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A new pony comes to Equestria, but he's not very nice!

Nobody knew the strange pony. He was dark blue with light green eyes. To say the least, he didn't look happy.

Twilight Sparkle walked up to him.

"Hello, hope you are doing fine, what's your name?" Twilight said.

"My name is Draven, and I am not exactly happy." Draven said.

"You must be Twilight, princess of friendship, however if you somehow made friends, they would leave as soon as they could on a ship." Draven said.

"Hey! That's not nice!" Twilight said.

"I'll sure say it wasn't!" replied Applejack, trotting up to the two since she had heard the altercation.

"You must be Applejack, you make famous cider, who did you steal the recipe from? Your apple seed sized brain could not have made it!" Draven retorted.

"You had darn figure out how to be nice, or you ain't gonna make it far! It really hurts us, ya know." Applejack said

"You two dum dums couldn't figure out 1+1!" Draven said.

"Be nice or leave!" Twilight yelled.

"You are the one who walked up on me, peanut brain!" Draven retorted.

"What's all the fuss about?" asked Rarity.

"This new pony doesn't know how to be nice!" Applejack explained.

"You must be Rarity, perfect name for you, it is rare I see anyone look as hideous as you!" Draven said.

Rarity wailed.

"Be kind to others! You can hurt them with words, you know!" Rarity said

"What's causing motion made by commotion over here?" asked Pinkie Pie, bouncing her way to the scene. (Interesting choice of words in my opinion.)

"This new pony, Draven, is so terribly rude!" Rarity said.

"You must be Pinkie Pie, who loves anything to do with fun, but what's not fun is that she is so annoying, she makes me wanna pull my ears off my head!" Draven said.

Pinkie began to cry.

"Oh, boo-hoo, are you sad? Well, go cry me a river!" Draven yelled.

Fluttershy had seen all this and walked up to Draven

"You got to be Fluttershy, takes care of animals, well, what I mean is the animals take advantage of her, and they do whatever they want. Why? Because you are the quiet one, the one who can't put up any kind of fight whatsoever." Draven retorted.

"But I bet there a 'dark side' to her, where she 'screams' but it's more like a wheeze than anything." Draven said as he turned around and began to walk to his new home.

"Oh, I got a dark side alright!" Fluttershy said, more to her friends than to anyone else, but the more important thing is, as she is saying that she begins to grow. (Remember: Pony Life setting!)

"Oh, I got you!" says Fluttershy, now 75 feet tall (her voice now amplified by about 25 times, because, well, she is 25 times bigger, after all!)

As Draven walks in his front gate, back still turned to Fluttershy, he stays on his steps, to talk to her. (I guess, I mean, I dunno, I'm not Draven. I'm just writing down what I seen and was told.)

"Whew, ain't it good a cloud shaded the sun a bit, it was hot out! Now, Fluttershy, I know you're there, even with my back turned, I can hear you!" Draven said.

"Nopony, and I mean nopony, is mean to my friends!" Fluttershy yelled.

"Yeah, okay, whatever." was Draven's response.

"You even made Pinkie cry! That's almost impossible!" Fluttershy continued.

"Okay, thanks for letting me know, do I get a certificate for it or something?" Draven asked.

"Turn around, face me, I need to see your face, NOW!!" Fluttershy bellows.

"Two things, number one, credit is due here, so I will give it. You can yell, fair enough, I was wrong there." Draven said.

"Number two, did you just get a chill down your spine?" asked Draven.

"I could see how you would get a chill down your spine. And you can understand why too, if you turn around!" Fluttershy half screamed, looking to see if she had one tiny little sliver of patience left in her reserves.

"Ok, alright, you want me to speak face-to-face, not with my back turned, sheesh. And stop screaming too!" Draven said.

Draven turned around and looked at Fluttershy.

Who was 75 feet tall.

Draven just collapsed with fear. (He told me later that he had no clue on how he did not faint.)

"You need to stop being mean to my friends! And not just them but everypony else, too!" Fluttershy said.

"Don't make me do something, I don't want to do, or else it will be too bad for you!" Fluttershy roared.

"Hold up, hold your horses , Fluttershy, don't get yourself worked up now!" Applejack said as the rest of the crew walked behind her.

"I-I c-can h-handle y-you!" Draven said

"Your shaky voice, and collapsed legs say otherwise!" Fluttershy said, almost tauntingly.

"I'm never like this, even when I'm this size and mad. That just shows you messed up. Messed up big." Fluttershy added.

"L-listen, the l-last place I l-lived, I hardly had g-good t-times. I thought b-by moving here, the anger would so stay behind. B-but it stayed. I t-took it out on you ponies. I am s-sincerely s-sorry. P-please forgive me! I wanna b-be friends. F-for real." Draven explained.

"How do we know you're not making it up, you stammered the whole way through, like you thought I would return to normal size, and you would have nothing to be afraid of. You call me the quiet one, but today you made her snap!" Fluttershy responded.

"Maybe we should hear him out." Applejack reasoned.

"Oh, I don't know, he could be lying." Rarity gently argued back.

"Hey, I know!" Draven called out.

Draven ran inside his house and locked the door.

"He thinks he's smart!" Fluttershy growled.

"He is going to be what pushes me over the edge. I care for you all, then he treats you like that. You could try, but you probably won't stop me if he pushes me too far! I hate being like this, but he loves to push!" Fluttershy said.

"Calm down, you're overthinking, you're winding yourself much to tight." Applejack said to Fluttershy.

Meanwhile, inside the house....

"Where are they at?" Draven half yelled.

He looked under the table.

"There they are!" said Draven triumphantly.

Draven went back outside.

"So you finally come back out, huh?" Fluttershy said.

"L-listen, while I w-was on my way here, I made s-some friendship necklaces, just in c-case I actually made friends. I h-have enough for everybody to have one!" Draven explained.

Draven knew, that if does not work, he was in for whatever fate that was in (giant) Fluttershy's hands. (pun semi-intended)
His story was true, but they had their doubts. He only hoped that this brought them off their doubts.

"I love it!" Rarity said.

"This is just like with Bubbles!" Fluttershy said.

Draven didn't know what she meant by that, but he just knew, it was over for him.

As one, final, last ditch effort he said: "Please believe me."

He then lay on the ground, knowing his fate was up in the air. (No pun intended here.)

"I forgive you, sugar cube!" Applejack said.

"So do I!" Rarity agreed.

"Me, too!" said bouncing Pinkie.

"I do as well!" said Twilight.

(And most relieving of all in Draven's opinion)

"I forgive you also." said Fluttershy shrinking to normal size.

"So, we are all friends now, right?" asked Draven.

"Right!" said Fluttershy.

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