing the fate of Laine to have her very sweaty socks trapped in her mouth. "Enjoy the taste, I know it's amazing!" she said as she wrapped duct tape above and just below her breasts, taping her arms to her sides. Stacey also taped Laine's shins, knees, and thighs together, taking any chance of escape away from the gagged redhead. "Sorry, Laine. I can't risk being your friend. You're just going to tie and gag me and torture me and I'm not gonna let that happen." Laine widened her eyes and began to let out muffled yells as if everything Stacey was saying is not true (even though it absolutely was). Stacey unraveled the tape once more. "I can't have you looking at me like that" she said as she wrapped tape around her eyes and used it as a blindfold. "Not gonna lie, you look kinda cute this way haha." Stacey said as she slipped her bare feet back into her shoes. Stacey then stood up and patted Laine's head. "Now you can keep the socks but if you'll excuse me, I gotta go home. Don't worry, I'm sure someone will come eventually." She left the locker room, ignoring the muffled shouts and cries of Laine. {ep:40}

Stacey exited the school building with a smile on her face. She wasn't upset that she left her sweaty socks in Laine's mouth because she had a lot more pairs at home. Plus, she was glad she tied her up before Laine could tie and gag her and she be at her mercy. She continued her way home, feeling relaxed that Laine wouldn't bother her any time soon. "I hope she likes the taste of my socks." she thought to herself. Back in the locker room, Laine continued to struggle and yell behind the tape and socks. "These socks taste so awful" she thought as she mmphed into the gag. "How much running does this girl do to get all this sweat? It's disgusting!" She let out a series of muffled groans of disgust due to the taste of Stacey's socks.

"When I get out of here, that girl's gonna pay!" She continued to thrash until she heard a tear. From beneath her gag, she smiled and laughed a bit, getting more foul taste of the socks in the process. But that didn't matter to Laine at the moment. She finally had made a tear on the duct tape binding her arms to her sides. It'll only be a matter of time before she fully unites herself, gets the disgusting socks out of her mouth, and have her revenge on Stacey.

Part II: Laine's Revenge (F/F)

As the front door to her family's home shut behind her, Stacey turned on the lights as she stretched out her body and rubbed her sore muscles as she made her way to her bedroom. No one else was home at the moment but her. "Hmmm, it's sooo good to be home." She said happily as she finally reached her bedroom and set her bag down near the doorway and went over to her bed and sat down and kicked off her shoes. "Now, let's get these sweaty socks off my feet." She said reaching forward to suddenly remember she had taken them off before, leaving them in the care of Laine’s mouth, that fun redhead she had left tied and gagged. "Oh wait hahaha, I already took them off." She said to herself, tapping her toes on the ground, laughing lightly to herself as she thought about Laine again.

"I hope she is enjoying my socks under all that duct tape and rope." She thought to herself, getting up knowing Laine would be found early in the morning by someone, probably a girl on the team, and hopefully let go without issue. Stacey then went to grab some clean clothes and socks and made her way to the bathroom, unaware the doorknob at the front door was rattling like crazy as if someone was trying to pick it, but the blonde teen had no idea about it. "Ohhhh that was so much fun." She said to herself joyfully coming out of the bathroom clad in a dark green tank top with black shorts on with clean dark blue socks on her feet. Now clean, she looked forward to making her socks sweaty and dirty again, in case she needed to teach Laine a lesson again as she wanted to.

Stacey then went towards her kitchen to find something to eat as she was super hungry but before she could reach it, she heard an odd noise from her bedroom. "Hello?" She turned around and slowly headed back into her bedroom to see the light off despite leaving the light on when she went into the bathroom. "Did the bulb burn out again?" She asked annoyed as she stepped into her bedroom and reached for the light switch expecting the light not to turn on, but it did indeed turn on, only to reveal an untied Laine sitting on her bed with her legs crossed while she was kicking her black socked feet lightly with her shoes off.

"Hey there girlie, enjoy the bath?" the redhead asked smirking to a shocked Stacey. "H-H-Laine?!" Stacey cried out shocked, not expecting to see her of all people. "What the-" Before she could think of anything or finish her sentence, Laine was leaping at her, rope in hand and with quick ease, she had the blonde teen pinned to the floor, flipped around onto her stomach and began to tie her wrists tightly behind her back with the rope. "That's it, go down easy Stacey, this will be all over soon." Laine assured her, pulling and knotting the rope tightly. "Gahh!" Stacey cried out, still confused and now struggling. "How? How the hell did you get free?" She asked as it should have been impossible as she was soon flipped back around, her hands and ankles now completely bound and useless as she had a fearful look on her face now looking up at her capturer.

Her answer from Laine was the redheaded teen rubbing her sweaty socked feet on Stacey's mouth and nose, making her cry out into the black socks as she shook her head from side to side trying to get away from the stench which was far, far worse than her own sweaty socks she used to gag Laine with earlier in the day. Stacey had no choice but to breathe in the stench as Laine laughed at the blonde girl's feeble struggles. "MMPH!!!!" She cried and screamed through the socks as Laine grinned and continued to laugh. "Revenge can be really smelly Stacey dear, and even though you got the drop on me, I am far worse than you can be! Oh and my socks are soooo much worse than the ones you used on me hahaha." Laine promised her as she did the same thing Stacey did to her, pinching her nose shut with her right socked foot, completely cutting off her breathing air.

"MMPH? MMMPH MMPHH!!!" Stacey screamed out, begging for mercy and begging for air under Laine's sweaty sock. Laine just waited till she finally opened her mouth to get a good breath of her sock odor and once she did, Laine took off one of her long black socks before taking the other off and forced both into the captured blonde's mouth, making her gag badly on them as she knew Laine's socks were so much worse that her socks ever were. She gagged hard on them and her eyes began to tear up from just how bad the socks tasted as Laine revealed a roll of duct tape of her own and began to apply some over her mouth. She then thought it wasn't enough and put a few more strips over her mouth in an X shape over her mouth and then wrapped the roll around her eyes several times. "HELMPPPHPP!!" Stacey screamed out, wanting to spit the gross socks out but the duct tape formed a perfect seal over her lips and there was no escaping it.

Laine smirked as she grabbed some more rope and went to work on binding the rest of Stacey's body by binding her ankles tightly with rope and wrapping the silver duct tape around her arms, going above and below her breasts, more around her thighs and knees and shins and made sure to use up all of the roll to make a thick tight binding layer of duct tape to keep her from getting free. Stacey would be bound for as long as the dominant Laine wanted her to be. "MMPHHHH! MMPH!" Stacey cried out, thrashing around her room's floor as Laine enjoyed the show, knowing the poor girl's mouth had to be tormented and horrified by her very disgusting and smelly socks, which she had been wearing for nearly a week now in case she met a girl like Stacey.

"Well Stacey, it has been fun, and I'm so glad to make a new friend like you." Laine said playfully as she removed the blindfold as Stacey just glared before her eyes widen as Laine pulled out a bag and went over to her sock drawer and began to take all of her socks and dump them into the bag. "But, I don't think this one night will be enough for my payback, so I'll just wear some of your socks, make them nice and sweaty and return them to you night by night after making you sniff them and shoving and taping them into your mouth, girlie hahaha you're in for a fun few weeks." Laine said with a smug grin. "MMMMPHHH MMMPHHHHHHHHHH!" Stacey screamed out, squirming and struggling around like mad. {ep:66}

"Guess I'll see you again tomorrow night for another hogtie lesson. So glad your family's out of town for the next couple weeks haha!" Laine smirked taking her leave. "Oh and I'm looking forward to a soccer game with you sometime, maybe we can wager some socks on a game or two?" She said laughing as she walked off. "MMPH LEMMPH MMMPH GOMMPHH!" Stacey screamed out, breathing heavily into her gag.

Laine then turned back around and actually had another idea and grabbed her own cleat out of her bag. "You know, I think you might need something smelly to get you through the night without my feet haha." Laine grabbed the blonde girl's gagged face and forced the cleat over her face, before tying it around her head, locking the stench over her face causing Stacey to squirm harder and struggle more. "Bye now Stace! See you tomorrow!" Laine said as she stepped on Stacey's bound stomach, causing her to cough harder for air into her gag and into Laine's stinky cleat and walked out.

Stacey was left feeling humiliated, tied up, gagged and forced to breathe into the horrible cleat. She pulled and tugged at her bindings, knowing they wouldn't break without the use of something sharp, eying the underside of her bed as she hid something away that would allow her to break free. Taking a deep breath and cringing as she began to chew on the socks in her mouth, she began to scoot herself towards her bed, grabbing a knife and starting to cut her bonds, but it would certainly take a while. She vowed with her gagged and muffled grunts through the sock and cleat that Laine would pay dearly for this torture and taking all her socks.

Part III: Sides Becomes Chosen (FFFFF/F)

Following her lengthy torture session at the hands of Laine, Stacey finally was able to untie herself and quickly went to sleep, not eager to go to school the next day. Her resolve for revenge had been squashed by her nose and mouth being assaulted for hours by the dominant redhead. First thing, she told Dawn to come with her to the bathroom during their free period. "Oh my god Stace are you ok?" Dawn asked, after Stacey had told her the story of what had happened to her the night prior. A great idea passed her mind. "That's it! We're getting revenge on that awful girl." "Dawnie, how can we get revenge on her? I tied her up for not even an hour and I spent the night breathing into a cleat and tasting sweaty socks as a result of it." Stacey said, almost defeated.

"Well, this time it won't just be you." Dawn said, before the two walked out of the bathroom they were talking in to find their allies against the redhead dominator. Shortly after, the two teenage soccer players had recruited a couple other players to help them get revenge. Cory, a beautiful 16 year old soccer player with long curly brown hair and brown eyes who was definitely the most mature on the team and was a sophomore. Lexi, another cute 15 year old soccer player with shorter dirty blonde hair and brown eyes who could be naive at times but was also very sweet.

And the last girl they went to was Gabby, a 15 year old who didn't play soccer but was best friends with Dawn and Stacey and played a lot of softball along with running track for her school. The five girls planned to meet at Stacey's house to plan their revenge on Laine together and prevent her from getting to anyone else. However, only four of them showed up as Lexi no-showed. They called and texted her and got no response until finally, Stacey's phone rang.

"Hey Lexi, where are you?" Stacey asked curiously into the phone. "Oh, Stacey, she can't come to the phone right now..." A familiar voice said over the call. It was Laine who somehow had gotten hold of Lexi's phone. "What the hell do you want? Where's Lexi?" Stacey asked, angrily. Her obvious anger caused the redheaded teen to laugh. "Oh girlie, I know you and your friends are plotting against me... too bad we stopped it first." Laine said who had put the call onto a FaceTime and turned the phone around to reveal Lexi who was bound to a bed, gagged with tape, had a pair of socks over her nose, struggling as hard as she could and had four other girls sitting next to or near the bed.

Stacey and the other three quickly figured out they were Jackie, Claudia, Kristy and Maddie, four girls who hated Stacey and her friends and believed themselves to be better than them in every way, especially with soccer. "Now, there are two ways this can go," Laine said to the four horrified and shocked girls. "We can torture her for the whole weekend with our stinky feet and socks and sit on her face till she passes out, or we let her go and Stacey can become our little slave for the entire day tomorrow (a Saturday)."

Claudia and Kristy both grabbed Lexi's face and forced it into Maddie's crotch, no doubt sweaty from her game earlier causing moans of disgust from Dawn and Gabby and screams into her gag by Lexi. Stacey knew she had no choice, she had to surrender herself to Laine and her newfound friends to save her own friend from this torture before an unexpected girl stepped up.

"What about me?" Cory asked, offering to sacrifice herself. Lexi was released from her hold while Laine didn't say anything immediately, but Jackie, a fellow sophomore who was 16 years old and had her long black hair in a ponytail along with yoga pants and a blue top, did immediately. "Yes, you have a deal." Jackie and Cory were ex-girlfriends but during their time together, they had done pretty hardcore feet smelling and bondage stuff together and even after they had broken up mutually for other, harsher reasons, Jackie still jumped at the opportunity to torture her old girl again.

"Damn okay, Jackie!" One of the other girls yelled as Laine calmly agreed to the deal. Secretly however, Cory was excited to be tortured again by all of them, but Jackie. She hated Jackie for how their relationship ended and she honestly never wanted to see her again outside of school... but she loved torture, even if her other friends didn't know it and knew Lexi didn’t, so she knew she had to make the sacrifice. "See you soon, girls." Laine said as they could see Kristy force her feet over Lexi's face even after their agreement, causing her to moan.

The two friend groups met outside Stacey's house soonafter. While the exchanging of the two girls happened, Laine stood right in Stacey's face. "God, Stacey, you made such a mistake when you tied me up yesterday. I mean, it's ok, you got one on me. But, now this is war. And I'm going to make sure you become my slave at the end of this, one way or another." "You know what, Laine?" Stacey said, staring her redheaded adversary in the face. "Screw you!" Laine gasped at Stacey and grabbed her head and used two socks, one over her mouth and one over her nose to try and make Stacey pass out, wrapping them around tight and pulling back.

She started to gasp for air, the blonde teen being completely choked out and dominated. "What was that, huh?" Laine asked, holding it even harder while she watched Stacey feebly try and escape and gasping heavily. While the two leaders were confronting each other in front of Stacey's house, the two girls were exchanged in the back of it. Quickly, Cory had her hands bound behind her bag and what looked like two volleyball socks (no doubt from Maddie) were shoved into her mouth and taped over. Lexi, meanwhile, was having her bonds removed by Dawn and Gabby. As the girls walked to the front, Dawn, Gabby and Lexi, somewhat out of it but still awake, noticed Laine's assault on Stacey and ran. "Hey! Let her go!" Dawn shoved Laine off her and while it looked like the two friend groups may go at it, Laine retreated.

"Oh Stacey, you're sooo gonna get it!" Laine said as her and her four girls, plus their new prisoner drove off. Stacey meanwhile was on the ground, coughing for air and trying to get her breath back. "What are we gonna do?" Lexi asked, finally free of all her tape bondage. "She was right about one thing," Stacey said, coughing as she stood up. "This is war."


Part IV: Cory’s Long Night

“Listen up Cory,” Laine said, slapping the face of Cory to get the beautiful sophomore’s attention. Cory, following her exchange for Lexi, was still bound and gagged with Maddie’s volleyball socks (and unclean ones at that) and while she did enjoy being tortured, she hated this feeling of having no control over what was happening. The nasty gag didn’t help her as well. Following her ride over to Laine’s house, she had been forcibly dragged into the redhead’s room with no one there but her captors (her family wasn’t there for the next few days) and she had been re-tied to Laine’s bed.

Cory had been thinking about other things but her being slapped quickly took her out of it. “Now, since it’s 11:54 tonight, you’ll be released tomorrow at the same time. Until then, you are 100% ours. Understood?” Laine asked as Cory nodded. Immediately, Jackie jumped at the chance to begin her tortures on a bound Cory. “Oh Cory... wrong choice, hun. Now, you’re gonna be my slave again.” Jackie whispered to Cory as she put both her sweaty red and black socked feet in her sockgagged face, with no choice left but to inhale the stench. Cory moaned through her gag in complete disgust as anyone else in the world, she would have been fine with, maybe even enjoyed, but Jackie? No, not at all.

Jackie, meanwhile, couldn’t care about what her ex thought and began closing off the brunette’s circulation by pinching her nose with her socked toes. “Such a little cutie,” Jackie said, enjoying every second of torturing Cory. “Hey girls, how about we give her a little tickle treatment hehe?” she asked to the other girls.

“FMMPH YMMPH!” Cory tried to say through her gag, as her torturer knew how much she hates tickling. Kristy and Claudia immediately took to tickling her feet, with Kristy getting real into it and sucking Cory’s sweaty soccer toes. Maddie meanwhile was focused on the armpits of their prisoner, enjoying tickling them as hard as she could before moving onto her ribs and causing the tortured sophomore brunette to gag on the socks stuffed in her mouth.

“Hahaha oh you love it huh?” Laine asked, in an absolute seat of dominance at the top of the bed, with Cory’s head resting right on her stomach as she finally removed the gag. “HAHAHAHAHA PLEAHAHAHSS STOPPPP!!” Cory could barely say words, let alone complain as the tickling was too much for her to handle as she just screamed in laughter. “I think I have a way to shut her up, wanna suck my toes, Cory?” Jackie asked suddenly as Cory desperately tried to say no but Laine had taken control of her again, by forcing a pair of her dirty soccer socks over the beautiful bound teen’s nose and forced her to open her mouth to breathe.

Jackie took the opportunity and shoved her socked toes in the mouth of her ex-girlfriend. “Don’t worry, I’m sure they’re just terrible haha!” Jackie said, enjoying every second of this. “I swear to god, you bite her toes, you’re in for it.” Laine said as Cory began sucking the socked toes of Jackie, even though she absolutely didn’t want to. However, the fast tickling of the other three caused her to accidentally bite down and made Jackie pull her foot back and shrieked in pain. “You bitch!” Laine said as she slapped Cory again, this time incredibly hard as the other three stopped their tickling.

“That’s it let’s move on to Plan B.” Jackie said as Maddie, Kristy, and Laine all grabbed the head of Cory and held it in place for what was to come. Claudia, the quietest one of the group, had finally taken a big role as she started to pull down her shorts. “Now see Cory, Claudia’s a gymnast and sucks for you, she had a meet earlier today... don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll pass out soon enough.” Jackie said, laughing hysterically as Cory began to struggle even harder. Kristy took the opportunity to regag Cory, this time with one of her socks and a piece of duct tape. “Don’t move, you’ll make this harder on yourself.” Claudia said as the other three girls forced Cory’s face directly on the crotch of Claudia, forcing her to inhale the awful stench coming from it.

Cory’s eyes rolled back in her head as she was hit by the disgusting smell of her torturer’s panty-covered pussy and struggled wildly, but her head was forced to be there. Jackie enjoyed watching every second as she gave her ex a light tickle on her feet while Cory suffered and desperately wanted air that didn’t reek of sweat. "PLEMPH!" Cory was now struggling even more, now not enjoying whatsoever, just needing air frantically. "You shouldn't have broken up with me, honey." Jackie whispered as Cory passed out from the stench and lack of air.

Cory's captors laughed as the star player passed out. "Gag her, we don't need her making noise when she makes up." Laine said as Kristy peeled off her own sweaty socks and forced them into Cory's mouth as the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Maddie said as she went downstairs and opened up the door. "Hey girlie." Stacey said as she and her girls were at the door and grabbed a shocked Maddie, handgagging her and forcing her into their car.

"What is taking her so long?" Laine wondered aloud as she tried to wake up Cory by rubbing her feet on her face as Kristy went to go check on Maddie. The awful smell woke Cory up who immediately started moaning into her gag. "Shut up." Laine said, forcefully pushing her foot onto Cory's mouth causing the tied girl to be quiet. "Uhhhhh Laine, I think you'll wanna see this." Kristy said as she came upstairs with a note. "Let our girl go and you get yours. Stacey." read the note. Laine took her anger from one of her friends being kidnapped out on Cory.

She grabbed Cory's face and forced it right into her own soccer cleat, and since she was gagged, it left poor Cory with no choice but to breathe in the horrific stench. "MMPH MMPH!!" Cory struggled wildly, desperate to escape the awful stench being forced up her nose. "Tighten her bonds. She's in for one hell of a night." Laine said as the other girls complied. They all sat around the face of Cory, who now had her head pushed back down onto the bed as all of them started rubbing their dirty, sweaty feet all over Cory's face, forcing her to inhale while Jackie lightly rubbed Cory's crotch, causing her to breathe harder and moan into her gag as all she could taste and smell were feet.

"You're in for it now. Your stupid little friends never should have gotten involved!" Laine said, slapping the face of Cory hard as Claudia took off her socks and held them right over Cory's nose while Kristy had her in a headlock and forced her head to stay. Jackie meanwhile was continuing to rub the pleasure spot of Cory as Laine watched from an absolute seat of dominance on the chest of Cory. "Claud, hold the socks over her nose till she passes out. I don't want our prisoner to have any pleasure tonight." Laine said, mocking Cory by hitting her forehead with her foot as Claudia forcefully pushed the socks right onto her nostrils as Kristy's hold tightened. Cory desperately wanted to escape, she hated being trapped like this and at the mercy of these evil girls, and Jackie's constant crotch rubbing, while pleasurable, further engrained that Cory had no power. "Night-night." Kristy said as Cory began to pass out from the stench and hold but suddenly, Jackie rubbed faster, almost forcing Cory to stay awake. "Stupid girl." Laine said, laughing at Cory being tortured and fully enjoying the dominance she had. Maddie? She could be dealt with later, all that mattered right now was making this girl's life a smelly hell.

Part V: Bound, Bending, Breaking

Maddie was never one to be scared. Quite the opposite, she was quite the risk-taker. She had done skydiving, jumped off cliffs, bungee jumped, been in hospitals with so many injuries from soccer and never was scared. Not once, after all, she’d just have to do a little thing for it that she could control. However, she was in absolute fright as she lacked any control at the moment. The beautiful brunette-haired girl was now stripped down to her bra and panties, tied with her arms and legs to Stacey’s bed and had Stacey, Dawn, Gabby and Lexi sitting right near her. It being nearly 1:30 in the morning, they informed her that until the next day at the same time, she would be theirs.

The four captors then agreed that they’d sleep until the morning and then torture her, except for Lexi who had a bit of a score to settle. “Hey cutie, you remember how you loved making me sniff socks and your little stinky pussy? Well what goes around comes around,” she said, a sly smile coming across her face. She started to take off her soccer shorts as Maddie started struggling. “Please, please I only did it because of Lai-! MMPH!” Maddie was cut off midway through by one of her captor’s sock being shoved in her mouth. “You know, I’ve always known a little part of you liked feet. I always saw you stare at mine before games ha.” Lexi said as she put her feet towards Maddie’s newly gagged face. Maddie was trying to say something but the gag prevented her and the stench made her want to gag on the sock even more.

Meanwhile, Cory’s situation had far from improved. She had been being physically assaulted by stinky socks and feet for a while now and verbally assaulted by her captors and it took a toll. She wanted so badly to just pass out, but her ex had kept rubbing her crotch forcing her to stay awake, of course, not letting her release anything either. She started to believe that she was nothing but a slave, and stopped struggling. Just accepting her fate that she was theirs.

“I’m yours.” was what she attempted to say but Kristy’s big socks blocked the beautiful, near broken girl’s words. Unfortunately, Laine didn’t miss a beat and saw, as she told Jackie to stop rubbing her crotch but told Claudia to keep the socks in her face and Kristy to keep her headlock in. She then peeled the tape off and plucked Kristy’s socks from her mouth as she grabbed her phone and started recording.

“Now what was that prisoner?” Laine asked, mockingly. Cory, a leader on the soccer team, the girl who organised so many drives and fundraisers at her school, who was so popular and outgoing, now had been tortured for hours and was simply reduced to a girl tied down to a bed, her crotch being rubbed to the point of senselessness and her head locked in a hold that made her body beg for air. Her hair, normally bouncy and frizzy was covered in grime and sweat, as was her face, marks all over it from the feet that had been rubbed.

Her nose couldn’t be seen behind two big green and black socks that smelled anything but good and her lips barely croaked out the magical words, “I’m yours.” Laine smiled evilly upon hearing this as she finally gave her a break from sniffing Claudia’s socks and being in a headlock. “You’re pathetic,” she said to the girl, sniffling and moaning. “Now, we’re all gonna go to bed, except Jackie of course, who wanted to stay and make sure you were well taken care of. You pull anything, photos and a video of you like this, giving up and being a little bitch, go up on Instagram. You understand?” Cory barely had the energy to nod, but she did as Laine smiled and gave her a little kiss on her forehead. “Hope you make it.”

Lexi and Maddie meanwhile were having quite the night of their own. “Sniff my feet. Now.” The dirty blonde-haired girl said, nowhere near sweet at the moment, focused on tormenting Maddie. While she did find her pretty cute and always thought she was a sweetheart and in fact, had quite the feelings for her, but those were nowhere to be found at the moment. She kept flashing back to her torture earlier that day. having her face pushed right into Maddie’s pussy. The rotten stench. The suffocating of her air. The laughter of Maddie. Her cries and screams being muffled, it was all to much as her face was one of rage. Maddie sniffed hard, showing signs of near obedience to her captor as her big blue eyes stared at Lexi. “Aren’t you a good little captive, sniffing my feet so good.” She pinched her cheeks as she started rubbing faster, causing Maddie to match her energy and sniff faster.

“Let’s make it harder huh?” Lexi said, as she grabbed Maddie’s arm ropes and removed them, before removing her gag. “Now Maddie, you’re gonna be my slave for tonight, huh cutie? The minute Maddie even opened her mouth, she hits a foot over it as Lexi mocked her attempts. She always thought she looked so cute, even now, with a sweaty socked foot over her mouth. She started to regret what she was doing but snapped out of it and pushed harder, muffling any attempted words by her captive. “Awww you said yes, good choice!” She then grabbed a ballgag, a little treat she grabbed from inside Laine’s house and forced it in Maddie’s mouth as she moaned and tried to say something.

She then grabbed a completely mud covered sock, the smell of which even made her gag. “Oh... yeah I’m sorry about this babe. But you tortured me and I’m simply getting payback.” Her justification worked for her in the moment, as she had butterflies in her stomach about what she was about to do. Maddie’s eyes were wide as she started struggling, pleading into Lexi’s eyes. Lexi stopped for a second, but strengthened her resolve and started rubbing the awful sock all over her face.

Jackie’s resolve, meanwhile, had never been questioned in her mind, she was intent on destroying the girl who broke her heart for a reason she never bothered to explain. She grabbed Cory’s sweat-covered face as her beautiful captive begged for no more. She then ignored her and rubbed her dirty nasty feet all over her face, causing Cory to moan of the smell. “You know, the more you beg, the more it makes me want to torture you.” Jackie said. “And while you never seemed to get it during our relationship, you understand your place now don’t you slave?”

Cory shuddered at being called that by her, the last time she was being their final bondage game, the day before they had that awful fight. She had lost their bet that morning, on what neither could even remember, and so got tied up and became her then-girlfriend’s slave for the night as a result. While both tried to forget the night due to what came the day after, bits and pieces were coming back to them now.

Cory’s face as she bit down on and sniffed Jackie’s sneaker sole, one of disgust but of pleasure of who she was doing it with. Jackie’s laughter as Cory had tried to hum the lyrics to her favorite song, albeit with a sock in her mouth. The two kissing with Cory’s mouth taped. A fun and long night for both girls, ended by in their words, an all-time great makeout session with more fun included, but was forgotten the next day when they had their last fight. Cory saw Jackie kissing Cassie McWilliams the next morning and both knew the writing on the wall. Jackie begged for a second chance, saying it was a moment of weakness and all that and tried to explain but Cory refused to hear it, leaving them broken up and both with broken hearts. Cory reached out in the months that followed, but Jackie never replied not once.

They wouldn’t be healed here, far from it as Jackie grabbed her sneaker sole, a torture so personal to them both and shoved it into Cory’s mouth. So deep, she gagged immediately and kept gagging as Jackie kept it in there. “How’s it feel huh? You know, I’m glad you broke up with me. No really, because back then, I always had to deal with your shit. Your drama!” Jackie pushed harder, Cory started almost choking and wildly squirming. Her eyes started to roll back into her head and it caused Jackie stopped suddenly and sat down next to her as Cory coughed hard.

Both girls, so much history between the two, looked deep into each other’s eyes and for a second, forgot about it all and nearly kissed... well, before Jackie stopped, pulled away and laughed. “You really think it’s that easy huh?” Cory started crying hard as she had her heartstrings pulled again by Jackie, who jerked her around so much the first time they dated. Jackie had no remorse for her, her heart once pure now filled with hatred and malice towards someone she loved once.

“Now, where were we?” She said as she shoved her dirty socks into her mouth again and sat her panty-covered crotch on her face, Cory’s tears soaking the garment. She grabbed Cory’s hair and pulled it hard, causing her to go further against the panty-covered crotch. “You know Laine was right. You’re pathetic. And by the way, Cassie was a way better kisser than you ever were. Now sniff and lick slave.” Cory cried and sobbed uncontrollably underneath her ex, as she obeyed. Laine had checked on the two, without them noticing and instantly started to regret what she said to Cory. She started to regret what was happening to her, especially from Jackie. And she did consider saying something but it was so late and she was sure Jackie would stop soon. But after seeing what was about to happen, she took no chances.

“Jackie? I think she’s had enough.” Jackie was startled and looked over with a disappointed look but listened to Laine. “Lucky.” she said to Cory as she took off Cory’s panties and slipped them over her face, pantyhooding her for the night and forcing her to breathe in her own nasty stench. “Night sweetie, thanks for the fun.” Jackie said to Laine as she went off to bed.

Laine was stunned by what happened. She quickly went over to Cory and removed the pantyhood and gag. “Oh my god I’m so so sorry Cory, I had no idea she would go that far. I’m so sorry, I deleted the video as soon as I took it and the photos. I never should have let this happen and I never should have slapped you or called you pathetic or any of those things, I’m so sorry.” Laine lightly cried as she talked, genuinely concerned and angry with what happened, but disappointed in what she has let happen. She never wanted it to get out of hand, but she did it herself, let her worst take hold. Cory coughed and gagged from the intense torture she endured. Laine grabbed a towel and wiped Cory’s face off as the redhead cried through an apology but Cory knew what she felt. She already accepted it in her mind and reached out and kissed Laine, the pair kissed for a good second before separating.

She then untied her from the bed, finally freeing her as they sat in silence for a little bit. “It’s ok, we all make mistakes. I never knew she’d do that either, and I know you didn’t mean it. She just blinded you.” Cory finally said. “She’s changed, she’s far from the girl I loved.” She started to cry again, the shock finally wearing off. “Hey. It’s ok. Like you said, we all make mistakes, love.” She held Cory in her arms as the sophomore girl who had been through so much cried hard into the redhead’s body, finally allowing herself to. She’d gone from having fun with soccer that day to planning to get revenge for her friend to being bound, gagged, and tortured to being absolutely mentally screwed with and worked over by her ex to kissing a girl for the first time since Jackie.

“You’re gonna be ok Cory. You’re going to be, I know it.” She looked at Cory as she sat up and the two exchanged stares for a second. “Laine?” Cory asked. “Yeah, do you need something love?” the redhead replied. “Yeah, I wanted to say something. You wanna know what wasn’t a mistake? Kissing you. So in fact, I do need something. I need you.” Laine leaned over and kissed Cory, who wrapped her arms around Laine as the two smiled and kept kissing. They may not have known what would happen next, but in that moment, all they cared about was being with each other.

Part VI: Since Day One

By the time Lexi was done, Maddie’s beautiful face was covered in mud and dirt, her features virtually unrecognisable aside from her blue eyes, which still peered deep into Lexi’s face. She took what was happening to her the best she could, sniffing like she was told to and breathing it all in, not struggling with her arms or head even though she could have.

She then further humiliated her by telling her to moan as she forced her soccer cleats over her face. She needed no invitation as the smell was awful and made Maddie question the feelings in her heart, how could she do this after one awful mistake? Maddie squirmed and so needed this gag to be off her mouth, so she could be honest with her. Lexi had no idea what was happening in Maddie’s brain as she enjoyed every second of her revenge. She held the cleat so tight there was no other air allowed in as all Maddie could sniff was Lexi’s nasty feet, in something she has worn since fifth grade before she ever met her. Lexi laughed at the disgusted faces of Maddie underneath the cleat and mocked her, not feeling her heart at the moment, just feeling her anger towards this girl. “Let’s take it up a notch, shall we?” Lexi asked as Maddie of course nodded, trying to show obedience so she could finally be ungagged and tell her what she needed to, what she felt.

Lexi lightly teased her crotch, before rubbing it hard and shoving it under Maddie’s nose. “Heh you loved doing this to me didn’t you?! You loved embarrassing and humiliating me, god, you aren’t who I thought you were at all!” Maddie screamed so loud into her gag but Lexi was far from in the mood for games or words. She grabbed Maddie’s arms and tied them together, before grabbing another strand of rope and tying her pussy to Maddie’s face.

“Oh hell yes, this feels so good.” Lexi said as Maddie breathed in before realising she had no air in the hold. Maddie desperately trying to tell her something, even more then trying to get air, she knew it was more important than that. Lexi tightened the hold, her panties covered in mud from Maddie’s face and the sweaty smell of the panties and her pussy going straight up her nose. “Shut up!” Lexi kicked her right in the pussy, causing Maddie to whimper in pain as she stopped her attempts and started to sniff while beginning to cry, but far from the reasons Lexi thought. Lexi thought about it, and how they were friends at the end of the day, despite torture and all that, and thought about how she truly felt about her, for a long time before it.

Lexi took pity on her, and removed the head-to-pussy tie before removing her ballgag. “Come on girlie, what?” Lexi said, almost being dismissive of her, even though deep down she hated herself for what she was doing, especially to Maddie of all people. “Please...” she coughed and moaned in between her words, her face wet with tears. “stop.” “And why should I do that, you tortured me!” Lexi kept having to remind herself why she was doing this as Maddie’s tears kept flowing. “Please, just listen to me, ok? If you don’t like what I have to say, I’ll do anything you say.” Maddie said, not caring about her future, just caring about what was gonna happen right now. “Ok fine whatever.” Lexi said, listening.

“Lexi Kitsos Carey... I like you. Since the day I met you. And not in a friend way, not in a teammate way, in the way that my stomach does somersaults when I see you. In a way that when I see you texted me, I spend an hour trying to figure out what to say to the best girl I’ve ever met. When we’re in the locker room, trust me, I’m not looking at your feet. I’m only looking at you, your beautiful face, your incredible smile that lights up an entire room. And honestly, I know what I did was messed up. But believe me, I never wanted to do that to you. If it had been Stacey or Dawn or Laine, I would have done it and might have not felt much afterwards. But you? I only did it because I knew if I hadn’t, then they would have tortured me too. And I’m sorry. I’m so sorry and I’m gonna be sorry every day for the rest of my life because of it. But I knew I was gonna be even more sorry if I didn’t tell you how I felt. So pl-” Maddie couldn’t even finish because Lexi had started kissing her.

The two shared a long, passionate kiss before they finally broke and a now muddy-faced Lexi laid down next to a still bound Maddie. “You know... there are different ways to get a girl’s attention than making me smell your pussy?” Lexi said as they both laughed as she had a big smile on her face. “And I’m so sorry about all this Mads. I just, god, I was so blinded by rage that I went so overboard with this. And I know I might not have shown it... but I’ve always felt the same way about you. Ever since the first day you moved to Westville and you came to practice with those bright pink soccer shorts and that big smile on your face and I heard your voice for the very first time.”

“Hey, we’re even ok? We’re definitely even. Let’s just say, we both got messed up in the middle of this whole war and honestly, if it was anyone else I might not have forgiven them. But you? Hell, no matter what you did to me, I’d forgive you.” “Damn, you know the way to my heart, don’t ya?” Lexi smiled upon hearing what she said, both forgiving the other’s sins. “Now while I have (laugh) enjoyed your fun, maybe you can untie me?” Maddie said laughing as she feigned struggled again. “Ha, you know...” Lexi got on top of Maddie, their foreheads touching with both girls having their faces covered in mud and sweat as they smiled. She grabbed her phone and put on some appropriate music, Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves. “I think we can stay right here, cutie.” They started to kiss again, a lot more passionately and deeply than before, Lexi’s arms wrapping around Maddie’s body, the two in the heat of war finally confessing what they had both known for the longest time.
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