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by juju
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We're all cereals.
"Today I feel like the last piece of cereal floating in the milk, happy to be the only one there but sad that I got left behind while all of my friends found their purpose."

I was eating my cereals and it wasn't as crunchy as I wanted it to be but I had to eat it despite that, hesitant to take another spoon because I know it isn't crunchy. And so I finished the bowl just like that.

I mean, regardless of their crunch, they're all cereals and appease my hunger, don't they? So why am I always looking for that satisfying crunch?

We're all cereals. Some of us have that unique crunch while some of us are just- not crunchy or soggy with air to blame. There are people out there whose crunch is just to the liking of others and they are loved everywhere, accepted everywhere; our parents compare us to them. These crunchies don't even have to try but what about me? I'm not a crunchie, I'm a non-crunchie.

Just because our own form of crunch isn't to the liking of another, does that make us less of who we are? We're still made to match our purpose, aren't we? So what we have some air absorbed into us, weren't we all built the same? We're still there in the package or jar, not anywhere near our expiry date...

And so I decided, even if hundreds of people reject the non-crunchies and store them away on the shelf waiting for their expiry date to near, I will always pour it in my bowl and finish it.
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