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For writer cramp's weekly contest "what would you do with ten dollars?" true story.

Sam Adams Ten Dollar Burger Madness

Sam Adams when he was a young lad
Found ten dollars on the street
Flying in the wind
While walking home
from Berkeley High School
It was in 1972.

He chased down the lost ten dollar bill
On the corner of Shattuck
and University Avenue
In downtown Berkeley.

He called his best friend
Told him of his windfall profit.

His friend said
“Only one thing to do
Let’s get some burgers and fries
I will be by about 2 am.”

Robert knocked on his window
Sam came out
They drove down to Wimpey’s

A British chain
That had just opened
On University and San Pablo.
In the black part of town.

They had a promotional
One dollar sliders.

They each ordered three
Fries and chocolate shakes
And snarfed them down
As hungry 16 guys
Often do.

Robert was satisfied
His mom was a vegetarian
Buddhist nun
And he could not enjoy
A burger at home.

Sam told his parents
The next day
About the windfall profit
He had found.

His mother told him
He had committed a sin
Enjoying the misfortune of others.

His father told him
He did the right thing
Finders keepers
Losers weepers
He said.
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