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An alien encounter on a strange and loathsome planetoid
Spawn of Dagon
Weird Tales Contest for July, 2021
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"Look at that red and black creature with the shiny pointy thing," said Dagon, her huge yellow belly quivering with desire. "Lotta muscle, lotta good meat. Can we eat it?"

Miga studied the aliens hiding in a doorway down the street. "I think that's called a sword," he said. "I ate a thing once that had one. He poked me with it. It hurt. I took it from him and poked him back. He squealed a lot. Squealed a lot while I ate him, too. But don't eat the red and black casing, it doesn't taste good and snags in your teeth."

Dagon looked down adoringly at her little blue mate. "Oh, Miga, you are so wise. You know so much. Okay," she agreed, "we peel off the colorful skin, then we eat it, yes?"

"Not yet. The odor says he is male. The one behind him with the scanty covering, she smells female. It is that one I want. It is her flesh I crave. It is her that I desire. It is she who will bear our young."

The two crept silently forward through the darkness and mist.

"Charter, I'm scared," whimpered Caraolyn as she sheltered behind the gentleman of that name in the doorway of an ancient and abandoned building. "You saw that huge yellow alien monster! That ugly disgusting little blue creature! HQ doesn't answer, our lander has gone offline, and it would appear that we are stranded here on this strange and loathsome planetoid filled with darkness and mist."

"Fear not, my love, for I am here to protect you. I have a full charge in the electrofoil (he waved his sword dashingly), and kay-var armour from neck to toes." He admired his debonaire red jacket, his iridescent black pants, his gleaming black boots. "Too bad I lost the helmet, though." He twirled his mustache smugly.

"Yeah, how wonderful for you, electrofoil and armour and all. I'm in this skimpy outfit that covers my girly parts and leaves everything else exposed. What idiot decided this was a suitable Planetary Exploration Outfit, Female, Mark 1? How about we trade outfits?"

"But you look so alluring in that PEO-F-1, my darling. It is designed to arouse the protective instincts of the red-blooded human male. Me, that is. Aroused, that is. In other circumstances.... Anyway, fear not, my love, for I am here to protect you."

"Is this where I am supposed to swoon with gratitude and adoration?"

"That would be a nice gesture, yes."

"Maybe later."

Dagon and Miga were almost within pouncing range. "Miga, I'm scared," Dagon quivered.

"Don't worry, babe, I've got it covered," he whispered. "Just stay back here in the shadows."

Like lightning out of the mist, Miga leapt towards the aliens sheltering in the doorway.

"EEEEK!" screamed Caraolyn.

"AAAAAAH!" shrieked Charter. He blindly thrust out his electrofoil.

"OUCH!" cried Miga as the supercapacitor-charged blade charred a path through his tensor latoralis. He bit off the hand that held the weapon and grabbed its handle. Munching on carpals and metacarpals, he stabbed at the squealing alien in the bright red covering. Seeing that the blade wouldn't puncture the red casing, he poked instead at the round blob on top, with the furry thing over its mouth. The sword went right through. The creature dropped instantly.

"Oh, shit!" cried Caraolyn, wincing at the smell of scorched brains and staring in dismay at Charter's smouldering remains. The nasty little blue creature didn't even seem hurt. She tried to slide past it into the street. It grabbed her and whacked her against the side of the building. Blessed blackness engulfed her.

"Come, my love, let us feast," Miga called to Dagon. After a moment to study the fastenings, he undid the breastplate and red coat, slid off the black shoes and trousers, and used a claw to slice through the remainder. "Here, I've peeled it for you."

Dagon gingerly crept forward. She was a true female, modest, cautious, rapacious. They dined together while lying on the discarded creature-casings. She gobbled down most of the meat, crunched happily on the bones, then sat in satiated repose as her body converted the protein into nutrient sacs for the eggs that Miga had fertilized the night before. "Oh, Miga, that was wonderful," she sighed.

Caraolyn was just showing signs of consciousness when Dagon squatted over her. The ovipositor pierced the alien's belly and filled it with already squirming larvae. Caraolyn watched this process, muttered, "Well, that sucks!" and passed out again. Exhausted with the act of procreation, Dagon dragged herself over to her mate and wrapped him in a loving embrace.

"Oh, Miga, that was wonderful," she repeated dreamily. " You are a wonderful mate. I love you so much! And now, I want dessert."

Because she loved him, and didn't want him to suffer, she ate his head first.

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