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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2254986
Episode 15
"Ah! So, this the place." Shin Myung Wook hid behind the tree beside the farmhouse. "I should leave. I am exhausted. Ah! My throat is dry as hell." Coughed, then he went to his bicycle, took the bottle. "What! There is no drop of water." Opened the cap and flip the bottle. He rode on his bicycle and left for home.

Kim Jae-In's house.

Kim Jae-In took all her things from her cupboard and putting into her bag. Suddenly she found her lost toy, it was a tiny sky blue teddy bear that her dad won in the game.

In past.

"Dad, I want this teddy." seven years old Kim Jae-In pulled her dad toward the claw machine by his shirt. "Jae-In dear, I am so bad at this game. I will buy you the same toy from the shop." He grabbed her hand and tried to convince her. "No! I want this one." She was persisting. "Okay, okay, but, I cannot promise." Smiled. He tried a lot of times but, no progress. Kim Jae-In got frustrated. "Oh! Dad, you," Pout, stamped her foot on the ground and left.

"Mom! Dad cannot do anything." Cried and shouted. "What happened Jae-In? Why are you crying like this? " Worried. "Dad cannot do anything." She stamped her feet on the ground. "Jae-In!" Someone called out, Kim Jae-In turned and looked. "Huh! Here." He gave the toy to Kim Jae-In. "I won this for you. You have no patience, my little doll." Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun smiled while breathing heavily.

"Tae-Hyun, what happened to your hand? It is bleeding." She held his hand and gave him a suspicious look. Kim Jae-In was so happy and playing with her new toy. "O! Do not tell me that you did," Did not complete her sentence and she raised her eyebrow. "I am sorry, I got angry and I broke the machine. I just hit my fist on the button, but it went wrong." Scratching his head and embarrassed.

"Tae-Hyun, you are impossible." She glared at him. "I paid for what I did." He tried to convince her. "Okay." She frowned. "Let's go home." She held Jae-In's hand. "But, but, we," He tried to say something, but she already left from his sight. "This man cannot control his anger." Mrs. Park Bo-Young mumbled with frustration.

Back in time.

Kim Jae-In was sitting on the bed and lost in deep thoughts suddenly she realized that someone standing at the door and staring at her. She jerked her thoughts and came back to reality. "Dad, what are you doing there?" She asked. "Oh! You found it." He entered the room and took the teddy from her hands. "I never lost it, I just forget the place where I put this teddy." Replied.

"Oh! I thought you lost it." He sat beside her. "I did not win this teddy, I brought this teddy from the toy store because I broke their machine. So I brought it from the shop." Sighed. She got surprised after listening to his confession. "I am sorry my little doll, your father is,"

"My father is the one, who was always by my side, always protected me, always loved me." She interrupted and said without looking at him. "How can you say that after all this happen to you." He looked at her.

“Jae-In!" Her mother entered with a bag in her hands. The attention of both diverted to Mrs. Park Bo-Young. "I brought a new dress for you, Jae-In." A wide smile spread on her face, she gave the bag to Kim Jae-In. She took the bag and opened it. It is a beautiful pink and white traditional dress called "Hanbok".

"Mom, I am not going to marry. It is just a party." Kim Jae-In put the dress on the bed, but when she turned she saw her mother's smile gone. "Okay." Mrs. Park Bo-Young said in a low voice. "Huh! Okay. I will wear this." She said and her mother's smile came back on he face.

Next day.

Kim Jae-In's phone rings. She slowly opened her eyes, "Who is this? It is 7 o'clock." She looked at the wall clock, then took her phone. "Hello?" Rubbing her eyes and yawned. "Hey! You sleepy head, wake up!" After listening to the loud voice, Kim Jae-In opened her eyes widen and stood up from the bed. "Yeah! Eun Bi." She yelled. "Are you mad? It is 7 am and you awake."

"I do not want to be late for the party." Min Eun Bi said with excitement. " Ah! This silly girl." Kim Jae-In hit on her forehead. "The party is in the evening's 7, not morning's 7 O'clock. " Frowned. "I know, I know, but we have lots of work to do." Eun Bi said. "Likewise?" Raised her eyebrow.

"I do not know. I am just coming, get ready in ten minutes." Eun Bi said and cut the call. "But, how can I ready?" Kim Jae-In said but it is too late. "Oh! God this girl." She stood up from the bed and took her towel and clothes and walked toward the bathroom.

6 pm.

"Jae-In, are you ready?" Kim Jae-In's mother entered the room, she was shocked and did not say anything more because she saw a beautiful girl standing in front of her. "Jae-In, you are looking so beautiful in this dress." She said, at the same time, her father entered and he was also stunned, "You are looking just like your mother, she wore the same dress at our wedding." He looked at her wife.

"Oh! that is why you brought me this dress." Kim Jae-In said while she was looking at herself in the mirror. "Fine, I am ready. Let's go, dad." She grabbed her shoes in her hands and went downstairs.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk's house. Shin Myung Wook peaking from his room and waiting for his dad to leave the house so, he can leave after him. "Myung Wook!" He heard his name from his father's room. He shook and the handle of the door hit on his head. "Ouch!" He rubbed his head. "Myung," Before his father completely called his name he said, "Yes, father."

They both came out of their room at the same time. "Where are you going father?" Shin Myung Wook asked. "I am going to the party organized for graduated students. Do not wait for me okay. I will be late." He replied and walked toward the stairs.

"Do not worry father, I am going with you." He said as smirked appeared on his face. He saw his father leave the house then he immediately went into his room and took a dress that is he going to be wearing at the party. "Although I have to hide from my father, other people should not feel that I am an outsider." Closed his room door.

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