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A brief encounter with a crush while I was married. Still thinking about him.
Remembering the look in your eyes,
Shining dark stars,
Drawing me in, to make me lie.
The way I died.
Your Native hair and coy smile,
Subtle things you’d say made me sway.
Remembering how you caught me,
But what a fateful day.
The feel of your lips on mine,
Hot tongue sweeping my mouth.
Your rough touch between my thighs,
The way I died.
Unattainable as I was,
Lust is just that.
And though I miss your face,
It would never last.
Thoughts invade me at the worst of times,
Somewhat wishing you were mine.
But unattainable I still stay,
It could never be that way.
Beautiful man who made me sway.
What a fateful day.
Wishing you were mine,
Oh the way I died.
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