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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2254571
Episode 6
In the bedroom

Mrs. Bo-young Standing next to the chair, where is Mr. Hae Won sitting. They seem so worried about Jae In's behaviour and her upcoming life.

Mrs. Bo-young: Jae In is so depressed, her behavior is totally changed after what happened on her birthday night.

Mr. Hae Won: I know Bo-Young. We had no choice. We put her in this situation. She is trying to deal with this and we could not help her.

Mrs. Bo-young: My heart is filled with guilt. What kind of mother am I? (Her eyes become wet and she puts her hand on his shoulder.)

Mr. Hae Won: It was not your fault. It was all my fault. You warned me but I did not listen. (In sorrow)

Mrs. Bo-young: But, I was the one who signed on the adoption papers.

Mr. Hae Won: You did that just because you had no choice. (Kim holds her hand)

Mrs. Bo-young: I should have found another way.

Mr. Hae Won: Please Bo-Young, do not blame yourself.

Mrs. Bo-young: Hae Won please do something, I can not live without Jae In. She is our only child. What will we do without her? (start crying)

Mr. Hae Won stands up and holds her shoulder

Mr. Hae Won: Bo-Young, please stop crying. In these past years, I tried everything but the amount is huge and according to the contract papers we have to pay double if we want back our child.

Mrs. Hae Won falls to the ground.

Mr. Hae Won: Bo-Young please do not do this to me. You have to deal with this situation. I am already losing my daughter but I do not wanna lose you. (he hugs her tightly)

Next morning

Jae In: Mom, Dad my exams are starting from today.

Mr. Hae Won and Mrs. Bo-young: We know dear.

Jae In: I have to go now otherwise I will be late.

Mr. Hae Won: Bye dear, I will pick you after school.

Mrs. Bo-young: Best of luck my baby.

On the way

Jae In: How can be my parents are so normal after everything they have done to me?(In anger)

Two Months later

Result came out, Jeon got 2nd position in the exam.

Eun Bi: Congratulations Jae In.

Jae In: Thanks. (With no expression)

Eun Bi: Are you not happy?

Jae In: I am good with it.

Eun Bi: Ahhh, You always got the first position but this time you got second. Do not be so feel sad. (Pause) This week our school organize a farewell party.

Jae In: I am not going to attend the party.

Eun Bi: But why?

Jae In: I have to go now.

Eun Bi: Why are you always leave, in the middle of the conversation? (Starts yelling on Jae In.)

Jae In: Because I do not want to talk with you. You are just like my parents. (Yelling back)

Eun Bi: I am your best friend.

Jae In: No, You are not. You do not even concern about, that your best friend is going to leave you forever.

Eun Bi: I do concern. (Eun Bi runs toward Jae In and hugs her tightly)

Eun Bi: You are my best friend Jae In. If I am not showing so, It does not mean that I do not care about you that, you are leaving me. (Start crying)

Jae In: Eun Bi, I do not want to leave you and my parents but I have no choice. Please at least you should come with me.

Eun Bi: My parents can not afford to send me there. But after graduation, you will come back here. Right?

Jae In: No I do not think so this will happen.

Eun Bi: You will be here. I promise you that I will get you back.

Jae In smiles with tearful eyes. Eun Bi wipes her tears.

Jae In: Really! I will be waiting for you.

Eun Bi: Now, you are going to attend our last meetup.

Jae In: Yes.

Eun Bi: Do not say that again.

Jae In: What?

Eun Bi: That's, I am not your friend.

Jae In: Okay. (and laugh)

Eun Bi: Jae In.

Jae In: Now what? (smile)

Eun Bi: Whenever you are ready to talk, please tell me everything that is bothering you. Okay?

Jae In: Okay. (Satisfying smile on her face)

They hug again. Two girls enter

First Girl: Hey! Eun Bi, Jae In what are you doing you? Everyone in the class is looking for you.

Eun Bi: Why?

Second Girl: Professor Shin Jong Suk is leaving our school.

Eun Bi: What? Suddenly Why he is leaving so?

First Girl: No one knows.

Eun Bi: Come on Jae In let's go inside.

Eveyone is talking about professor Shin Jong Suk

Jae In: Excuse me, Eun Bi I need to go somewhere.

Jeo In goes to the professor's office.

Knock knock.

Mr. Jong Suk: Yes come in.

Jae In: Oh Jae In please come.

Jae In: Thank you, sir.

Mr. Jong Suk: Have a sit.

Jae In: Sir why are you leaving the school? You have been teaching here for years. (In shock)

Mr. Jong Suk: My work is over here now, I have to go back to the place where I came from. (Smiles)

Jae In: Where did you do come from sir?

Mr. Joong Suk cuts the topic

Mr. Jong Suk: I am going to miss this place. I had been teaching here for years and you were my favorite student.

Jae In: I was? (shocked)

Mr. Jong Suk: No, you are still a bright student of this school. (laughed)

Jae In: I am also leaving this school and this place too. (sadness on her face)

Mr. Joong Suk: Jae In, you can not choose your fate but you can set your destination and remove those things, you think which have not been in your life. You can also change your future. I always see the fighter in you. You are a brave girl. But remember one thing if you want to achieve your goals you have to deal with failure and never kneel in front of your enemies. Never show your weakness to others. I know you are an intelligent girl and you know what is good for you.

Jae In: Sometimes I can not understand what do you and now I do not know why are you saying? But the situation I am dealing with right now your advice will help me a lot. You are the only person who understands me without knowing my situation.

Mr. Jong Suk: It will be an honour for me if my words will help you.

Jae In: I thought my life was perfect but it was not that perfect that I thought, I was just dreaming.

Mr. Jung Suk: Jae In, Ups and downs are the part of our life when we go up we have to come down too and this is life, just like a rollercoaster ride. There are many ways but in every path, you will find goods and bad.

Jae In: What do you mean by good and bad?

Mr. Jong Suk: Good people, bad people. Nice places and horrible too. perfect time and imprecise time. It will be your choice what will you choose.

Jae In: If I do not want to go anywhere just stay where I am now.

Mr. Jong Suk: Jae In, remember one thing. If you can run from the situation then run away, but if there is no escape then fight. Never lose the war without fighting. Understand?

Door knocks.

Mr. Jong Suk: Yes, come in.

Eun Bi: Thank you, sir.

Eun Bi takes Jae In's hand and says

Eun Bi: I have been searching for you everywhere and you are here.

Jae In: I was taking my last counseling session.

Eun Bi: Come on let's go. I am starving.

Mr. Jong Suk: You can go now Jae In. Your friends are waiting for you. Today is the last day of you with your classmate. Go and enjoy.

Jae In: Sir, can we keep in touch after the school has been covered?

Mr.Jong Suk: Yes, why not.

Jae In and Eun Bi: Thank you, sir.


On the way to class.

Jae In: Now I know, what should I do next. (thinking in her mind)

To be continue
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