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That's a lot of change
Writer's Cramp win. Prompt: First line

Tell me: what will you do with a ten dollar bill?

The words echoed in Henry’s head still.
He clutched the prize, joy undisguised
When on his face grew surprise
As the wind caught his wish unfulfilled.

The money flew up in the air
With Henry’s cry of despair.
He leaped and swung where hope still clung
But found in his hand nothing had sprung.

The ten dollar bill had not settled well,
It did a flip, slid next to another kid
Who looked thrilled to the gills
Grabbed it, and began to run pill-mill.

He ran towards Henry, not away.
Thank you, Henry started to say.
Look what I found, laying on the ground,
The kid looked like a king crowned.

Henry bowed to the change of events
Instead of arguing the way things went
He admired what had transpired
And a new friend, his money hired.

When Henry got home and asked what he’d bought,
He said a new lesson he had been taught.
He had nothing to show but his heart was a glow
His day he’d sold, had paid back more than tenfold.

25 line poem win for the Writer's Cramp

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