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The story of how a Gryphon guards his love.
The Guardian

Kathleen McNamara

I stand guard o'er my beloved.
In the ground below she lies.
She left me many years ago
for golden castles in the sky.

She was born a princess,
a Druidess of royal birth.
She slumbers now forever,
wearing her crown of priceless worth.

A circlet wrought of silver
polished to a blazing sheen
and in the very center,
an Emerald, blazing fire green.

The princess wielded magic,
her prowess so well known.
Her skills with fire and metal
were the powers behind a throne.

Many kings sought out her magic
but she would pick and choose with care
the ruler she found worthy
of the magic she would share.

A king would bring his battle sword
in hopes that she would bless
the weapon with the unearthly power
given her, a Druidess.

The sword she chose would lay upon
an ancient altar made of stone.
She would close her eyes and raise her hands
and ancient prayers she'd intone.

It was then the emerald came alive,
power flowing to the blade.
A runic warning etched onto the hilt,
sealing the oath the king had made.

The throne gained from this power
must bring peace to all the lands
and protect all of his people
from those of foreign lands.

Bestowing magic took its toll.
The princess died so young.
But her lore lives on through poets
and the songs that they have sung.

On her death bed she made me vow
to always be her guard.
I did not know my gentle answer
would prove to be so hard.

The night they laid my love to rest
I stood before her stone.
I looked at the words she wrote for me.
I never felt so alone.

The words would grant immortality
and my human form would take
the power of the Gryphon
and the magic I could make.

Each sunrise I would turn to stone
and stand to guard my love
and come alive at eventide
when the moon glows bright above.

Searchers come from far and wide
looking for her crown.
They lust for the ancient powers
that never will be found.

I will forever walk this garden
just like many nights before
to protect my lovers slumber
from the searchers of the lore.

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