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I realized something while I was thinking about random things. I realized I was wrong.
I was wrong.
I was completely wrong.
I actively talk about how we need to stop seeing color/race, and then we can all get along.
But I was wrong.
It's not about putting on blinders, or ignoring it.
The real solution. The real answer. Is to accept, respect, and celebrate it.
We need to all learn to accept that not everyone comes from the same place.
We need to respect that we are all different.
We need to celebrate those differences, and come together.
No more debates, no more riots, no more "I want this, and I want that".
It need to be "We want this"
We want to come together.
We want to respect each other.
You don't need to act a certain way towards people that are different then you.
You just need to treat them with respect.

For example. A year or so ago at my job, I had a customer, being pretty racist towards me. And I was being as professional as I could, doing my best to be polite. Anyone could see I was struggling to figure out what to do.
Then two customers, regulars, stood up for me to this person. And got him to leave me alone and leave the store, without any violence.
And it wasn't because I was black, and was being targeted by racism.
It was because those two customers RESPECTED me, and they didn't appreciate seeing me be disrespected.

That's what's it's really all about.
It's about respect.
It's about supporting one another.
And it's about damn time. People get this through their heads.
You can't fight ignorance with ignorance.
You can't fight racism with racism.
But you can right both ignorance, and racism, with acceptance, respect, and by celebrating our differences.

Because we are ALL different, and that's perfectly ok."
~Peter Keogh-Lynn
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