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by vapid
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Take on the use of religion, specifically inspired by napoleon bonaparte's opinion on it.
Gregorian calendars marked in vermillion,
Ivory whites plucked from civilians,
Wisest to clog ears with ideas vaudevillian,
Eyelids sag with contempt with a puff of carcinogens.

Eyes of alabstor peer through the skull,
Choking out myths, they needed to be culled,
Biting through sinew, their teeth will be dulled,
Sowing together human pelts to create the ark’s hull.

Derelict armistice giving way to empty threats,
Give us organs and blood, the easiest way to repay your debt,
Fingernails fed to scorpions, teach how to make unrest,
Famines over paragraphs made by pestilence.

Brain marmalade is spread over roads,
Breaking bread that bleeds, we won’t end up in Rome,
Stuck in the pits of gehenna with my fellowship vomiting foam,
Chinvat bridge waiting for the crime of not being tied to the stone.
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