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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2254571
Episode 16 Novel Farewell party
"Okay, Jae-In I am leaving. Call me whenever you want me to pick you." Kim Jae-In got off of the car and her father said to her then drove away. "Hey! Jae-In, thank God you are on time." Min Eun Bi ran toward her and said. "You are looking beautiful, but why did you choose this dress?" She looked at her from head to toe. "Actually, it is mom choice, she wants me to wear this dress so, I did." She said while setting her gown.

"Good evening, girls." Someone said cheerfully. They both cut their talk and turned. "Good evening, professor Jong Suk." Smiled and bowed. "What are you doing outside? The party is inside." He smiled. "I was here to pick Jae-In." Min Eun Bi stepped toward and said. "O! Then let's go inside." He said while pointing his hand to the door.

"Oh, God! I never did this much cycling in my whole life." Shin Myung Wook propelling as fast as he can. "Hang on Myung Wook." Said to himself. After ten minutes he saw the lights which were flickering around the trees, walls, and sidewalk. "Yes! I reached." Cheerful voice as he won the match.

He parked his Bicycle far away from the house and started walking toward the gate. "Is there any door from behind?" Looking around. "Maybe not. I have to enter there without noticing." He was about to enter but, "Hey! Boy, where are you going?" Someone called out. "Do not be panic Myung Wook, Be confident." He mumbled while he was turning his head. "Yes?" He raised his head with pride and raised his eyebrow.

"I have not seen you?" Who are you?" The guard asked. "I am Shin Myung Wook." Assurance. "I am a guard from the school. You are not from our school. Who are you? Suspicious. Shin Myung lost his confidence for seconds, but, soon retrieve it. "I am Professor Shin Jong Suk's son. Here is my ID." He took out his ID card from his jacket and gave the guard. "Oh! Sorry, sir, you should have come here with your father." Said and gave back his ID card.

"May I?" He said while showing the gesture with his hand to go inside. The guard nodded and go back to his place. Shin Myung Wook sighed and looked around and then start walking. "Okay. First, I have to find my father and then search for that girl." He turned his head and suddenly he sees his father coming from behind.

"Oh No!" He quickly starts looking here and there to find the way so, his father could not catch him. Luckily, he saw a window a few steps away from him, and he quickly ran toward it and jumped from the window, but, he falls on flower pots. After hearing the sound of something fallen the professor followed the direction where the sounds came. He reached there and looked outside from the window and perceived, but, found nothing.

In the party hall, "Hey, Jae-In, today, you are looking beautiful, would you like to dance with me." A boy asked. "Go, go Jae-In" Min Eun Bi slowly said and pushed her. "No, I am fine here. If you want to go with him so, you can." Kim Jae-In glared at her. "Oh! Please Jae-In you are so boring." Min Eun Bi pout. "I am not a boring person. Okay." Frowned. "Okay, let's go, Ji Ho. She held his hand and stood up. "Haha!" Min Eun Bi laughed.

"Ah! My legs" Shin Myung Wook tried to stand up with agony in his voice. His dress was almost covered with mud and leave, but somehow he managed to stand up. He was trying to clean his suit with his hands, but it did not work. "I need to find the washroom." He started walking again and also picking leaves from his hair and throwing them on the ground with frustration.

"Jae-In, please enough, and let's go with me." Min Eun Bi grabbed her hand and pulled her friend. "What? Music is so loud, I can hear you." Kim Jae-In stopped and tried to hear. "Come here." Min Eun Bi pulled her and took her to the corner. "I split the juice on my dress, please come with me."

"Oh, okay let's go." They both went out of the hall and start finding the washroom. "Hey! Hana, where is the restroom." Eun Bi called the girl that coming toward them. She reached her hand to the left side and gave them the direction. They both start walking on the side that they got from Hana.

Soon they reached there. "Eun Bi, you go and clean your dress. I am waiting here. Kim Jae-In rest his back to the wall and stood while Min Eun Bi went inside. After some time Kim Jae-In noticed that a boy is coming toward her, he was looking so messy and dirty. She immediately put her phone into her bag and start forcing on him.

After a few seconds, the boy almost reached for her but, he did not look at her, even though he did not even notice that someone is looking at him. He passed Kim Jae-In. When he reached her she recognized him. "He is not from our school." Frowned and tried to take a close look but the lights were too dim.

"Excuse me." Kim Jae-In said while he was about to open the door of the restroom. "Oh no, not again. I think she caught me." Shin Myung Wook covered his face with one hand and opened the door and swiftly went inside. "Hey! you, I said excuse." She shouted.

"What happened Jae-In?" Someone asked from behind. She turned and looked behind. "Oh, Professor, it is nothing." Replied. "So, why did you shout?" Professor asked curiously. "No, no it was nothing." A weird smile on her face. "Okay." He said and left meanwhile Min Eun Bi came out of the restroom. "What happened Jae-In? Why were you shouting?" Asked with worry.

"Here is a guy, he is not from our school and he is also behaving weirdly. I asked him to stop but he immediately went inside the restroom." Kim Jae-In frowned and raised her eyebrow. "No, not again." Min Eun Bi shook her head and also waved her hand while taking two back steps. "Last time you investigate about the child who was taken by a man and you misunderstood that he was kidnapping the child but, in actual he was the uncle of that baby." She said.

"But," Kim Jae-In said. "No, but and let's go." She took her hand and pulled her in the direction of the main hall. After taking some steps Kim Jae-In stopped. "Eun Bi, I need to go washroom." Put her hand on her stomach. "What? If you want to go washroom so, why were you standing outside the whole time? "Ah!" Let me go." She jerked Min Eun Bi's hand and ran too fast. "Oh, God! This girl." Min Eun Bi stamped her foot.

"There is something fishy, I must find out." Looking here and there and taking fast steps. Shin Myung Wook tried to clean his dress but it was going worse so, he leaves. "Ah! I think I should take off this jacket." He took off his jacket and put it on his arm, step out but, at the door, he was confronted by Kim Jae-In.

"You! What are doing here." Kim Jae-In said loudly with surprise. He immediately closed her mouth with his hand and pulled her inside the bathroom because he saw some boys were coming toward the bathroom and he understood that this girl recognized that he is not from her school.

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