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Freedom has different meanings for everyone.
A novice soldier, new to foreign sand,
armed with a death machine,
struggles to comprehend reasons.
Why war is essential to this American dream?

A child, age seven, left all alone,
plays ‘Fortnight’, a violent video game.
Skilled victories, adrenaline rush,
help him forget home battles, self blame.

A lonely old man at twenty,
searches for a decent vein.
In a dirty crib, seeking escape,
never free, claimed by deadly chains.

Hope hangs high, dangling
elusive, just out of human reach.
A spiritual climb, tough work for the weak
freedom is cloistered at celestial peaks.

A spark, sunlight under a door,
opened by fevered desire.
For brilliance, perfect vision,
peace, love, quenched human fire.

Freedom has many meanings.
Our dreams, reasons to exist.
Like a beautiful eagle flies regally,
It hovers over earthly mistakes and risks.

Each day is a new chance,
claim our right to make a change.
Walking with honor on this earth,
carve a legacy so indelible footsteps remain.

By Kathie Stehr
July 19,2021
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