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by MrH
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An Allegory and Word Picture showing aspects of planting, growing and harvest.
In my mind I see a couple of pictures that have stuck in
my memory. As you suggest in the word, "cultivating", a background of rural
roots surfaces. Advertising, in the environment of marketing, compares to
soil preparation prior to planting the seed. Before long in this allegory,
one can build a word picture that paints a relationship the grower has with
the soil. It's tempting to focus on the soil but it's not about the dirt.
It's about the planter and producer of the eventual crop.

Too few prepare for the harvest. As in marketing and providing products and
services, the farmer monitors, fertilizes and cultivates his field. If the
crop is grain, no cultivating is essential to let the crop grow unhindered
by disrupting it's foliage and soil. All crops require tools and machinery
for an efficient harvest. Getting these ready occupies much time as the
rains and sunshine do the work the producer is unable to provide. He is
helpless at this point but has done what he could.

Have you traveled in the heartland of our nation, seeing rows of shinning
circular bins waiting to be filled with tons of grain? As in agriculture,
the marketer and sales person of any industry knows that effective and
efficient ways of processing his rewards and results of the harvest are just
as much a part of planting, cultivating and harvest.

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