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Thinking about dad the good,bad and the ugly
Remembering when

Remembering when I was young and dumb.
Remembering when I used to play with Barbie dolls.
Remembering when my innocence was forever lost.
Remembering being manipulated without a cause.
The one thinking they had done no wrong ,the other thinking all was wrong.
Knowing at some point surely this is wrong but fearing retaliation if no was spoken.
Remembering the good times like watching the Wizard of Oz together.
Family trips to Aunt Angus than small joys in the mist of so much chaos.
Trying to remember God has a plan even when things happen that are bad.
Some memories are good some are bad and some just make me sad.
I hope you will be ready to meet God.
Never really hated you I think just hated the deeds done.
However my heart still hopes you will be ready to meet God.
Please remember God has a plan and it’s never to late to set things right.
So because of this I write and finally after years and years of waiting I have said my piece.

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