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Written in free verse about a dream I had about the doors in the corridors of my mind

"There are things known and
things unknown and between are the doors."
_Jim Morrison

and in my dream I walk the corridors of my mind
corridors with old creaking floors
deep in the sanctum of my soul echoes stir
I find myself in a hall of doors,
doors and doors
bright red doors and green emerald doors
with polished knobs
blue, deeply and darkly lovely
varnished doors and a heavy ornate church door
ajar, beckoning me with hymns drifting
one hundred year old doors with brass chimes
portals to long, long ago
wide barn doors in antique grey
with wide thresholds
doors with chipped white paint
rounded doors, wooden doors, some to push, some to pull
through a long forgotten door the wreckage of my life
closed doors, swinging doors, locked doors
with a sign Do Not Open,
doors with steps, doors with brass keys dangling
and doors with chimes (press here for access, my dear)
then, I see two doors side by side
a simple cedar door and a golden door.
I hesitate and then, I turn the knob of the golden door
and see a Nirvana land is beyond but I close it with a slam
then, I open the simple cedar door
which takes me back to the here and now
and I breathe a sigh of relief
for this is exactly where I need to be

July 22, 2021

Poetry/Free Verse/doors in my mind
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