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An afternoon encounter at Karori Park
Late one afternoon, a spaceship hovered over Karori Park, in Wellington, New Zealand. Green lights blinked from the sides of the saucer-shaped anomaly. The upper half glowed with an orange hue.

A small hatchway beneath the ship slid open. Slime oozed out. It landed on the park, splattering in all directions.

People fled, as more and more slime slipped from the hatchway. Soon, every square inch of grass was covered in interstellar goo.

Finally the bombardment ceased, leaving an eerie silence in its wake. No one really knew what to do.

A fretful scream sounded from above. The crowd gasped as a bulky creature fell from the open shaft.

Brave spectators ran onto the park, in hope of catching the luckless ET, but they became ensnared in the slime.

The alien hit the ground hard.

“Qxzvcztian Males!”said the injured alien; shaking its tentacles at the ship “They're all the same. I’ve told that stupid Captain time and again- leave the bloody seat down when you’re finished!”
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