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by Ridzee
Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2254786
Episode 7
Kim Jae-In standing at the door of professor Shin Jong Suk’s office. She knocks on the door. “Yes, come in, “Professor said from inside the room. Kim Jae-In speedily goes inside “Sir, why are you leaving the school.” Expeditiously said. “What…?” In shock, Professor answered Kim Jae-In. “Calm down Jae-In and please sit down” Professor politely said. Kim Jae-In feels embarrassed. But her question is obvious.

“Sir, Why are you resigning?” Curious. “My word is done here so. I have to leave. “Professor replied. Even so, Kim Jae-In says something more, Professor Shin Jong Suk cuts the topic. “I am going to miss this place. I had been teaching here for years and you were my favorite student. “Are you happy that you are leaving the school and the city? I am also leaving this place and go to Canada. “ Kim Jae-In made a dull face.

“You cannot choose your fate, but you can set your destination and remove those things, you think which have not been in your life. You can also change your future. You rare brave girl. But remember one thing if you want to achieve your goals you have to deal with failure and never kneel in front of your enemies. Never show your weakness to others. I know you are an intelligent girl and you know what is good for you. “Professor said.

Kim Jea-In raised her head and curiously looked at the professor. She is so confused, how he can explain everything so precisely about her situation without knowing it, and then she says. “I am surprised that, how do you know about my problem. Ah! How do you know about it because no one knows? “Raised her eyebrow and straighten the back and again sat on her previous position. “But the situation I am dealing with right now may be your advice will help me. You are the only person who is understanding my situation without knowing anything.“ Sigh. “it is an honor for me that my words are worthy for you. “Professor replied, a mild smile on his face.

“I thought my life was perfect because everyone surrounding me, loved me, cherished me. Their love was my strength, my parents’ love gave me the empowerment to do anything, they made me independent, strong, and brave, but, it was a dream, but reality hit me so hard. Now my heart is desolate, all the happiness is gone. I just want to run. “Kim Jae-In’s eyes filled with anger and frustration.

The professor stood up and turned toward the window that is behind his chair. He asks Kim Jae-In to look outside from the window. She follows him and stands beside “it’s afternoon, right? He asked. “Hmm.” Kim Jae-In nodded her head. “Now the sun is looking extremely bright, you cannot see at the sun right now, but when the time flows its brightness starting to fade out and at the point, the light will have been completely gone. It does not mean that the sun will never shine again or rise again. We always sleep in the hope that the next morning sun will rise again. So, how can you lose hope?”

He turned back and put his hand on Kim Jae-In’s shoulder. “Ups and downs are the part of our life, and life is not all about only a good time. Your journey is just started and a very long way you have to go, but remember one thing there will be many ways you found in your journey, in every path, you will find good and bad. “Professor said. “Good and bad?" Confused. “Yes, my dear good and bad. Good and bad people, nice places and horrible too, perfect time and imprecise time, but the thing is you have to stay calm and steady." Professor answered and clear her confusion. “If do not want to go anywhere, just stay where I am right now?" Took her step back. It seems that she is completely hopeless.

Then professor bent his back a little and put his both hands on her shoulders. "Jae-In if you want to run, then run, but if there is no way, on that point you have to fight until you won or die. Never give up without giving it a try. I always treated you as my own child and I want my child to be a brave one, not a coward. Understand?" He pressed her shoulders slightly and made eye contact with her. This motivational speech gave a new spark to Kim Jae-in. She sighed and lifted her shoulder as she is finally determined.

He further said. "I will be always there for you," meanwhile the door knocked and he stopped in the middle of his talking. He dropped his hands from Kim Jae-In's shoulder and stood straight "Yes, come in." he said. "Sorry, sir. " Min Eun Bi stepped in. "I am looking for Jae-In. I searched her everywhere, but suddenly I remembered that she would be here so." After saying that she quickly runs and grabbed Kim Jae-In's hand.

First, she glared at her then smile. "Oh, God! You scared me, I thought you left without telling me." Min Eun Bi said and tightened her grip on her hand. "Ouch! " She was about to shout loudly but holds it because of the professor. "Oh, how can I leave without telling my friend." Kim Jae-In smiled bitterly then glared at her. During this cold war, the professor looking at both of them and smiling, then he grabbed their attention by making a fake cough.

"Girls do not fight, I think our session is over here." He looked at Kim Jae-In and assured her that she is fine or not. She smiled with confidence and nodded. "Sir, if you give her permission, then shall we go? Min Eun Bi broke their eye contact and interrupted. "Yeah, yeah, you can go now. I also have to do some work." Professor said when he took a file and going back to his seat. "Thank You, Sir. Let's go Jae-In I am starving." They bowed to him and left.

After the girls left. "I think it is not a right time to tell her anything more about" He paused. "Sorry Jae-In dear, your journey will not be easy, but I promise I will be there for you in any circumstances, " Professor said to himself while closing the file and there is a bang of guilt on his face.

On the way to the canteen, Min Eun Bi suddenly stopped. "Now what happened?" Kim Jae-In asked with frustration. "You have not told me yet, what is the reason?" Min Eun Bi asked. "Reason. What reason? " Frown "Oh God, this girl has no sense although her IQ is 148." She hit the hand on her forehead. Meanwhile, Kim Jae-In heard a familiar voice from her back. "Excuse me, Can you please tell me where is professor Shin Jong Suk's office? A boy asked.

Min Eun Bi changes her gaze from her to the boy. "Huh!." She replied as she did not listen to him properly. He repeats his sentence. then she points her finger to the right side. "It is over there." Said. "Thank You." He bowed. After getting the direction the boy starts walking. But Kim Jae-In trying to recognize the voice. "I think I heard this before." She turned but she could not able to see his face because he already turned.

"Wow! such a handsome and cute guy." Min Eun Bi said while her eyes and mouth wide opened. On the other hand, Kim Jae-In is still curious about it and started following him so, she can clear her doubt. "Hey! Jae-In where are you going now? " Min Eun Bi got back in her senses and grabbed her hand. "But, I want to know who is he?." Suspicious. "When did you get so much interest in boys?"

"What? Hey! I am not interested in him. Shouted. "Then let's go." Min Eun Bi Pulled her toward the direction of the canteen that is totally opposite to professor's office. On the way, Kim Jae-In continuously looking at the boy until he disappeared.

Professor's office door knocked. "Yes, come in." He said while reading something. The boy slowly opened the door and looked inside. Professor shift his gaze from file to the boy and got a little shocked. "Myung Wook? You are here, Is everything okay?" Closed the file and gave the single to come in. Shin Myung Wook entered and sat on the bench that is next to the door. "It was feeling bored at the house so, I decided to come here." Scratched on his forehead and raised eyebrows.

"You should have watched TV or have to do something else, rather than you decided to come here. " Professor said in a cold voice. "It is been above than two months since I am here but we have not spent time together neither... "

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