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2 dying parents
Losing you would be like losing a piece of me.
Losing you would possibly do more damage to me.
Then again losing you might be what's best for me?
Maybe I can finally heal, move on, grow up.
Maybe before you go we can get back some of what the devil stole.
Two parents, with which I don't have a good relationship at all.
Why can't we so choose to be kind and to love one another?
Losing you what will that mean for me is that selfish?
Yes, it is somewhat selfish but I just want the time back we lost.
I know we can't have that.
I am just not quite ready for you to go yet.
Can we just turn back the clocks?
Can you bounce me on your knee or hold me in your arms?
Just for a minute can we forget all that has gone wrong?
How will I learn to be okay?
How can I go on?
Jesus is the answer I know that but I just can't get my heart to say okay to that.
You are loved so much more than you will ever truly know.
Losing you is like losing a little of me, however, I must learn to go on.
I must choose to go on, go on I must.
I must learn to trust the Lord in this process to have continued success.
I love you and I know losing you will hurt but deep down I know I will be okay.
I also know we will be okay as a family.

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