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by anshul
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just blahbed(if thats a word) about teenage and about things that revolves around it.
Age 13 to 19 (my teenage, yeah my whiny thoughts)

I heard somewhere that warren buffet and bill gates once agreed to the thought that what a child does majorly from age 13 to 19 (in his teenage) might be the thing in which he is going to find maximum happiness and success. Well.... I agree too. I have read and heard many long and boring lectures about teenage and its changes but somehow all of them said it with no essence of their own experience. They try to act senior and mature while explaining to us what might we feel.
Being 19, my last age of teenage, these 6 years have been a ride like any other person's. But now I think I have understood why people find their deepest passions or intoxication in this phase.
When you become a teenage boy, you lose the love and cuteness of a child and you lack the respect of a responsible man, that means all you are left with is humiliation of a irresponsible and non-cute boy. People watch you with curiosity or hope. They want to see whether you go the dark or the bright way. Everything you say don't mean shit because you have achieved nothing and lost nothing. You're a man with no result. Your little brothers or sisters look up to you as someone to become or not to become. You on the other hand want to explore yourself in every way and does not care about anything

When I was in 9th grade, I started watching a lot of good cinemas (well I mean top rated imdb films) through torrents and I felt this might be the thing for me. But like every other Indian boy I had to take some "serious" subject as my future so I took math (I love it). Made a plan by which I would achieve everything in my life, couldn't maintain it, changed the plan, failed again and the cycle repeats in every few months. Being a teenage boy, my dreams are considered a phase just like my age which will change or not make sense after some time, I don't blame them for feeling that way because it makes sense (I just feel that way I can't tell why). But I take them seriously because that's the only thing I relate to in a way the other people around me don't.

In the end (because I'm bored now) I just want to say that we don't take teenage very seriously (in some cases maybe take them too seriously) it's the phase that has a really high chance to affect our life and parents and teachers just tell us about our growing dicks and exploding boobs (here I mean girls).

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