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I had a dream that I started a new contest.
I had a dream that I started a new contest. Ideas were popping in my head, so I had to write them all down. Haha, might be fun.

Randomness Contest- never the same and always different

1) Write a story about your Cat-a-saurous or Dog-o-suarous making them the hero or the villain of your tale. Be sure to describe them and any superpowers they possess.
2) Write a tale with you as a child. Pen your thoughts, dreams, or aspirations. They can be real or imaginary.
3) Reconnect with the child you remember in a day in the life of one naughty or fantastic kid.
4) Create a cartoon character for a new television show. Describe the premise and the audience it might appeal to. Five hundred gift point if you can draw the character whether you win or not.
5) Write a conversation of yours with a statue that you admire. Tell them all the things either you admire about them or how the world has changed and their need to change with the times.
6) Write a poem about your local park. Describe why you like spending time there.
7) Describe in any manner that you like what it feels like while riding a horse.
8) Promote you or any skill that you possess by writing a short description of one of the many tasks that you perform. Here's the kicker, just don't tell us what it is until the very end of your description. Leave a little to the imagination.
9) Invent your own personal robot. Make him a character in a story, a poem, or kid's cartoon. Tell us all the wonderful things robot or robota does for you during the day. Keep it clean.
10) Thank a Policeofficer, veteran, or modern day hero for something they did or do on any one day for us..
11) Describe the memory of riding on a carousel, roller coaster, or favorite carnival ride.
12)Describe all the traits of a best friend real or imaginary. Plan a dream trip for the two of you.
13)Write a spooky story using 5 things sitting around you that randomly appear in the story. List the items at the beginning of your story, underling them in the writings.
14)Write a commercial for any invention you wish to promote, real or imaginary.
15) In verse, describe a snowball fight.
16) You are the coach, name your sport and name the people on your team. Describe the first game.
17) Describe the scent of a flower.
18) If you had to make a treasure map for your kids, what kind of clues would you use and what is the treasure they seek?

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