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The colour of prussian blue is like being at sea.
Prussian blue is one of those colours that feel like a dream. It's calming and tired and feels like how a mother would hug her child for a special occasion.

It's one of those colours that is a dream. It's like sitting in a boat in the middle of the ocean at night, not a care when your surrounded by stars. And they're bright, and you can see every one of them for miles and miles. You can see every colour of them and point out constellations and come up with new ones without being judged. It's comforting as the wooden boat you're in gently rocks to the waves, as if mother nature is singing you a lullaby and wishing you sweet dreams. A hand droops into the cold water, but it's alright because it's not shocking-just cold. The lantern on the edge of the boat is giving a soft glow and sending a small amount of light off, your own little star, to join the rest in the sky. It's orange, the glow, but it's homey, comfortable, quiet, and warm.

That's what prussian blue is. It's not just a shade, it's home.

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