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People must emulate the Titan hero Prometheus.


(By: Jojo C. Pinca)

The problem with humanity is that many people are cowards. Truth be told, this world is filled with idiots and cowards. These people that I'm referring to are cowards in the sense that instead of facing their respective problems, they prefer to kneel down and pray to their gods to ask for help and protection. This kind of action is pathetic and bullshit. This is useless and meaningless; an exercise in futility. Why? Because, God will not help you, believe me, he will not lift his finger to assist you and to save you from your troubles? God is a fucking sadist who loved to see people staggering in their suffering. You can pray to your God 24/7 nobody will prevent you from doing that. However, the bad news is that he will not answer your prayers; in short he will ignore you. This is the true nature of God; he is a fucking snobbish bastard. In the end it is you and only you who will remain to face your own problem. So, for your own good stop practicing the bullshit ceremony called "praying to god" because that is useless. So, what is our alternative? We can resolve any issues either by doing it in a nice way or by doing it in the bad way. I personally suggest that we should focus on doing good things as an alternative in solving issues. If praying to God is bad (according to my logic), then what is good then? Well, in facing life problems we have two alternatives: either we will fight inch by inch, pound for pound in order to resolve the problem or we will let it be and accept the inevitable. We can also choose to emulate the Titan Prometheus who defies the Gods of the Olympus who condemned him to be bound and suffer. Therefore, Prometheus should reborn inside us.

Who is Prometheus?

Prometheus was a Titan who fought against the gods of Olympus headed by Zeus. For this reason, Prometheus was punished by Zeus - he was chained in a big rock while his liver is being eaten bit by bit every day by a raven. What is the moral lesson that we can learn from the story of Prometheus? The moral of this story is this, as individual we should not be afraid to face the enemy whether it is a person, situation or even "god". If you really believe that what you're doing is right you must not be afraid even if you are confronted by adversaries. Many people are afraid to confront the adversaries on their respective life; they're cowards and crying babies. What are the monsters that lots of people are frequently encountering in their lives? Poverty, illness, money related problems, problem in a relationship, emotional problems, psychological problems, imaginary, real life problems, legal battles etcetera and etcetera. Lots of people have the propensity to kneel down and pray to their god when confronted by any of these problems. Why do people pray? There are only two reasons that I know why some of these people have a preference for praying. 1.) They don't know how to handle their problem; they have no access to the solution that they needed. Hence, they are asking their god to intervene in order to help them. 2.) They are lazy and the easiest and the most convenient way to resolve their problem is to pray and to ask for help. Going back to the story of Prometheus, he did not pray to god because the god was his enemy. Instead, he took the initiative and did his mission. Prometheus faced the consequences of his audacity. He failed and he was vanquished but he maintained his self-respect because he did what he wanted to do. To me Prometheus was still victorious.

Defy the Gods

Fight the gods, why not? The world is full of gods such as money, power and fame. Ordinary people are sometimes afraid to confront these gods on a head-to-head collision. Again, let us imitate the example of Prometheus who fought and defied the gods of Olympus. In our individual battle against the "gods" in our respective lives we can always follow the example made by our hero Prometheus. We can always say "NO" to these bullying gods and fight them if necessary. Remember that gods are only good in punishing the weak; do not give them that satisfaction you must show them that you are strong even in the midst of suffering.

The "Gift of Fire" and the "Skill of Metalwork"

Prometheus stole the fire from Olympus and he gave it to humanity and not only that, he also gave mankind the gift of metalwork. He did this audacity even without the approval of the gods of Olympus and especially by Zeus. For this reason, he was punished by Zeus. What is the moral of this story? It's okay to defy even the gods if what you are targeting is worthwhile. If you are pursuing a noble objective, it is worth the risk.

Prometheus Was a Rebel with a Cause

Another thing that we must take cognizance about this case of Prometheus is this: he was a rebel but a rebel with a worthy cause. Those who rebel against the law of the land and the government not because they're fighting for their political ideology or principle, instead they wanted to push their personal agenda and evil plans are not rebels; they are bandits, pirates and robbers. Those who want to follow the example of Prometheus must make sure that their conscience and hands are clean.

Why do we need to Rebel?

According to the Algerian philosopher Albert Camus "the man who is in search of meaning is a rebel". Spartacus was a Thracian slave who was looking for the meaning of his life. He realized that his life as a slave will always be meaningless while he is under that bondage. This led him to organize a resistance movement against the Romans who are enslaving them. Spartacus and his fellow rebels obtain their freedom because they rebelled against the system of slavery. Unfortunately, in the end, he and his fellow rebels were caught by the Romans and they were all crucified. You must find the meaning that you wanted for your life and any force or entity that will prevent you from attaining that objective must be fought with; you must rebel against it.

Our Thoughts are our Highest Forms of Resistance

Great resistance doesn't happen at the battle field; it is happening inside our heart and minds. If you can enjoy your life even in the midst of poverty and suffering you are victorious because you are capable of defeating the ugliness of misery called poverty. If you can face peril and life threatening situations with calm mind and heart you are strong, just like William Ernest Henley you will be unconquerable. If you can face your adversaries straight in the face even if your hands and feet are manacled you will always be a free man even though they incarcerate you, your soul will still enjoy freedom. The enemy and unfavorable situations in life can crush you physically; but they cannot destroy your spirit unless you let them. Nobody can take-away your dignity, self-respect and true freedom if you will not give it up to them. Oppression and tyranny is a state of mind, so to speak.

My Respect Goes to the Person Who...........

My respect goes to the man who despite of his misery and affliction he can still stand with pride and dignity. I salute the poor people who in spite of their destitution they still maintain their honor. My heart admires the people in the hospitals who are suffering from terrible dieses yet in the midst of pain they are still optimistic and who doesn't lose hope. My respect goes to the person who doesn't kneel and pray asking for help from his god. Instead he is doing all he can to the best of his ability to resolve his problem. On the contrary, I hate and abhor the people with a "holier than though" attitude. These people pray to their god not because they love their god, instead they're praying to this god because they want their god to ease their suffering and to grant their wishes. I have no kind words and respect for this kind of people. These people are worst than the Satanists. Suffice it to say that the Satanists (particularly the Laveyan Satanists) are more respectable compared to these religious freaks.


Life in this world is filled with sorrows, pains and oppression. Some of these negative situations can be evaded while others are inescapable. Evading problem is not an option (I don't recommend that, what I am suggesting instead is this: facing the problem is the best alternative in resolving issues. The best way to face problems and tyranny is to face them head-to-head. In facing problem we should emulate the example of Prometheus. He was daring, imaginative and decisive. Prometheus the Titan was not a coward, he was a courageous hero that is worthy of emulation. Vis-vis, Prometheus was captured by the tyrant gods and he was tortured and bounded in chained. Nevertheless, the good news is that Prometheus according to the English poet Percy Shelly was ultimately unbounded and freed. Emulating the power displayed by Prometheus is the best way to face all kinds of problems. However, in order for that wonderful thing to happen Prometheus should be reborn in the heart of every person.


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