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A father told his son nature's value.
The father asked his little son -

What can you buy in a ten rupee?
Surely not pearls, diamonds or ruby.
Not even a bread nor fresh water
Neither a full chocolate nor a quarter

But then what can you buy
In just ten rupee, sigh!
When not flowers nor ice cream
Not in reality nor in dream

Then you'll get the solution
Of the very first question
You can buy the thing which is free
By sitting under a peepal tree

The fresh air and the breeze
Which makes you at ease
The song of the blue bird
Which is oftenly unheard

You can admire the nature
It's quality minor and major
How beautiful is the sky
In which you can fly

This all is of no cost to view
It's beauty is known only to few
What can you buy in a ten rupee?
Is the nature, which we all see!

Word Count: 24 lines
Written for Writer's Cramp
Note: Rupee is the Indian currency. The value of ten rupee is very less (approx 0.12$).

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