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by Ridzee
Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2254786
Episode 14 Secret Mission.
Shin Myung Wook lying on the bed and scrolling on his cell phone, but his mind is still tangled with the incident that occurred last night. "What should I do? Things are so weird here. I must find the reason behind it. But, how?" His phone rang which broke his thoughts. "Oh! It is Liam. Hello, Liam, how are you?" He immediately picked the call. "O! Hey, Wookie, I am good. How are you, buddy?" Cheerful voice. "I am okay." Shin Myung Wook replied in a dull voice.

"But, according to my calculation, you are not fine." Liam suspiciously asked. "Oh! Man, you always found out." He tapped on his forehead. "Of course, because you are my better half." Laughed. "Ah! Shut up and listen to me." Shin Myung Wook scolded him and then stood up from the bed, he walked toward his bedroom door, carefully opened the door, and make sure he did not make any noise, then he slowly looks around and makes sure that his father is at home or not.

"Hello? Wookie, are you there? Liam called out so loud. "Shh! Wait." Shin Myung Wook said in a deep voice to calm him down. After confirming his father is not coming back yet he immediately took fast steps and went to his room. "Hello, Liam, are you still there?" Ethereal voice. "What is the matter, Wookie? You are not looking well." Liam said with worried. "I am okay. Just listen to me what should I do?" Shin Myung Wook told his friend the whole story.

"Oh! It is looking so complicated." Liam said after listening to his friend. "I am so confused. I cannot ask my father, he is already behaving so differently." Shin Myung Wook said and poured water into the glass. "Then you should find out by yourself own self, but, I must say please stay away from this matter, maybe you will fall in trouble because you know your father, he will not be happy if he will know about it." Serious tone.

"He was talking about a girl and I felt that I know her that is why I want to know. What is going on here?" He picked up the glass from the table and sat on the bed. "Then follow your father after he left the house," Liam said, Shin Myung Wook choked and start coughing. "Are you mad?" While coughing badly. "Woah! You said I have to follow my father after he left. If he found out, he will bury me in the backyard. Sarcastically laughed. "So, tell me your plan. Are you going to fix a camera on his collar or put a tracker or something in his pocket?" Liam said with anger.

After listening to his friend Shin Myung Wook rest his head on his hand, "Maybe he is right," went into deep thoughts. "Hey!" Liam shouted. "Yes! Yes." Startled. "I have to go. I will talk to you later and if you are going to do what I said so, be careful. Okay, bye." Liam hangs up the call.

Shin Myung Wook heard the car horn, he stood up right away and ran to the balcony. He saw his father was still sitting in the car and talking with someone on the phone, he was looking so serious and in distress. After some time he hangs up the phone and swiftly get off of the car and entered the house.

Shin Myung Wook decided not to go downstairs. "I should not go there. I should take a bath, maybe I feel better after it." He opened his cupboard and took his nightdress and went to the bathroom.

20 minutes passed.

Shin Myung Wook came out from the bathroom, he was rubbing his head with a towel to make his hair dry, then his room door knocked, he opened the door. "Father?" He quickly hung the towel on a chair. "Please, come in, father." Made a way for him and asked him to sit on the bed, Mr. Shin Jong Suk entered but, he did not sit.

"I am here to inform you that I booked your return ticket so, pack your stuff, you will leave on Thursday evening." Said but soon he left the room as he did not get any response from Shin Myung Wook. Shin Myung Wook was in a shocking state because his plan is failing before it's started. "What?" Barely said.

After some time he pulled himself into reality. He immediately picked up his cell phone and dialed Liam's number. "Come on, Liam pick up the call." hitting on his thigh. "Is he already slept? Worried. "Pick up the call, you dummy." Suddenly Liam picked the call. "Hey! Whom you are calling a dummy? I will kill you when will you come back here." Liam said and grinding his teeth.

"My father is sending me back to Canada. He already booked the ticket" Frowned. "Oh wow! You are coming back." Liam said in a cheerful voice. "What? Are you happy? Have forgotten about what we talked about earlier. "Oh! Yeah, yeah, sorry I forget. You want to find out about that girl." Liam raised his eyebrows. "Yes, you dummy. My flight is on Thursday " Frustrated.

"Why are you so curious about that girl? Just leave it and come back here, our semester will going to start soon." Calmly said. "No!" Shin Myung Wook denied. "I am not much curious about that girl. I am worried about my father, his activities and behavior are so suspicious. If something bad happens to him, my mother can not endure that." Furrowed.

Shin Myung Wook starts walking toward the balcony while talking with his friend then he sees his father again going somewhere. "Hello? Wookie are you there. Boy, it is 12:30 am here and I am feeling sleepy please, let me sleep in peace." Said while yawning.

"I will talk to you later." Shin Myung Wook cut the call hastily and went inside the room. He put the phone in the pocket, opened the door, and ran downstairs. "Hello! Wookie? Ah, he cut my call without saying anything. Wookie I will take my revenge." Liam said angrily, but, soon his expressions changed into worries. "Please come back safe and sound."

Shin Myung Wook leisurely opened the gate and peak out, he steadily took his steps to go back at the yard to pick his bicycle. Mr. Shin Jong Suk started the engine and drove while Shin Myung Wook hurriedly ride on the bicycle and started following him.

At Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun's house. Kim Jae-In's parents were sitting on the couch and waiting for their daughter. Mrs. Park Bo-Young immediately stood up and ran to the gate after hearing the doorbell. She opened the gate and saw her daughter, she was looking so weary and frustrated. Kim Jae-In entered and went upstairs without saying anything but behind her, Mr. Park Jin Kyung was standing with a plastic bag that had some medicines.

"Is everything okay?" Mrs. Park Bo-Young asked with worried. "Yes, everything is fine. These are some medicine just to help her to sleep well and for depression." He said to reach his hand toward her. Mr. Park Bo-Young took the bag and slightly bowed. "And, one more thing." He said after bowing her back. "Yes?" Curiously replied.

"I received a call and they informed me that Ms. Jae-In's flight ticket has been booked. She will leave for Canada on this Thursday." He said and stepped as he was about to leave. Mrs. Park Bo-Young looked up with her eyes widen, her world shattered after hearing him. She said nothing and quietly closed the door.

Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun already stood behind her at some distance he heard everything but, he also keeps silent. She turned and saw her husband without any expression. She placed the bag on the kitchen counter and went into her room. "Bo-Young!" Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun tried to hold her hand, but, she jerks his hand.

Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun entered the room before she closed the door. "Bo-Young!" He again holds her hand. She starts crying. "We already know everything, you knew that in future our daughter must leave us so, why are you behaving like this? You always support me. You are my strength." He pulled her towards him and hugged her from behind.

Shin Myung Wook tried to follow his father without being caught, and he sees that his father took the road that lead him to the school. After some time they reached to the school. Shin Myung Wook parked his bicycle so far so, his father cannot catch him. He was hardly breathing because it was not easy to follow a car by bicycle.

His father had already gone inside the school. "Oh! I should hurry and go after him before he will disappear from my sight." Huffing then he

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