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by Lotta
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Paranormal · #2254893
This is a werewolf rejection story. Not like the typical rejection.(Work in Progress)



Lotta Patterson

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Carlotta Massey Patterson


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Table of Contents

[Chapter 1] -- Her Story

I am a true pure blood Gamma. I come from ten generations of Gammas. To most people, that does not mean anything. To me, it means everything. I am a warrior. I was born to be a warrior like my father and mother, their fathers and mothers and so on as far back as 10 generations. My blood line is pure. My warrior gene is one of the strongest in the werewolf kingdom. My family has been the Gamma couple and lead warriors since the pack was founded over 1000 years ago. At 17. I am one of the strongest wolves in our pack. I can already best fully grown males and she-wolves. So far, I have only been bested by my parents and the Alpha. The Beta and I are pretty even. I win some and lose some against him. Most members of the pack are proud of my strength and know that I will always use my strength to protect my pack. The future alpha does not like that I am stronger than him, especially since I am a she wolf. My wolf and I think he should get over himself. I am who I am, and I am proud of it. I am Seleste, future Gamma of the Blue Moon pack, the youngest lead warrior in the history of our pack and assistant warrior trainer. I am a part of our pack's elite forces; one of the first and youngest females. My grandmother was the first female member of the Elite 12. I was born with symbol of the protector on my shoulder. It's a crescent moon with a star at the top of it. What most people don't know is that my family are direct descendants on Fenroe, the original Gamma. He was the first protector and one of the original werewolves created by the moon goddess. My grandmother told me the history of our family on my twelfth birthday when she passed down the Cresent Moon pendant. It has been passed down to the first born of every generation. For our generation, that's me. I was born one day before my cousin Mona.

I am now the assistant trainer for the pack. My parents were so proud of me. The alpha chose me because I study different combat forms. Over the last 5 summers, I have traveled to different packs and trained with their elite warriors. I have also trained with many human combat masters. I take my role as Gamma and protector seriously. You can say its my destiny. For now, I train self defense to the pups who have not shifted yet and advance combat to the high ranking warriors. I love what I do. I want to make sure that my pack is the best trained. The alpha recently spoke with my parents and I about me training some of the smaller packs in our state. This will be a great opportunity to meet more people.

Today was a good day of training. The Beta challenged me to hand to hand combat in human form. I have not been able to best Beta Varren in hand to hand at all so I was excited for this challenge. Beta Varren is the best fighter after my parents, so everyone loves to see us training together. This is the first time we've challenged each other in a couple years. "Come on Seleste, focus" Beta Vareen yells at me. "Sorry Beta. I'm ready." "Seleste. I'm not him, I can take a lost if you can give me one." The Beta links me with a smirk. "ok. You asked for it." Add another win to my list. Yes, I put the Beta on his butt this morning. "Good job Seleste. Just like I taught you, wait, watch and execute. Wait for the opening. Watch for a tell or weakness, then execute your advantage. You can say, you have finally bested me in a challenge. I'm so proud of you. Remember, you don't have to dial down your skill for anyone. Just be who the goddess made you to be. Now go get ready for school." "Thanks Beta Vareen" I say as I grab my water bottle and head to our home.

"Seleste are you ready yet? We're going to be late for school." You know how Mr. Simms gets when we are late for first period." "Coming Talia", I yell down the stirs to my best friend while running down stairs. "Seriously Seleste, I don't know why it takes you so long to get ready for school? You don't even wear makeup," says Talia rolling her eyes. "Really Talia, I have to shower after training, then get ready. I know you don't want to ride in the car with me all sweaty. Come on, lets go. Don't want to be late". I say to Talia with a smirk. "Bye mom and dad. See you all later." "Bye girls," yell my mom and dad.

We made it to school in record time. I may or may not have been speeding. First period is not my favorite. Mr. Simms is always tough and does not let us get away with anything. Mr. Simms is more than a teacher, he is a member of the Elite 12, so he is tough on me and one of the crew. Talia and I make it to class just as the bell is ringing. "So glad you ladies can join us". Mr. Simms say looking at us and his watch. Being right on time is late for Mr. Simms. Talia looks at me as we take our seat. "its my fault Mr. Simms. Training went a little late this morning". I explained. "Well Ms. True, you know what they say about excuses and incompetence? Since I know you are not incompetent, I'll pretend you did not try to give me an excuse." The students sit there trying to cover their laughing. Mr. Simms looks around the class. "Now class, lets begin. Please pass your homework assignment to the right." The rest of class was pretty quiet. Like I said, Mr. Simms runs a tight ship. "Girl, Mr. Simms got you good," Talia says as we walk out of class." "Yes he did, but I knew better than to give him an answer."


Talia, have you noticed anything weird over the last couple days? "Not really. Weird like how?' I don't know, Tamaska has been on edge for the past couple days and I don't know why." "Well, Seleste, your 17th birthday is in a couple days, could it be that she is beginning to sense your mate? This is so excited. I can't wait to see, who will be the lucky male to get to have the strongest she wolf as hid mate." "I don't know if I'm ready for that. What if my mate can't handle me being a warrior?" "Seleste, anyone would be more than happy to have you as their mate. You are beautiful, honest and sweet as well as strong. So who do you think it will be?" "Honestly, Talia, I have no idea. I used to think that me and Trevor had a connection, but that changed when I got the best of him in training last year. Since that time, he has made it known that he does not like me." "Girl, for an alpha to be, Trevor is a piece of work. I can't believe he is such a sore loser. He is still holding a grudge against you for being who you are. He's not the only ranked wolf you have won against. He needs to get over it. I hope he grows up before Alpha Conan give him the title or this pack is in trouble." The rest of the day was spent thinking about the possibility of finding my mate.

I wonder if Trevor and I are really fated. I know he will reject me. He does not want a mate that is stronger than him.

Trevor and I used to be friends. Our parents used to tease us about being mates when we grow up. We used to laugh about it, but all of that changed last year during sparing practice. I have bested almost everyone that I spared with, except the alpha and my parents. Trevor decided to challenge me since he was an alpha wolf. Trevor thought since I was a Gamma wolf, I would not have a chance against him. Initially, I was going to let him win. My mother had told me a while ago about the fragile egos of the males in out pack. Secretly, my mother is stronger than my dad and probably the alpha, but she always gives them a narrow win to keep the peace and balance in the pack. I was going to do the same, I swear I was. As we began to spare, I let Trevor get my down. As we were on the ground, he whispered that he knew I was going easy on him and wanted a fair win, so I got back up and fought a little harder. I still was not using full strength but was able to best Trevor at the end of the day. Trevor has been mad at me since that day. I wasn't even trying to win. My mom is the only one who knows that I was not using my full strength. She knows I was trying to lose. Trevor just was not ready to challenge me. It really is his own fault. He relied on strength alone and did not focus on technique.

"Stop worrying, we are awesome! Our mate will love us and if not, we will kick his a**." My wolf said in our link. "T, we can't go around beating people up because they don't like us" "Why not," my wolf asks. "Because, it is against the laws of the pack. Violence is not the answer to everything. I tell my wolf. "Hump. We'll see." My wolf is right about one thing, there is no use in worrying. Our fate is already sealed. I have to believe that the moon goddess does not make any mistakes. What will be will be no matter what, I will survive. "That's what I have been trying to tell you, we are awesome. My wolf always wants the last word.

[Chapter 2] -- His story

I am the future alpha of my pack. I can't wait to take over from my father. I have been preparing for this my whole life. I had the dream of not only leading my pack by being the strongest wolf in the pack. The alpha is always the strongest wolf, like my father and his father before him. How can I lead if I am not the strongest? I am a pure alpha. Both of my parents have alpha blood. That makes me special. I train hard and have proven myself against most of the warriors in the pack. My father has drilled it in my head that to be alpha, you have to be the best. Our Pack is one of the largest packs in America. We are also high ranking amongst all the other packs. I want to lead our pact to the number one spot. In short, I want our pack to be the best, so I have to be the best. In my father's words, "to lead the best, you have to be the best.' For me, being the best means being the strongest.

I am a big wolf, even for an alpha. I am well built; 6.5 feet of solid muscle. I take after my father. My mother is strong for a female, but she is also soft and loving. She can defend herself, but like a good Luna, she is not a warrior. She takes care of the pack and provides the love we need. She is the mother that we all need. The heart of the pack. She leaves the fighting to us men. When there is an attack, my father does not have to worry about my mother, she takes the children and the elderly and stay in the safe house with them where she is protected. It's an alpha's job to protect his Luna and his pack. I want my Luna to be just like my mother, soft and loving. Not like a certain she-wolf I know.

I continue to work on improving my fighting skills. I have challenged many of the warriors of the pack, including the Elite 12. I am almost undefeated. My Beta Ben thinks that the warriors let me win because I'm the alpha's son; as if. I m proud of my combat skills. I won those matches fair and square. To prove myself and show me Beta he was wrong, ast year I challenged my ex-friend and future Gamma to a sparring match. Everyone knows that she is one of the strongest wolves. She has only been bested by my father, her parents and sometimes the Beta couple. I know if I could best her, I would be seen as the strongest in our circle. The sparing started out great. I quickly got her to the ground. I was feeling really proud of myself until Ben mind linked me and told me that she was going easy on me. He pointed out how she was pulling her punches and her reaction time was slow. I got mad at that. How could she make me look weak like that? What is she trying to prove? I want to win, but I want to win a fair fight where she is giving me her all. I lean over and whisper to her to stop going easy on me. I told her that I want to win a fair fight. We got up and started again. This time, she didn't go easy on me. I tried to overtake her with my brute strength and my height advantage. I tower over her by at least a foot. She had a counter for every attack I threw at her. In the end, though it was close, she bested me. I have to admit; her fighting skill is unmatched. She can hang with the best warriors. I would have been ok with the lost, but my Beta told me that she was not attacking me at full strength. She never went on the offense, she mostly just defended. How embarrassing for the future alpha to lose like that. Why would she do that? Why would she play with me? Did she think I was a joke? She came over after the fight and I just looked at her and walked off. "Trev, whats wrong?' Seleste asked me. "Nothing I said. I just don't have time for so called friends that try to make me look bad in front of everyone." I answered as I walked away. She just stood there looking confused. I can't believe she would do something like that. She used to be one of my best friends. When we were younger, our parents used to tease us about being fated mates. I hope not. She is not at all like my mother at all. My mother would have never done that to my father. We could she just fight me for real. At least then if I lost, I could hold my head up proud.

Ben and Nathan caught up with me just as I was getting to the pack house. "man, we did you just walk away from Seleste like that? That was not nice at all. Now you're just being a sore loser." Ben said. "Sore loser?" I yelled. "I don't think so. That wasn't even a real fight. Seleste just played with me. She treated me like I'm a joke. Do she think I'm weak? Like I can't handle a real match with her? Some friend she is." I stormed into the pack house. "Are you serious Trev?" Nathan asked. That was an awesome match. You both did amazing. Seleste would never do something that mean to you. You know she has always been partial to you." "What ever, ask Ben, he will tell you that she was not attacking me at full strength. I am so mad at her right now. I don't think I ever want to speak to her again." I answered. "Ben, what is Trev talking about? Everyone knows that Seleste don't play when sparring." Nathan said looking at Ben. "Well, you know, I study all of Seleste moves and try to learn them. She was not in her regular beast mode. She gave him good, but I am probably the only person who knew she was holding back and ImayhavesaidsomethingtoTrevor.' Ben said, running to last part together. "Ok, But Trv, you have to know that even is Seleste was not in beast mode, she still fought you hard. Everyone was talking about how you stood your ground with her. Seleste would never try to embarrass you. Have you considered that she did not want to hurt you?" Nathan asked. "Look guys, I know that you all like Seleste. She used to be one of my best friends, but this was unforgivable. She knows that I have been working on being the best and the strongest, so she should have given me the chance to prove myself, even against her beat mode as you all call it. If anyone knew how important this was to me, she did. That's why I don't won't a warrior for my future Luna right there. When I need understanding, I get something else!" I huffed and went to get ready for school. I know Ben and Nathan wanted to say more, but I didn't let them. I was done with that conversation and with Seleste.

It has been a year since that faithful day and so many things have changed between our circle of ten. We used to do everything together. It was me, Ben, Nathan, Eli, Sam, Drew (sam's twin) Seleste, Mona, Rose, and Talia. Since I stopped speaking to Seleste, we don't do things as a full group anymore. Either everyone hangs with me and Seleste stays away or they hang out with Selest and I stay away. Rarely do we all do things together and when we do, I ignore Seleste like she isn't in the room. I used to feel a little bad when I saw the hurt in her eyes, but she hurt me first, so I got over it. Secretly, I will admit that I miss hanging with Seleste. No one understands me the way I thought she did. No one understands my desire to be the strongest and best fighter the way Seleste does. I always thought she would be my general, but I just don't think I can trust her anymore. She tried to talk to me in the beginning, but since I was not open to rebuilding our friendship. The others in our circle of ten think I'm being ridiculous, but I feel what I feel and they all can get over it. On another note, I have also been hanging out with some of the other pack members on occasion. Nothing as close as what we all used to be, but I am building new connections.

"Wow, Trevor, did you see how Seleste just took the Beta down. She is getting more and more impressive by the day. She truly has earned her position as head warrior and part of the Elite 12. Can you believe she is one of the youngest members of the Elite 12." Ben just could not stop singing her praises. "What are you Ben, president of her fan club now? Okay, so she can fight, big deal." Is she even a she wolf? No female should be that strong," I hissed at Ben. "Hey man, what's gotten into you? I thought you all used to be friends?" Ben asked. "We were friends, but I don't need friends like her." "Dude, she is going to be your Gamma. What is so bad about her? I think she is awesome. She is smart, beautiful inside and out and incredibly strong. I hope she ends up being my mate." Ben adds. "You can have her Ben. I don't want a mate like that. I want a mate like my mom. Soft, loving and kind. Not a warrior." "Umm Trevor, you do realize that your mother was one of the three top female warriors before she had you right." "Whatever Ben. My mom knows how to let my father protect her. Do you think Seleste will do that, like a good Luna should?" "You need to be nicer to her" my wolf says. "Why" I asked. "You'll see in time", Convel answers, then closes the link. "What ever" I answer back. "Between you and Convel, you would think she is the next coming of the goddess. Anyway, let's head to school. Good thing we only have to attend the last half of the day."

Walking through the halls, I over hear everyone talking about Seleste and Mr. Simms in class this morning. Good for Mr. Simms for putting her in her place. I see my group of friend hanging in the hall. "Hey guys, whats going on." Nothing much" say Nathan. "We were just talking about the big party coming up for everyone turning 17 next week. Its like what 10 of you all, right?" "Yes, we were all born days apart." I answered. Are you excited about finding your mate?" "I guess." Ben just shook his head at me. "Why wouldn't you be excited? This is your soul mate. The person the moon goddess made just for you. I for one am looking forward to it. I hope my mate is a strong and able to help me be a better beta." Ben said. " Whoever she is, I will love and cherish her." I looked at Ben, I can tell he means just what he said. As the future alpha, I have to think about the pack. If my mate isn't like my mother, I'll have to reject her and get a chosen mate. I know who I will pick. Ashley will make a great Luna. She is so fashionable and does not want to be a warrior at all. She would rather throw parties and shop then train. That's not exactly like my mom because, my mom trains regularly, but it as close as I can get in this pack. Ben and the other talk about how great of a mate Seleste would make for them, they can have her. If the moon goddess curses me with her, I will immediately reject her. "you better not" says Convel.

[Chapter 3] -- Seleste

Its finally the end of the day and I am so happy to be out of school. Talia, Rose, Mona and I are going to the mall to get outfits for the pack party. The party is this weekend. It actually falls on my birthday. I am so excited. We like any excuse to have a party. 17 years ago, our pack had a big baby boom. Ten of us were born days apart. Ben, the future beta and I were born on the same day. The future alpha was born 2 days before us. His birthday is Thursday. Ben and my birthday is Saturday. All of the ranked wolves had babies close together. It must have been something in the water that year.

Rose, you should try this dress. This shade of blue looks good on you. Rose is Ben's twin sister. She is also a high-ranking warrior. Although Ben is the next beta, Rose has the strength of a beta wolf. She is also smart, funny and an amazing cook. Rose looks at the dress I held up. It is strapless with a cinched waist. Rose is mocha tan, with curves in all the right places. She can wear just about any style, but this dress will look amazing on her. Rose is tall for a female. She is about 5'10. She is the tallest in the group. Talia is next. Talia is about 5'9, with long wavy hair. Talia has medium tan skin. The boys say her skin is sun kissed; whatever that means. Mona and I are about the same height. We're bout about 5'6. All of us are fit. Mona is not a ranked warrior, but she can hold her own. She is my cousin, so she has Gamma blood in her. Mona is more a diva than a fighter, but we love her just the same. We went through almost every store in the mall before all of us found what we were looking for. I wanted to dress differently from my everyday tomboy look. I choose a teal off the shoulder tea length dress. Talia chose a red and cream short dress that looks amazing on her. Mona choose a royal blue dress that looked tailor made for her. It was a one shoulder number with pearls imbedded in the neckline. Of course, the diva had to have a little sparkle.

"Girls, I can't believe it took that long to find what we wanted. For once in my life, I am not looking forward to training in the morning. Shopping was a workout in itself." "So true" Rose answered. "Lets stop by the diner and get a bite to eat on the way home." As we enter the diner, we see the boys sitting in the back. Most of us have been friends all of our lives. I was contemplating going over when I saw Trevor looking at me with a scrowl on his face. I can't believe he is still not over me besting him in sparing. Its been a year already. "Look Seleste, there are the boys, do you want to go over?" Mona asked. "No, lets get our own table, Trevor looks like he will have a fit if I sit with him." "Who cares what he thinks," Rose replied. " I do. I just don't want any trouble tonight." Ok, Rose answered. We walk to our table on the opposite side of the diner from the boys.

I watch the girls walk in and spot Seleste looking this way. Although she is naturally beautiful, I don't like seeing her. I hope they don't come over here. They girls stop at the door and look this way. My look must have told them I didn't want them at my table, they went in the opposite direction from us. Corvel seemed to be upset about me sending the girls away, but he will get over it. Corvel "humped" in my mind. I don't know what's been going on with him lately.

"I wonder why the girls didn't sit with us" Nathan asked. "Probably because Trevor was looking like sour puss over here", Ben answered. "Man what is your problem with then Trev?" Sean asked. I don't have a problem with them per say, I just don't want to hang with them tonight. This is time for us to relax, If I wanted to hang with other warriors, I would have invited the 12 out with us." Seriously, Trev are you still on that kick" Nathan asked. "Yes he is" Ben answered. "Its not a kick, I just think that the female next to me should be soft and loving like my mom." I answered. "Man, do you even know your mom?" Nathan asked. " He obviously doesn't" Sean answered. " The Luna can kick butt with the best of them." "So let me ask you this Trev, what are you going to do if one of them is your mate?" Nathan asked. "here we go" Ben snickled. " I will obviously reject them and pick a chosen mate. I have to think about the pack and whats best for them. I already have my mind on the perfect Luna for our pack." "And who might that be?" Ben asked. "Shana, I answered. SHe is beautiful and does not want to be a warrior. She would be perfect standing next to me." "Are you serious?" Sean asked. "Shana is an air head. Of course she doesn't want to be a warrior. SHe probably can't even spell it. If you seriously pick her, this pack is in trouble. I can't believe you would even think like that." "You all just don't understand. My dad and mom have the perfect system, He protects the pack and mom is the heart of the pack. She stays back and let my dad do the fighting." I answer. Sean looks at me and shakes his head. "We can't tell you what to do or what to think, but the moon goddess gives us the perfect mate for us. They are made specifically for us. So if she gives you a strong mate, it is just what you need. Don't pretend to know more than the goddess." You all just don't understand. I want what I want and that's final." I say.

Just as I finished saying that Shana, Ashley and Trina came into the diner. I invited Shana to come sit with us. The other guys acted like they really did not want didn't want them at out table, but I'm the future alpha, so I get my way.

Mona looked at Trevor and crew with disgust. "I can't believe Trev asked that plastic barbie and the other match sticks to sit with him." Maybe Shana is his mate. He could be feeling the pull towards her since it is close to his birthday." Rose stated. "I hope not" Mona stated. "Can you imagine that airhead being the Luna of our pack?" OMG I can't even imagine. I think I would have to transfer to a different pack. I pray to the moon goddess that if Shana becomes Luna of this pack, my mate is from a different pack so that I can move." Talia stated. "Guys come on, I won't be that bad. I stated. We still have a great beta and an awesome Gamma to keep the pack running, not to mention the Elite 12. The Luna can't change that, something work outside of the alpha couple. We all know that our pack is respected because we make it that way." " Ok, Seleste you are right."

My Wolf is not very happy with Shana sitting that close to Trevor. I have no idea why. She usually does not pay that much attention to things like that. "T what's going on with you right now? You have been acting weird lately." "I don't know Seleste, it just seems that Trevor and Corvel should not be that close to that she devil. I just want to rip her head off. Maybe it's the Gamma in me wanting to protect my alpha from being hurt." Whatever it is T, please get yourself together. Trevor is not that important to us." We'll see," my wolf adds.

[Chapter 4] -- Trevor

This week is going by so fast. It Wednesday already. Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm bot excited and terrified about finding my mate. I hope it is Shana, but honestly, I don't feel a pull towards her. Convel has been fixated on Seleste. I must admit, I do feel a small connection to her. I just have to ignore it and stick to my plan. After Monday night in the diner, I asked Shana out on a date on Tuesday night. I took her to a nice restaurant. My possible mate deserves and expecgs the best. I hinted to her that I may feel a slight pull towards her. We plan to hang out together tomorrow night just to see if she is my mate. I plan to ask her to be my chosen mate if the moon goddess doesn't do right by me. "You better not" Convel yells in my head. "I want my mate! No one else will do. If you even think about rejecting my mate for someone else, I will never speak to you again! Convel says. "I don't care. I am doing what is best for our pack no matter what. You can't not speak to me forever. We are in the same body. We share a mind. Convel glares at me in his mind, "I'll show you better than I can tell you. He says and closes our link. That mutt actually blocked me. We haven't even found our mate yet. I could be Shana so deal with it. I know everyone still think that Seleste is my mate. I used to believe that to when we were younger. We were inseparable, but that changed last year. My beta thinks I'm being petty, but it is what it is. Its my life and I know whats best for me and my pack.

"Hi Trev, we missed you at training this morning. It was awesome. Seleste is still undefeated against everyone except your dad and her parents" Nathan stated. "I am so tired of everyone talking about Seleste and her record. So what. I'm also undefeated against everyone, but you all never sing my praises." "Trevor are you jealous?" Ben asked. "Why should I be jealous. I'm going to be alpha. No matter what, she will still have to submit to me one day." Ben and Nathan stop walking and just look at me like I've gone crazy. "Trevor, I did not realize that you have held a serious grudge against Selest since that one time you and her sparred. If I had known you would take like that, I would have never pointed out that she was letting you win. You should be proud that you went round for round with her when she stopped pulling her hits. She usually takes her opponents out in the first round," Ben adds. "I'm not holding a grudge against anyyone." I grumble to them. They just look at eachother .

The rest of the day was uneventful. I guess Nathan and Ben passed the word around that I didn't want to hear about Seleste, so no one mentioned it to me and I am okay with that. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Seleste around the school today. I wonder where she is. Not that I care about what happens to her are anything.

Today was a rough day. I actually got slightly injured during training. I sparred with one of the Elite 12 today and although I won, I got a couple broken ribs. Although, I'll heal quickly, my mom made me stay home today and maybe tomorrow to heal properly. I don't mind. I'm enjoying the time to myself and Tamaska is being quiet today. Talia and Rose stopped by to check on me before going to school. I think I'll just spend the next two days doing my homework and final projects.

[Chapter 5] -- Trevor

Today is my birthday. I've been walking around the school hoping to smell that wonderful smell of my mate and so far nothing. I never even considered that my mate may not be from our pack. I think I have been in contact with almost every she wolf under 25 in our pack. Shana ended up not being my fated mate afterall, but we plan to still hang out tonight; especially since I have not found my fated mate amongst our pack,

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