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by Rinku
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Wave Of Corona Spike And Its Impact

Raised from the Spiky Dragon’s province, the deadly corona spikes spelled hell that a beast’s fiery expulsion could ever devour. 2019 end saw the flickering wave of corona spikes from the Spiky Dragon’s land China that was least expected to mark gigantic wave. Infecting the entire world, brought the fast paced world to a standstill that human history ever spoke on pandemic as caused by the Spiky Corona.

The world seemed to be struck by an invisible power, fast and steadily wiping out millions of population from the world. Unprepared, the world grew pale under the spiky wave that made it look like a land of graveyard. Wales and cry everywhere, not knowing what curse had befallen on earth.

Spiky corona seems to be reluctant to recede, gulping partial population from the earth that even a Chinese dragon could not have devoured. Invisible to the eye, corona tends to be the enemy for the coming generation. Perfect disguise of Corona mutants seemed to dodge human intelligence and power, challenging each time under its new wave.

Design of the deadly spikes came into view to defend China if biological warfare required. Undertaking of such biological warfare tool is considered illegal where in this process of making Corona spikes, China has not only self devoured but devoured millions on earth, the growing giant is killing the world. As the fate of the present world has to change, severity of corona took toll due to human fault and aggressiveness for power. Human designed death could not further be concealed before its accidental release.

Corona has set its own trend impelling the world to change its lifestyle. Now humans are changing lifestyle to save guard from corona. Futuristic dogs and pigs, any domesticated animals may go with a mask what is trending in Human world as the corona virus is yet to be viral in animal domain. Trend of Corona is in it won't be wrong to say.

Now corona further trending with more superior variants. Far superior variants of corona virus are even challenging the drug world to change the doses of vaccine. Time has even made the vaccinated threatened. Vaccinated world battled halfway but still not out of threat as deadly spikes continues complicated forms. Infected bodies can go how far with doses changed?

Frail bodies fell at the first wave where the stout and the young seemed to have scrambled to spiky Corona’s second wave. Left a breathless feel, grounded every victim that Corona came across. Blew out million lights with dip in oxygen. The swelling wave tend to make more furor, swiftly cleaning off the unattended victims, giving tough time to those who challenged to fight back.

World shivers with growing coldness of the earth’s population. Corona where failed in the first attempt, readies for the third wave. Little ones who have not seen the world are on the peril of exit as the Dragon's spiky impact remains.{/justify}
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