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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2254986
Episode 8
After listing to Mr. Park Jin Kyung. Jae In and Mr. Hae Won are surprised.

Mr. Hae Won: Bo-Young what is he saying?

Mrs. Bo-Young is still silent.

Mr. Jin Kyung: Ms. Kim Jae In can we talk in private. Please?

Jae In looking to her mom with suspiciousness.

Mr. Jin Kyung: Can we? (Emphasized)

Mr. Bo-Young: Hae Won, we should leave. Mr. Jin Kyung, you can talk to her in private.

Jae In: But mom, I do not want to talk with him.

Bo-Young: Dear just sit here and do not worry we are not going anywhere.

Mr. Jin Kyung: Ms. Kim Jae In, I already take all your necessary documents from Mrs. Park Bo-Young, for completing some process. You do not have any requirement to fill because you were born there under the name of Kim Hae Won. Mr. Kim Tae Hyun and Mrs. Park Bo-Young are just your caretakers.

Note. From this part we are going to call Mr. Kim Hae Won by his real name Mr. Kim Tae Hyun.

Jae In: Do not you think, it is too harsh to say? (furious)

Mr. Jin Kyung: I am just telling you the truth.

Jae In: Yeah right. (Roll her eyes.)

Mr. Jin Kyung: On this Saturday we will leave for Canada.

Jae In: What? Is Saturday? (Surprised.)

Mr. Jin Kyung: Yes, after 4 days.

Jae In: It is not possible. I have a farewell party this Saturday.

Mr. Jin Kyung: Sorry Ms. Kim Jae, In I received an order so, It does not my concern that what is happening here, you have to come along with me.

Jae In stands up in anger and runs to her room. Mr. Tae Hyun enters. Mrs. Bo-Young runs after Jae In.

Mr. Tae Hyun: What did you say to my daughter?

Mr. Jin Kyung: There is no necessity to tell you, my work is done here. I should leave now.

Mr. Tae Hyun: How dare you, to talking like this with me. (Yells.) Go and tell your boss my daughter is not his property.

Mr. Jin Kyung leaves without responding.

Mrs. Bo-Young: Jae In, we need to talk. (Knocking at the door)

Jae In: There is no need to be concern about me.

Mrs. Bo-Young: At least open the door, your this behavior is agitated.

Jae In: Mom, I need to pack my stuff. Can we discuss this topic at dinner?

Mrs. Bo-Young: Okay.

Jae In: Jae In relax, (take a deep breath) it is only just the start of this journey. The path is too long and difficult to get the goal. Do not feel burdensome, things will definitely go according to plan.

After Dinner Mrs. Bo-Young asks Jae In to do dishes and she stands next to her.

Jae In: Mom I do this you can go and rest.

Mrs. Bo-Young: I know Jae In things are getting more harder for you.

Jae In: Things are not getting harder, they are disclosing to me one by one. I do not know how much is remaining to be uncovered.

Mr. Bo-Young: I am not qualified to say this, but you should see your uncle and aunty as your parents from now on, they will definitely love you more than we do. (Put her hand on Jae In's shoulder.)

Jae In: Mom, I already made up my mind. They will love me or not but I accepted them as my parents. (Turns her head to her mom. Gaze into her eyes and then she smiles.) You and dad just need to believe in your daughter.

After washing dishes.

Jae In: Mom, I need to go somewhere. Can I go?

Mr. Bo-Young: Yes sure, you can go but do not be late okay dear.

Jae In: Okay Mom.

Jae In dials the call to Eun Bi but she cuts on the first ring.

Jae In: I think, I should not bother her. (Her eyebrows become drawn up in the inner corner). My heart is sinking but no one is here to prop up me. Why I am feeling so alone among my family and friends. What kind of this phase is it?

She bends her knees and sits beside the road.

Jae In: I am a strong girl.... Yes, I am. (Tightly grabbed her knees and start crying miserably.).

Next Morning

Doorbell rings Mrs. Bo-Young opens the door.

Mrs. Bo-Young: Mr. Park Jin Kyung? (Surprised)

Mr. Jin Kyung: Hello, Mrs. Bo-Young. I am here to take Ms. Kim Jae In with me.

Mrs. Bo-Young: For what? (suspiciousness appears on her face)

Mr.Jin Kyung: There are some medical tests we need to do.

Mrs. Bo-Young: What kind of test. (Unesines as well as terrified.)

Mr. Jin Kyung: Do not need to worry. It is a minor checkup about her mental and physical health.

Jae In appears behind her mom.

Jae In: Whom you are talking to mom, dad is waiting for you. (Suddenly froze in the middle of her talking after seeing Mr. Jin Kyung). Mom What is he doing here.

Mr. Jin Kyung: Hello, Ms Kim Jae In. I am here to take you to the hospital for some tests.

Mrs. Bo-Young: Why are you so straightforward? ( Glare at Mr. Jin Kyung with anger.) You are a manager or bodyguard?

Mr. Jin Kyung: Sorry ma'am, my only concern is just to do my duty properly and I want to do this as precisely as I can do. Ms. Kim Jae In you need to go and be ready, I am waiting for you in the car. (Turn his head toward Jae In.)

Jae In: Huh? (She confounded after getting ordered by him)

Mrs. Bo-Young; Go and get ready Jae In, you have to go with him.

Jae In: Okay mom. (Agrees but still did not get any clue.)

Mrs. Bo-Young: Can you give me a favor.

Mr. Jin Kyung: Yes?

At Hospital

Doctor: She is physically fine but we found that her mental health is a little disturbed. I prescribed a medician, if she feels dizziness during the flight then she can take it.

Mr. Jin Kyung: Thank you, doctor.

Mr. Jin Kyung dropped back Jae in and left.

Mrs. Bo-Young: Is Everything was okay. (She is looking so agonize)

Jae In: Relax mom, They did not do anything wrong with me and I am fine. All the reports are fine. Okay? (Comforting her mother by holding her hand.)

Graduation Ceremony day arrived.

At school

Everyone is taking pictures with their parents.

Eun Bi: Come Jae In let's take a picture with me. (Take her hand and pulls her.)

Jae In: Okay okay, I am not going anywhere. (Satisfied smile on the face.)

Eun Bi: You are looking so confident today just like our old Jae In. (Smile)

Jae In: Yes, because I decided, I am not going to run anymore. Now I accepted my fate. (With confidence and determination). But sorry Eun Bi I can not attend the party.

Eun Bi: Why, why will you not be there?

Jae In Because today is my flight to Canada.

Eun Bi: What? (Astonished and )

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