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by Jray
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2254387
Chapter 2, currently revising to fit first Chapter
         A sense of distress takes over. All I want to do is save her.

         “Amy!”, my feet carry me to her side. “Amy please, wake up!”

         I shake her body but she does not respond. “What am I going to do? Amy, please get up!”

         Her eyes open, but to my shock they are not hers. Amy’s glossy blue eyes have been replaced with pink. A very powerful presence stem from them. I immediately know this is not my Amy. Who or what has taken control of her? Now her body starts to float above the ground as those eyes stare at me, but I can’t help but stare back in anguish. Here is my best friend possessed, and I am standing here powerless to do a thing.

         “Who are you?” the tense feeling in my chest will not go away.

         “A presence that you will not be able to comprehend so easily youngling.” The voice is calming, almost like a mother speaking to their child. “I have decided to bestow upon your companion my essence.”

         The benevolence of the voice is soothing, so I loosen my body. “Essence? What are you talking about? What are you?”

         “You will uncover the answer to those questions all in due time. To my knowledge your name is Theo correct?”

         My eyes open wide at hearing that. “Yes...it is.” How does this thing know my name?

         “Theo, listen to me closely. I do not have much longer but there is something you need to know immediately. If you see a sword, do not grasp it. It will forever alter the course of your life.” the benevolent voice fades.

         A large gust begins to pick up as the entity seems to be making its exit. Papers on the nearby information booth blow around the hall. I put up my arm, bracing myself so I don’t get carried away either. The aura begins to fizzle and I can no longer feel the strong energy stemming from Amy. She gently touches back down onto the ground. Her eyes roll back into their natural state. Dumbfounded, Amy stands and darts her eyes across the hall. Then she pulls out a mirror from her purse and begins to fix her hair. Yep, I have my Amy back.

         “Theo... what happened?” she finally questions.

         “I don’t really know. I came back from dealing with the golems and found you surrounded by a pink light. Something took over you completely.”

         “You didn’t try anything did you?”

         “Come on, take this seriously. What all do you remember?”

         Amy begins to ponder as her eyebrows tense up. “I pressed that button behind the counter, and then I felt like I wasn’t alone in my own body. From there I don’t remember much, but I did manage to see something.” she finishes.

         “Wait, you saw something?”

         “Yeah, it was a lady, she gave off a very warm feeling. She looked similar to that statue outside; absolutely beautiful.” A smug look spreads across her face. “But not as beautiful as me.”

         I sigh.” If you are talking like that then nothing is wrong with you.”

         Still, there are many questions running through my head. It is an overwhelming sensation, not knowing these answers. A sword that might change my destiny? I’ve never heard anything like this before. That lady must be good, nothing bad ever feels that warm. Yet why do her words scare me?

         “Theo! Amy! Are you guys alright?”. A voice snaps me from my worries. “I did it again!”

         We turn to see dad running towards us, with a sense of guilt carrying behind him. After passing by a few statues, it doesn't take him long to reach us. He throws a box down on the marble counter.

         “I was so caught up with preparations I forgot to turn off the alarm.” He is panting, sweat drips from his brow.

         “Forgot to turn off the alarm? Yeah, DUH! Both of you are so smart but also so absent-minded!” Amy’s words hit us in the gut like a baseball bat.

         Dad claps his hands together.” Amy I am so sorry! But hey, now that you two are here we can get done in no time. Then you two can go home.”

         I nod my head looking at Amy. Pressured, she agrees with an angry nod.

         Dad’s eyes light up “Great! Amy, you come with me, there's a couple more tables that need to be moved. Theo, you can take this box upstairs to my study. And don’t mess around in there, it’s dangerous.”

         Amy and dad walk down towards the left wing, passing a display with dragons. Apparently, those are real dragon scales that were placed on those scale models. I pick up the box and proceed back towards the entrance. I pass under the banners with the different cultures and proceed up the long staircase. A cool, open-air hits my face as I reach the top. Up here, there are paintings surrounding everything the eye can see. Many of these are of different gods, most I recognize due to dad teaching me about them. A mind-blowing painting catches my eyes. It features a beautiful woman and a regal man dressed in Hindu clothing. The title reads “Shiva and Parvati”. Upon reading the title a chill runs down my spine. Could that have been her? Nah, there's no way. I shake off my thoughts and proceed forward through the hall. The stone-cold walls here give off a chilling atmosphere. Where the rest of the museum is lively and vibrant, here it is nothing more than a cement prison.

         At the end of the hallway, I step into the dim lit study. A dead air spills out as the door creaks open. I am met with a strong sensation that burns my nostrils. Dad left an incense burning, but its smell is unbearable. Shaking it off, I proceed forward into the cluttered space. Books sacked up to the ceiling tower over everything. Relics are scattered around for the eye to see, still in the process of being researched. It makes me wonder how a renowned historian could be this unorganized. I clear some dust off a table to make space. As I drop the box down a chill runs up my spin. A presence resides in this dead room, but it is unlike the lady who possessed Amy. It radiates confidence, strength and valor, all things I am lacking. This feeling grows stronger and stronger, as if trying to draw me in. My nerves kick in, but I gather the courage to turn around. A mystical blue light starts to seep out from a black armoire.

         “I know what you seek boy. Your desires, your mindset. I understand them fully.” a sharp voice leaks from the armoire.

         I am taken back by the disembodied voice. Yet I don’t feel scared, more so thrown off.

         “You don’t know me. I don’t even know myself fully.” I step towards the armoire, ready to face the source.

         “Oh, Foolish mortal. I know you as well as I know myself. You are me; I am you. I was once a weakling who yearned for the strength to see his aspirations through to the end. Yet at the height of my power, I faltered before my goals were met.” My body loosens up as I give into the captivating voice.

         “You are... like me.” As I ponder, things begin to make sense. The presence, the manner of speech, the power it gives off. "You are a god, a god who resonates with me.”

         “Now you have an understanding. We both seek to gain the power needed for our goals. To be stronger, show the world what we are made of. Combined, our indomitable determination will see our desires carried out.”

         Step by step I grow closer to the blue light. After swinging open the armoire, what I see shocks me to the very core. A sword of which I have never seen before. The Onyx colored blade extends into steel which is beautifully crafted. The long, slender blade is seeping with the same azure blue which fills the room. A dragon head hilt, completes the identity of the blade. A complete amateur like myself can tell, this blade is not only crafted well, but can cut down anything in its path. The blade slowly turns reflective, like staring into a deadly mirror. An image appears, but it is not my own.

         “Now you finally can see me.” the image says with a deep voice.

         “You’re a dragon; how can a dragon be a god?”

         The dragon snickers; its glowing eyes pierce my sight. “That is not a question even worthy of a response, but I suppose I can humor you.”

         Hearing that triggers a response. “You may be a god, but I won’t even let a god look down on me like some worthless trash.”

         “Ah, see that is why we were fated to meet. That hidden fury is just like my own. Anything or anyone can be a god if they have the ambition of obtaining such a status.” the dragon’s voice calms my anger.

         Staring into this azure cloaked steel, I close the armoire and begin to walk away. I was warned to be wary of a sword; I won’t fall for this trap. The dragon within the blade has tried to coerce me, but I am not as foolish as it believes. I have one finally thing to tell the dragon.

         “Strength is a joke if you can’t obtain it yourself.”

         The presence changes and becomes more off-putting. An air of rage quickly fills the room. My eyes are blinded by nothing but blue, they dart around at the spectacle. As the blue light dissipates, the study around me disappeared, replaced by nothingness. Instead of the wooden floor tiles there is nothing but empty space. This space seems to be closing in, trying to engulf me in endless darkness.

         “I already have you in the palm of my hands. It will take just one more push, and you will be under my control.” the dragon growls.

         “Keep thinking that, dragon." I brazenly speak.

         Suddenly energy builds within me, I concentrate that source. In my mind the space begins to dispel. At this point, a blue light fills the empty space and expands. Then in a flash, I am staring at the same armoire as before.

         “Hmm, you managed to break my grasp. You won’t evade me forever; you will be back.” the dragon within the blade snickers.

         Ignoring the cockiness, I walk out of the room. The azure blue no longer shines, and the study is back to its drab self. Oddly enough, the incense has stopped burning, and the burning smell has drifted into the hallway. The cool air slides across my nose as I enter the cement hallway. Phew, that space was just an illusion. The dragon god tried its best, but somehow, I beat it. Maybe I am stronger than I really think. How did I do it; how I did I break out of that space? That strange feeling overcame me, it felt like I could take on anything. I have never felt anything like it. I look down at my hoodie then pat myself down. Nothing seems out of place or wrong with me. A smile spreads across my face, knowing I made the right decision. I’ll ask dad about this later when I get the chance. Now I better go check on Dad and Amy to see if they need any help.
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