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by Norman
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You've been the victim I am sure of good ol' Murphy's Law
You thought and planned for everything,
the goal was in your sight.
Then suddenly you hit a bump;
now nothing’s going right.

If you’ve been on this good green Earth
for ten short years or more,
you’ve been the victim, I am sure,
of good ol’ Murphy’s Law.

And even if you’re under ten
you may have felt the sting,
the misery and helplessness
that Murphy’s Law can bring.

This law is not a legal one;
it won’t put you in jail.
But it could be the difference
if you succeed or fail.

You have been cruising free and clear;
you’re almost at the top.
Then suddenly the wheels fall off
and you screech to a stop.

Yeah, Murphy says that anyone,
no matter weak or strong,
will find with any thing they do
that something can go wrong.

You’re coasting way far out ahead
and everything is fine.
You don’t see that banana peel
before the finish line.

Yeah, fate steps in to mess things up;
your dreams and hopes are gone.
You slip and fall right on your butt.
No way you can go on.

Just when you thought you had it made,
along came Murphy’s Law.
But you’re not giving up at all;
you’ll carry on, endure.

And even if the game is lost
and you can never win,
it isn’t in your DNA
for you to just give in.

‘Cause Murphy is your middle name
so you are used to this.
That’s when you pick yourself back up
and blow your fans a kiss.

(So Murphy’s not your middle name
but just pretend for now.
‘Cause Francis doesn’t sound as good;
it doesn’t work, no how!)

I’m warning you there will be times
when things are going great.
Then Murphy gets his turn at bat
and steps up to the plate.

Yeah, Murphy’s Law can ruin your day;
it happens all the time.
‘Cause this law doesn’t help you out;
you’ll think that it’s a crime.

I’m running out of metaphors
about ‘ol Murphy’s Law.
I think you get the point by now;
you don’t need anymore.

Just keep in mind you’re never safe
and if you made that bet,
unless you’re at the finish line
don’t count your chickens yet.

Damn! Another metaphor.

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