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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2254571
Episode 6 Novel
Kim Jae-In’s decision was completely shocking news for her parent. This news struck on them like, a thunderbolt fallen upon their head. “where are you going? Stop right now.” Mr. Kim Hae Won ran and grabbed her hand. She stopped and turned, looked at her father, and then divert her glimpse to the mother, who still stood at the door.

Her parents cannot do anything except begging in front of their daughter so she cannot leave them. “Jae-In, what are you doing? You cannot go like this.” Begged with tearful eyes. After seeing her mom’s and dad’s wet eyes, Kim Jae-In discarded the idea of leaving the house. Somehow she felt the pain of her parents because her parents love her so much and she also loves them.

“I am feeling sleepy.” Kim Jae-In said and left. “Thank you, honey, you did not let her go.” Mrs. Park Bo-Young hugged her husband with tears in her eyes. “I know, I am being lucky today because she agreed but later on I have no right to stop her, or she will stop if we say so. Let’s go inside. “regretfully replied.

In the bedroom, Mr. Kim Hae Won sitting on the chair, and Mrs. Park Bo-Young enters the room. “Is she sleeping? “Mr. Kim Hae Won asked downhearted. "She was lay on her bed I think she is still awake. Come closer to her husband “Of course, we ruined our daughter’s life” Hit his hand on the chair with grief and anger.

“It was not your fault. It was all my fault. I was the one who decided to sign adoption papers without your concern. “Mrs. Park Bo-Young said with melancholy. “But you know. I am the reason for this chaos that has happened In our lives. I destroyed everything. I was an idiot. No, I am the most foolish person in this world.” Depressed and aggrieved.

Calm down honey, if you reacted like this in front of Jae-In. She will feel more dejected and your angry behavior will scare her. Everything will be okay.” Mrs. Park Bo-Young puts her hand on his shoulder and tries to make him feel comfortable but, she is desolated from the inside. “You are so brave and I am a coward man. You always support me in my every decision, always stand by my side but what did I do to you? I sold your daughter” Cried. She sits on the floor and puts her head on his lap.

The next morning Kim Jae-In and her parents taking breakfast. Mr. Kim Hae Won and his wife trying to act normal. "Jae-In dear, I will pick up you after school okay." A sweet smile on his face. Kim Jae-In was thinking about something else so she did not listen. “My exams are starting from today, I have to left for school otherwise I will be late. Bye. “ She said and stood up and picked her bag. When she reached the door her mom ran toward her and gave her a lunch box. “Best of luck dear. I know you will get good marks in exams as always.” Cheered up with a big smile. On the way.” How can be my parents act so normally after all they had done to me”

Two months later.

Result day. Kim Jae-in got the second position. Everyone is shocked because she always got the first position in every exam but for the first time she got the second position. After the result announcement, Min Eun Bi and Kim Jae-In are sitting in the garden. “Should we go for lunch? Everyone is inside the school and we are sitting here alone.” Min Eun Bi asked. “No, I want to go home.” Harshly replied. Kim Jae-In stood up and started walking at the main gate of the school.

Why are you always doing this to me?” Min Eun Bi yelled. Kim Jae-In “Because I do not want to talk with you. Okay.” Min Eun Bi runs towards her. “what is the reason? why are you ignoring me? We are best friends, though am I not wrong? We always share every problem with each other and now suddenly your behavior is changed with me. Did I have done something wrong with you?” Resentful. “You and my parents are the same, you both cannot understand me. They were my parents but now they are not and you were my best friend but the same thing is going to you.” I cannot understand what are you talking about? Please, say it clearly. “Disoriented and confused Min Eun Bi asked.

The drop of tears starts flowing from Kim Jae-In’s eyes. Min Eun Bi’s anger right away changed into worry, she immediately understand that her friend is disturbed and something is bothering her. “Jae-In tell me what is the matter? “Worried and anxious. Kim Jae-In hugged her. “Just stay still. You are my friend I am so sorry. I know my behavior and my words hurt you so much.” Sorrowful and regretted.

If your friend is a true soulmate, there is no need to describe your pain. Min Eun Bi understood her friend’s situation and Kim Jae-In accepted her mistake. They hugged tight.

“Jae-In, Eun Bi” someone called. “Who is calling for us? “Min Eun Bi said and turned.” Oh, It’s Ha-Ni.” “Wow! Another melodrama is going on here. But I have shocking news for you girls.” Oh, Ha-Ni laughed.” News?” They both asked curiously. Yes, everyone in the school is talking about that and you did not even know about it. I think Jae-In knew about it. Am I right Jae-In? Oh Ha-Ni curiously asked. “What are you talking about? I do not know anything about any kind of news.” Puzzled. “Really? Our teacher is resigning and you did not know anything about it. Nice joke. huh! He is your favorite teacher and you are his favorite student?” Oh Ha-Ni taunted.

“Take aside, I will find out about it by myself.” Kim Jae-In pushed Oh HA-Ni and start walking. “Hey! Wait for me.” Min Eun Bi said and run toward her. Kim Jae-In and Min Eun Bi enter the classroom and find out that everyone is murmuring. “Jae-In is here guys.” One of the classmates shouted. Everyone stops talking and staring at Kim Jae-In curiously. “Why everyone is looking at me like this? Kim Jae-In. Everyone starts asking about professor Shin Jung Suk. “Stop it! “Min Eun Bi yelled. “Can you guys please tell us what is going on here? “ Asked.” You do not know? Professor Shin Jong Suk is resigning.” The boy replied.

After listening to this Kim Jae-In looking astounded. She left the class hastily and run to professor Shin Jong Suk’s office.
Min Eun Bi was also shocked. Oh Ha-Ni enters and stands next to Min Eun Bi. “Do not you think it is impossible that Jae-In did not know about that? Because Professor Shin Jong Suk and Jae-In are so closed. He always treated her as she is his child. She is his favorite student since the day she entered this school.” Oh Ha-Ni said to Min Eun Bi. “Shut up, Ha-Ni do not spread false rumors. Jae-In did not know about this okay.” Furiously glared at her and replied.

Min Eun Bi also left to follow her friend but on the way, her teacher stopped her and ask for help to carry the books from her office to the library. Min Eun Bi sees her friend and feels helpless because she cannot follow her and give her sympathy. Kim Jae-In left the corridor and Min Eun Bi start following the teacher and get into her office.

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