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by Mac
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2254742
After inducting members of Baroque Works, Vivi is sent on a mission to test her loyalty.
Vivi finished her dance and looked at her handiwork. All the members of Baroque Works at the meeting loved her now, they wanted her to lead Baroque Works, and if everything went well, she might. Vivi then paused for a second, she didn't really want to lead Baroque Works, she wanted to destroy it, no if everything went well she would destroy it and the members, besides her favorites, Robin and Josue, would be put in prison for the crimes they committed. Well, maybe she would spare Bon Clay.

With that done, she, Josue, and Robin left together.

"Farewell, Mistress Wednesday", Miss Double Fingers called out to Vivi as the trio left, and Vivi could not help but smile, the name that she had been given by a deeply entranced Mr. 9, Mistress Wednesday, was perfect, she could not help but feel her heart flutter whenever she heard it.

Once they had gotten clear of the Spider Café, Robin picked up the Transponder Snail and called Crocodile. The night before the meeting Vivi and Robin had discussed what they would tell Crocodile if they did have to kill Miss Merry Christmas and while the pair were not pleased by it, they were about to try the best lie they could come up with.

"You see Mr. 0", Robin started, "Miss Merry Christmas had found out that Miss Wednesday was Princess Vivi and was going to go to her and kill her. She said it was what you would have wanted, and I didn't see any other way to stop her and so I had to, I had to kill her." Robin explained to Crocodile.

The other side of the line was quiet for a few moments, then Crocodile spoke up. "That is truly a shame, it makes me wonder if having the princess join our group as a joke was worth it." Crocodile paused and Robin waited to see what he would say next, then she heard laughter coming from the other side. "Hahahaha", Crocodile laughed, then continued, "almost."

Crocodile then gave new instructions to Robin, "I want you to keep this from Mr. 4 and the rest of the members for now, especially Miss Wednesday. The war is coming and once that is over, well, I won't have much need for the rest of the members of Baroque Works. So, in a way, you just saved me some work for the future. Hahahaha." On the other side of the snail Robin could hear Crocodile taking a drag of his cigar before continuing.

"You know, Miss All Sunday, I didn't know you had it in you to kill, I am impressed. Between this and you being the one to suggest bringing in the princess, bringing up her hopes, before we crush them, I seem to have underestimated you. It seems I have been a good influence on you. Hahahaha. This does give me an idea for a new loyalty test for the other members, hahahaha, I can't wait to see what the princess will do about this one."

The conversation ended and Vivi looked up at Robin.

"He really doesn't care about the people under him, does he?" Vivi asked Robin.

"No, he is another failure of a leader", Robin answered, then stared straight into Vivi's eyes, "unlike you."

Vivi let that compliment sink in before she spoke again, "I am worried about that test though", Vivi said, thinking to herself.

"You will pass it just fine princess", Robin answered.

A few days later

Vivi hated Crocodile's test of loyalty.

Vivi was traveling with Josue to the town of Nanohana in southeastern Alabaster. The town was a major sea port and due to that, it was the best place in the kingdom to get perfume. While she was not happy about the mission, she was happy to get new perfume.

The day after putting under the members of Baroque Works, Robin had suggested to Vivi that she start putting members of the royal guard at the palace under her sway in case if she needed to order them to do anything during the war that Crocodile kept mentioning. So, Vivi had started, first, just putting her maid under, then moved on to the guards that guarded her room. In the few days since the meeting of Baroque Works, she had made ten people in the palace loyal to her.

While putting these people under Vivi had started to experiment with using perfumes to help her put people under. She had found that the perfume made from the island of Dormir Baya worked the best. With it she had the people whom she would put under enter a state of unknowing obedience when they smelled the perfume. They would do what she had ordered them without even knowing they were under her power. With each person she put under Vivi's confidence and ego grew, she was truly now able to get whatever she wanted. It made her want to meet Bertrade Gloom again and show her what she was made of now.

Thanks to her need for more perfume, for once she was able to tell her father exactly where she was going, to Nanohana, and for at least one of the reasons she was going, to get new perfume.

So she and Josue entered the town of Nanohana and Vivi thought of the other reason the pair were there, the reason she had been ordered there by Crocodile, to silence a reporter.

The second Vivi saw the letter with the order she knew what the loyalty test Crocodile had planned for her and the other members of Baroque Works was. Would she and the other members be willing to kill for the organization? Vivi had no doubt that every other member would have no issue doing this, well besides maybe Bon Clay, Mr. 2, he seemed like the nicest member of the group, almost as ill fit of a member as Robin.

The reporter she and Mr. 9 had been ordered to kill was Finbarr Mercia. He had been a reporter for the Nanohana Press for over fifty years and had broken many stories over the years. He was the one who discovered that The Red Snails pirate group had taken refuge in Ido thirty years ago and was able to get the Alabaster army to go to the town and free the townspeople. He also was the reporter who representing his paper, went to Loguetown and reported on the execution of Gol D. Roger, and the birth of the The Great Age of Pirates. In short, he was well respected, and had a job for life.

In recent years he had done less and less traveling and was mainly known for his columns on Sundays where he reported on local events for the town, the fact that he had gotten a sniff of Baroque Works was surprising to Vivi considering he seemed all but retired.

Vivi did not want to kill this institution of Alabaster, so she had a plan. She would meet him, not as Miss Wednesday, but as Princess Nefertari Vivi. She would talk him into hiding till this was all over and then let him tell everyone what he knew afterwards.

While going to his home, where he did all of his writing now, Vivi looked around Nanohana and saw more signs of how Alabaster was falling apart. The streets were dusty from the lack of rain, the drought covering the entirety of the country. She walked by a child sitting on the side of the road, his clothes were battered and he looked tired, like he had not eaten or drank in hours.

She continued walking down the road and saw an old woman begging for money. When the woman got close to a group of three marines, one of them pushed the old woman down. Instead of helping the woman the other two Marines laughed and the trio walked away.

Vivi balled her fist, she wanted to grab her Peacock Slashers and tie up the Marines, then throw them in the jail for what they had just done, but she regained her composer. She was on a mission right now, and there were millions and billions everywhere so if she did something like that Crocodile might hear about it. In addition, she might be recognized by the Marines, and the princess of a country throwing Marines in jail would cause a major stink and may put Alabaster in danger, they were the group that destroyed Ohara Island after all.

Vivi and Josue then arrived in front of Mercia's house and Vivi ordered Josue to stand watch for her. She was going to enter the house, have Mr. Mercia agree to go into hiding, and go shopping.

She knocked on the door of the place and from inside heard a voice telling her to come on in. Once inside Vivi took stock of the house. She had entered into the living room and there was a couch, a table in front of it covered in papers, and more papers covering the floor. In the corner was a desk with a stack of papers on it and sitting at that desk was Mr. Mercia.

Without turning around he started to speak, "Who is there, is it you Emily?" He asked. Vivi had no idea who Emily was, but Vivi knew that she was not this Emily.

"No, sorry, I am not Emily." Vivi answered back.

Finbarr looked up from what he was working on, he recognized the voice, "it can't be", he said to himself and turned around.

"Hello", Vivi started, "I am Princess Nefertari Vivi, and I am here to talk to you about your research into the organization of Baroque Works." She said to the man.

Finbarr stared at Vivi, squinting his eyes, then blinked a few times and thought for a moment. "I guess the hair is the right color", he muttered to himself and then straightened himself up. He bowed to the princess and smiled. "What does the princess of our great country want with me?"

Vivi bit her lower lip, she had just told him what she was here for. She calmed down then repeated the reason she was there. "I am here to discuss the organization Baroque Works with you. It has come to mine and other people's attention within the palace that you are researching them. I am here with a warning." Before Vivi continued, the man interrupted her.

"Why would you know about that?" He asked, his journalist instincts going off.

"That is not important", Vivi responded back, "what you need to know is your life is in danger if you continue looking into them."

"How do you know?" Finbarr asked back, interrupting her again.

"I said that is not important, what is important is your life is on the line." Vivi answered back, a small bit of anger entering her voice.

"Wait", Finbarr stopped Vivi for a second, something else was bothering him, "why are you the one they sent?" He asked. "They would not send the princess for this, they would send a palace guard."

"It...is...not...important", Vivi screamed at him. "You will die if you don't stop looking into this."

"Wait a minute", Fibarr stopped Vivi again, annoying her even more. "I, need to check something real quick." Finbarr then went onto the papers on his desk and moved them up to his face where he would stare at them for a moment then throw them away. Finally, he seemed to find what he was looking for. "Aha!" He declared at a sheet of paper that had been on the table.

"I have an eye witness report from a person who works in a factory in Alubarna who says he saw a man with a strange crown and a woman with bright blue hair discussing Baroque Works business." Finbarr looked up at Vivi. "I didn't really think anything about the hair color, but you, you know about Baroque Works, you are, you are threatening me with death." Vivi wanted to tell him she wasn't but he continued, "and you are afraid to tell me how you know anything."

Finbarr's mouth was agape, shocked at what he was about to say, "Princess Vivi, you are a member of the terrorist organization Baroque Works." Finbarr then sat down in his chair shocked.

Vivi was angry, she had come to save this man and he just would not listen. She quickly calmed down though, she had another way to avoid having to kill this man, a backup plan she had hoped not to use.

"I just wanted to save you." Vivi declared before throwing off her green overcoat to reveal her spiral shirt. "I didn't want to do this, but you left me no choice."

Vivi started the process of her dance, moving her butt from side to side, slowly, and making her body rotate. She started slowly, and then started to go faster as she started her induction.

"The spirals guide you", Vivi commanded, and Finbarr stared at her.

"The spirals are all that exist", Vivi said, her voice coming out strong, her practice on the workers at the palace had made her feel even more confident when she danced.

"You have to watch the spirals", Vivi said, before Finbarr interrupted.

"What are you doing?" He asked her.

"What?" Vivi asked, breaking her concentration from the dance.

"Spirals? Guide me? Were you, were you trying to hypnotize me Princess Vivi? Why? What is wrong with you? Why did you join Baroque Works?" The amount of questions he asked were overwhelming Vivi.

"But, but, but, why?" Vivi asked herself before the realization hit, he recognized her by her hair color, when he was looking over the documents he had to have them right at his face, he could barely see. It didn't matter how wonderful her dance was, he could not see it.

"I asked, why did you join Baroque Works?" Finbarr asked Vivi. Vivi looked up at him and started to freak out, she grabbed her Peacock Slashers and after hesitating for a second sent it out and tied Finbarr up.

"What are you doing", he asked, and Vivi ran up to him and covered his mouth. She needed him to be quiet so she could think. She looked around the room trying to find something to help her, when she stared at the wall for a moment and remembered something Robin had told her before.

"Robin, I know you are there, come on in, I need help." She told the room. After a moment, the sunroof of the house opened up, and Robin hopped down into the room.

"You need help?" Robin asked Vivi.

"I want you to grab him and make sure he makes no sounds." Vivi said while motioning to Finbarr.

"Right away", Robin answered and she grabbed him and Vivi walked away.

"What should I do?" Vivi asked.

"I will do whatever you ask of me", Robin replied. Vivi had meant that question to be rhetorical, but nodded her head at Robin and started to pace.

"I just wanted to save him", she thought. "I just wanted to help him, why did he not understand that? Why didn't he just listen, why didn't he just obey?" All these thoughts swirled around Vivi's mind as she continued to pace.

"Are you okay Princess?" Robin asked Vivi.

Vivi stopped and looked at Robin, her eyes looked like they wanted to escape from her face she was so wound up. "No, no princess, I am on Baroque Works business Miss All Sunday and you will call me by my Baroque Works name." Vivi stared at Robin, breathing hard, waiting for an answer.

"I'm sorry Miss Wednesday." Robin responded. At this Finbarr's eyes widened, he was shocked, not only was the princess a member of Baroque Works, but she seemed to be the leader. He started to speak and Vivi heard the muffles coming from behind Robin's hand.

"Stay quiet!" She screamed at him, then she started to pace again. A phrase entered her mind, one she knew well, "whatever it takes", it repeated itself repeatedly and before Vivi knew it, she was muttering it to herself. "Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes." She said to herself countless times. The whole time, Robin and Finbarr just watched her. Finally, Vivi stopped and looked at Robin, her mind made up.

"Miss All Sunday, is there a member of the millions or even billions in this town that can fake a death certificate?" Vivi asked Robin.

Robin thought through the members she knew about in the town, and remembering a member who was a coroner nodded her head.

"Good", Vivi said to herself. Vivi then stared at Finbarr and her face filled with rage. "I wanted to save you", she whispered to him before looking up at Robin, who was still holding him.

"I want this to be reported as an accident." She said to Robin, her voice quiet and calm in contrast to the angry look on her face. Vivi then moved her arms up and made the motion that Robin did whenever she used clutch. Robin nodded her head, she understood. She let go of Finbarr who fell to the ground.

"Dos Fleur", she declared, and two arms grew out of Finbarr's shoulders. "Clutch!"


Vivi stared at the man, the hero reporter of Alabaster, who now laid dead in front of her. Vivi then looked up at Robin. "Didn't he know I just wanted to save him? All he had to do was obey!"

Robin went over to put her arm around Vivi, but Vivi moved her arm away from her. "Not now Miss All Sunday." Vivi sighed and then looked at the stack of papers.

"Could you go through those papers and get rid of any of them that mention Baroque Works? Then you can contact the billion or million you were thinking of and have them come in and report that Mr. Mercia died of a fall."

Vivi sighed, then started to walk towards the door. "I'm going to go get some perfume."

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