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for fantasy poetry contest imaging Gulliver time traveling to our future world.
Gulliver Discovers Q Anon

Gulliver is drinking
in his London club
with his friends,
in 1801.

There were rumors
That a certain club
Called Q
Had just opened.

Q featured a real opium den
And for a price
One could smoke opium.

Gulliver and his two friends
Found the club
Down a dark dangerous ally,
Fearing for their lives,
They entered the club.

They were given opium pipes
And a cot smoked opium

Soon Gulliver
Found himself in a large cavern
In the cavern were doors
To other worlds
Each door had a sign and a date

One door fascinated him
“Welcome to Q America’s
Are You with Q
Or against Q?”

He opened the door
Found himself at a Q Rally
Thousands of people

Milling around
All wearing shirts
With slogans on them

Many were holding
A sign labeled Q

The speaker
Was an attractive,
half-naked woman
On a big screen
Screaming at the audience
Her voice somehow amplified.

She led the crowd
In recalling the latest Q teachings
She called Q droppings.

She said that a cabal of evil
Jewish and Muslim
Pedophile old men and woman

Satan worshipers
Secretly ran the world
Rapping Christian
children and women.

Then grilling them
Eating them
And drinking their blood
Which would make them
Live forever.

Someone called Trump
Had been President
But his victory was stolen
By the evil cabal.

But he would come again
Rising up
Smiting his enemies
Because he was anointed
By God.

She smiled
As a statue of Trump
Was brought out
And she bowed down
To the statue of Trump.

She went to denounce
Biden the fake president
Was the secret leader
Of the cabal.

the crowd chatted
Trump Trump Trump
Ten more years.

Hang Biden the crowd roared
Gulliver concluded
He was a lunatic asylum
Tried to find the exit.

He was blocked
By burly men
With black shirts.

They demanded to know
Who he was.

“I am John Gulliver,
from London.”

They looked at him
Yelling into a device

“We found a foreign spy
Probably BBC looks British,
Dressed like a homosexual.”

A voice on the device said

“Beat him up
And kick him out
But make sure
He has no recordings,
Take his phone
And bring it to HQ
So, we can see what lies
He was writing.”

The burly men proceeded to search him
Demanding he turn over his phone
He had no idea what a phone was

He said

“What’s a phone?”

They said

“Are you crazy? Don’t know what a phone is?
Where did you come from?”

“I went to my club in London in 1801
Smoked opium and opened a door
And found me here.

It this 2021
in the United States?”

The burly man spoke into his device

“He says he smoked some opium in 1800
and found himself here.”

The voice said
“A crazy British drug addict? Must be a spy.
Beat him up
And kick him out
But make she get his phone
If he has one.”

They beat him
Threw him out on the street
It was a hot day.

Vehicles without horses
With everywhere.

He looked up
Saw the woman
On the screen

Yelling about the media
And foreign Spies
among the Q faithful.

The chant rose

“Kill the media
Kill the foreigners
Kill the spies.

Long live Trump
Our savior.”

He woke up
Back in the opium den
He told his friends
Of his vision of the future

They all concluded
That was just an opium nightmare
But Gulliver was not so sure.

He looked in his pocket
Found a device
Turned it on.

And saw the woman
Screaming at him
About q and the conspiracy.

And realized
It was not a nightmare
But a vision of the future.

Gulliver wrote it up
No one would publish it
Said his editor.

The mysterious device
Soon fell silent.

He put the story away
But never took opium again
But would never forget
His nightmare about Q’s future.
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