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by Bruce.
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Jane realises the truth about her sister.
Chapter 16

Something had spooked Jane, and Terry jumped up and looked about thinking she had seen someone. He looked back at her as she burst into tears. "Oh, Jane, what is it? What have I done?"

         "It's not you, Terry, it's me. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

         "You've nothing to be sorry about." He took hold of her hand and she clenched his hand tightly, trembling as he helped her up. "What on earth's the matter?" he said. "Did those gulls frighten you?"

         She wiped the tears from her eyes. "Can you take me back to the block?"

         "Jane, what is it that's troubling you?" He waited but got no answer. "I'm no expert on women's problems, but if something is troubling you that much then you should talk to someone, and I'm a good listener." Still, Jane didn't answer, she just looked at him. "If you don't want to talk to me then talk to one of the girls or your mum. Girls always get on with their mum, don't they?"

         She looked away. "Please, can we just go?" She said.

         "Of course, if that's what you want." He looked at her for a few seconds before going forward to give her a cuddle and she hugged him back with great affection as if to show him her problem was not with him.

         They tidied themselves up and set off for the WRAF block. Jane was feeling better as she walked back with Terry’s arm around her shoulders. "I'm so sorry about what happened, Terry. I thought they were coming for me."

         "Who?" Terry asked.

         "The seagulls, I thought they were going to get me."

         Without thinking Terry laughed at her comment.

         "Please don't laugh at me Terry, please don't."

         He took her in his arms. "I'm sorry. But I promise nobody or nothing is ever going to hurt you while I am around. Do you want to tell me about the gulls?"

         "No, Terry, can we just forget about it?"

         They reached the WRAF block and sat on the small outside wall.

         "I see Mandy's getting married in a couple of months," Jane said.

         "Yeah, silly girl, she's only eighteen."

         "Nothing wrong with getting married, even at eighteen, as long as she's found the right man."

         "I thought you were against marriage."

         "Against marriage. What makes you think that?"

         "That first time I met you when we went to Stanmore. You said that you weren't looking for a husband or a boyfriend. Quite shirty you were as well."

         "I was only like that because of the way you were acting. You were full of yourself." She turned her head and looked straight at him. "No, I don't mind getting married."

         "Hold on, Jane, you're not proposing are you?"

         "No, I'm not you big-headed git." They both laughed as she gave a push on his shoulder.

         "Anyway," Terry said. "I still think they're silly. No one should get married until they are at least thirty. Getting married before then is a waste of life."

         "So you won't be going down that road until you are thirty then?"

         "No, not a chance, early marriages don't work anyway. If you knew the sort of life my brothers have you'd agree with me."

         "You can't judge marriage by your brothers. Some people are made for each other and they seem to just blend together, like two pieces of a jigsaw. It's called contentment. Anyway, how do you know how your brothers feel inside? They might be quite happy, contented."

         "Perhaps." The talking stopped for a few seconds as they both reflected on each other's statements. "I should get word back from mountain rescue soon. Me and Vinny have put in for two of the vacancies."

         "So you'll be off climbing mountains, lucky you."

         "Well, something like that," he said.

         Jane smiled at him, trying to show she was pleased for him. She pointed up to the sky. "Look, a shooting star."

         Terry looked up, but it had gone. "Did you make a wish?"

         "Make a wish. Oh yes, I made a wish all right, but I don't know why. All the wishes I've ever made have never come true. Anyway, it's probably not a star at all. It's probably a spaceship on its way home after kidnapping somebody."

         He laughed. "You don't believe all that weird, creature from outer space stuff, do you?"

         "Course not, but on the other hand it would be just as weird if we were the only inhabited planet amongst all the millions out there."

         Terry looked at his watch. "Oh shit, do you know it's nearly three o'clock? I'd better go. My alarm clock will be going off in a few hours." He reached across and gave Jane a brief kiss, giving her little chance to respond. "Well good night then, Jane Dale."

         "Don't call me that, it sounds silly."

         "No it doesn't, it's a lovely name."

         "It's not my real name anyway, I was adopted."

         "You're full of surprises, ain't you. Well, what's your real name then?"

         "I'm not telling you, you'll laugh. It's a lot worse than Jane Dale."

         "Come on, Jane, you've got to tell me otherwise I'll never get to sleep trying to think of names to match with Jane. Here, do you realise if we were to get married your name would be Jane Mansfield.

         Jane grinned. "Are you proposing?"

         "No, I'm bloody not." They both laughed again. "Jane Mansfield, the movie star, got a nice ring to it though."

         "Yes, it has, hasn't it? But if your name was Chip we'd be called Chip'n'Dale," she said with a grin.

         "You don't look anything like a chipmunk," he said. "Well come on then, tell me your name. I promise I won't laugh."

         "Prudesworthy. I bet that's a name you've never heard before, isn't it?"

         "As it happens, I have." Jane didn't speak, as if she were waiting for him to tell her more, or to admit he was joking. "There's a woman owns a cafe near where I live. Her name's Prudesworthy. Carol Prudesworthy."

         Jane stared at him for a moment. "Where exactly in London do you live?"

         "East London, Bromley-by-Bow."

         "Bromley-by-Bow, that's Bow Road, isn't it?" Jane gave a sigh and whispered as if talking to herself. "Surely it can't be."

         "What, can't be what?"

         She paused for a few seconds before continuing. "Is the cafe near Tench Street, by the market stalls?"

         "Yeah it is, do you know her then? Is she a relation of yours?"

         "I worked in that cafe, years ago now. Carol showed me a photo of a little girl, and she said it was her baby sister. I think it must have been me. I think she's my sister. I should have realised, I should have bloody well realised." She rested her forehead on her hand and gave another sigh before looking back at him. "I've got to go and see her. I'll have to take tomorrow off and go to see her."

         "You can't just go absent, Jane. Anyway, she might not be your sister."

         "Yes, she is,” Jane said with tears forming in her eyes. “I know she is, I bloody know."

         The revelation was upsetting her and Terry put an arm around her. "Jane, calm yourself down, please love. Don't go getting yourself into a state again."

         "I'm sorry. You must think I'm a right freak."

         "Of course I don't. Come on, give me a cuddle." She put her arms around him and pulled herself close. "Listen, I'm going home Friday. Leave it till then and you can stop the night at our house and then we can go down to the cafe together on Saturday morning."

         "If you don't mind, Terry, that would be great. I'd feel better with someone with me. Thanks, Terry, thanks for everything."

         "It's a pleasure, Jane. Come on now, don't go all emotional on me again. We had better get off and get some sleep."

 Jane Prudesworthy. Ch 17.  (18+)
Bad news for Jane.
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