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re-discovered the beaches near my house in Incheon, Korea.

Ode to Incheon Beaches

I recently rediscovered Korean beaches
I have been living near several beaches

Seldom going to the beach
Just too busy
With retired life

Even though
We are just a few miles away

When we went there
It was better than I had imagined
Finally solved the chronic parking problems

Not too crowded, mid-week
even during the middle
of Korean beach season
because of COVID
and the bad economy

The weather was hot
But not overwhelming

We stopped for tea
At a rustic hut
On some rocks

Overlooking the beach
Been there for 30 years
Hardly changing

The beach town itself
Is "Old school", old fashioned
No high rises, no fancy hotels
No fancy restaurants
a bit expensive by local standards

during low tide
people go clamming
lots of fresh clams
and seafood

Pretty basic
But we liked that
the water was cleaner
Better than we had remembered

Not too many foreigners
Yet near the airport
The nearest beach to Seoul

We are planning to go
Weekly throughout the year
As long as we live
Near the beach
Why not I say?

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