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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2254986
Episode 8
Chapter 8: Remorse

"Jae-In!" Eun Bi shouted. Kim Jae-In lying on the floor, her head hit on the ground so hard so, she is racked with pain and trying to sit. Min Eun Bi sat beside her and helping her to sit. Shin Myung Wook also got hit so badly, his back stuck to the wall, but his head was on his knees, and his hands Intertwined around his head. He was sobbing because he could not hold his tears anymore. After helping Kim Jae-In to stands up, Min Eun Bi asked the boy. "Are you okay? Why were you running like that? " She was about to touch his hand, but suddenly he stands up. She gets started. "Are you blind? Why were you running like crazy?" Kim Jae-In said angrily while rubbing her head.

After saying that she looks at him and her eyes widen, she immediately recognized him. "You!" In shocked. But Shin Myung Wook did not answer both of them and walk away. "Was he crying?" Min Eun Bi said. Kim Jae-In turned and looking at him. "Seriously, he was crying. I know it was hurting, but he is a boy. How can someone cry like that? " Confounded. "So what he was crying? Should I push you to the wall, then you know how much it hurts? " Kim Jae-In glared at her friend.

"Hey! I was just saying. " She stepped back because she knew if her friend wants to hit someone she does it without hesitation. "Shall we? " Kim Jae-In smiled bitterly and point her hands toward the classroom. While walking toward the classroom, Kim Jae-In still thinking about him because she is still feeling guilty about that incident. "It was my chance to apologize, but I lost it. I do not know if I ever meet him again. Should I go after him? No, no I will be so awkward and he was looking so upset. But why was he crying? I mean, yes, he was hurt, but it was not like that he cried out just because he bumped" She lost in her thoughts. Min Eun Bi noticed her, then she quickly took two steps further from her, then turned and stopped in front of Kim Jae-In.

Min Eun Bi noticed her, then she quickly took two steps further from her, then turned and stopped in front of Kim Jae-In. She almost bumped her head on Min Eun Bi's head, but she stopped in time. "Yeah! Are you mad? What is this? Yelled. "Your mind is not present here. We already passed the door of our classroom" Min Eun Bi smile.

At Shin Myung Wook's house. Shin Myung Wook standing on the rooftop, he was not crying, but thinking about changing himself. "I am trying to change myself because I do not want my father to be ashamed in front of others cause of me. But it is not my fault that I suffering from neuroticism." He sat on the ground and rest his back on the wall. Then he takes a deep breath and closed his eyes.

At school, Kim Jae-In and her friend packed her stuff and were ready to go back home. "Jae-In you are going to attend the party. Okay." Point her finger at her and ordered. "Of course, I will come." Smiled "Let's go, my mom is waiting for me and your parents too." Min Eun Bi held her hand and they start running on the way to the main gate they were laughing and giggling as their childhood returned.

"Hey! Jae-In, Eun Bi" Someone called out so loud. They both stopped and start looking around, who called them. "Jae-In, look your dad." She gave him a signal that they saw him. Kim Jae-In's smile faded off after seeing her father. He waved his hand and asked them to come. Min Eun Bi immediately started walking, but Kim Jae-In took small steps.

"Hello, Kim uncle." She bowed. "Hello, Eun Bi, How are you?" He smiled "I am good. How is your health?" She asked with a broad smile on her face. He was about to answer, but Kim Jae-In interrupted. "Why are you here?" frowned. Min Eun Bi was shocked after seeing her friend's behavior because she was always glad to see her father, but today she acted so differently but she did not say anything. "What about your result girls." He ignored Kim Jae-In's behavior and asked with a mild smile. "Actually, uncle, I got the first position and Jae-In got the second position. Min Eun Bi replied to him, but she is not looking so happy cause she thought, this might hurt her friend.

Mr. Kim Hae Won was surprised, but on the other hand, he knew the reason behind it. "Congratulations, both of you." He gladly said. Min Eun Bi felt a little shocked because he did not ask the reason that why Kim Jae-In got the second position. "Dad, I asked, why are you here?." Uptight and pulled her friend behind.

"I told you, dear at breakfast that I will pick you after your school." He came near to her and took her bag, she did not answer. "Come on, get in the car." Said while walking toward the driver's seat. "You too, Eun Bi I will drop you too." Opened the gate and sat. They both did as he says. Kim Jae-In sat next to her father and her friend sat on the back seat.

On the way an awkward silent roaming around them so, Mr. Kim Hae Won decided to break the silence. "Eun Bi dear, when will your father come back? Hasn't his work is not done yet?" He saw her through the convex mirror. "Mom told me last night, he will come back next week." She replied, but her focus was on Kim Jae-In. "Uncle, can I ask something?" Said in a low voice. "Yes." He said without looking at her. "Why are you sending Jae-In to Canada? She does not want to go there and as I know you, you are never forced to do something which she does not like to do." She gathered all the courage to say that because she respects elders and never arguing and questioning in front of them, but, this time she speaks to her friend.

Mr. Kim Hae Won looked at her with surprise and then he shifts his gaze to her daughter. Kim Jae-In also turned and looked at her. When they both looked at the same time to Min Eun Bi, she felt embarrassed as she did something wrong. Actually Min Eun Bi is a kind of shy girl, she never talks back, but she cannot see her friend in any problem because she loves her so much so whenever it's come to her friend she speaks.

"It is for her a better future. Every parent wants that her child's future should be secure so, we are doing this just because of our own daughter." Gave the fake smile. Kim Jae-In turned her face to him and sees him with a questionable look, then she changed her position and starts looking outside from the window. "Secure future." Said slowly and gave the bitter smile. Min Eun Bi had no courage to ask something more because the answer she got was reliable.

"Uncle, please drop me here." Said. "But, we have not reached your home." Slow the car. "No, I want to buy some books. School is over and I will take one to get into college so, I want to spend some time with books." She lied because she was not feeling comfortable in there. "Okay, dear." He stopped the car on the side.

"Thank you, uncle. Bye, Jae-In, see you later." She got out of the car. He started the car and left. "Ah! Eun Bi, you are so stupid." Hit her head. "You had no right to ask him." pulled her hair. "Okay, calm down you did that just cause of your friend." Sighed and starts walking.

Kim Jae-In and her father reached home. Kim Jae-In got off of the car, she starts walking without saying anything. "Jae-In!" Her father called out, she turned and walked back. "I want to ask something." He asked with a sullen face. "Yes?" Her anger slowly starting to fade. She hates to see her parents' sad faces. "Tomorrow, can we go hiking? Maybe it will be our last hiking. He turned his gaze at the car steering. "Okay." She said without showing any emotion. He suddenly looked up and happiness took all over his face."Be ready at 6 am sharp, we will see the sunrise from the top of the hill. Now go inside I have to go." Excitement clearly shows on his face. Kim Jae-In nodded and go inside the house.

At night, at the dinner table. Kim Jae-In and her parents having dinner together. "Why are looking so happy today?" Mrs. Park Bo-Young whispered in her husband's ear. "Tomorrow, me and my daughter are going hiking." Said in low voice with a lovely smile. "What?!" Gasped "Shhh!" Put his finger on her lips. Kim Jae-In heard everything but keep focusing on her food. She smiled because after a long time she sees her parents having a normal

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