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Biblical metaphors, What was the purpose?
A Truth

         Stories told in the Bible are metaphorical in nature. The characters existed, didn’t they? You will never find the bones or graves of most of them. No monuments like we have nowadays. Not like the kings of Egypt, or any other of famous people in this day and age. Even the most famous of all Jesus Christ, don’t have any bones left to show he was here (because of a resurrection). Just a tomb where he laid for three days. We/ they are spirit having a human experience. They are of a higher spiritual level sent to teach us more then we are, or able to know, or teach, and have forgotten. They dropped into mankind to help change the direction that mankind was going at the time. The lesson was the reason, and not who they were. A core truth was trying to be established. A remembrance of who we are. Stages of finding our way back to our glory.

         That begs to ask, did they truly exist? They were teachers, guides, and prophets, followed by a savior. Spiritual beings becoming flesh, but with the remembrance of who they truly were. Sent to remind us who we really are. We being spiritual beings having a human experience. Now forgetting who we truly are!

         But in reality they’re actually truly metaphorical in nature, not just a character in the bible.They represented stages of spiritual development. Told in stories to be brought forth through the ages. Why? So we can see all aspects of mankind to be shown to us. Our path home, and the experiences needed to unfold the truth. The truth lies within, God hides himself in us. We go through these stages to recognize who we are. The stories have been redesigned in several ways to make a religion out of them. Not that is necessarily a bad thing, but men's religions tend to warp a message into something else to fit their thoughts and Ideas.

         Man needed a power over others in any way they could. Once they made you believe in their way, it be came truth. That’s why they’re so many truths out there. That holds true even in our times now. What truth will win? There can only be one truth. This shows how it got change so much in the past that it required a savior. To retell the truth. Jesus came to remind us of who we are, and even most of what he even taught was changed to fit a religion at the time.

         What did Jesus really try to teach us? Most of it has been hidden for way to long. Only excerpts of four of of twelve were published. Why? What happened to the others, and why? To preach a agenda at the time? Wake up to the truth. Lest you be deceived by an old message. One design to give you time, and faith in that which was not revealed yet, but only to a few, to build the foundation. Until there were enough ready to hear the truth, by going through the stages of development. His message was still a stage of development within is own rights. With a new revelation to occur, in the future. Although it occurred in some peoples lives,but not in most. It needed a second revelation to happen. It is at hand, now. Everyone, Priest, Preachers, teachers, religions, all did the best from what they understood, and had been taught to them by those before them. Some adhering to the old message, some to the new, some somewhere in between. It was the best they could do. Some voices told the truth, but were mocked and killed. Why? For telling the true message over the past 2000 years.

         So what was the message he brought? You will see why it wasn't popular with those in power. He came to reveal to us the God inside. If you read and listen to his words. You will see that. Like saying "You ask me to show you the father. If you have seen me you have seen the father." Or "The kingdom of God begins within." He said "To seek the kingdom first, and all will be added later." He revealed by his death on the cross, and resurrection this. The dying of the old you, and old thoughts. A revelation of the truth. You are more than you have been told you are. That your are eternal.

          A transformation occurs within you, allowing the spirit to unfold within. The kingdom is at hand, follow my example. If you can't, just believe this truth, and you will be saved. Not by your works but by the grace of God. He talks about the resurrection of the heart, changed to reveal the truth. To come forth out of this body of death. With the heart being resurrected to the light, and your true nature. That you're in a personal relationship with God. You have access from within. You don't need others on the outside to get it for you, because you are worthy of getting it yourself.

         That message didn't go over well with the religious leaders, of the day, or up to this point in time.The Second Coming of the Christ energy, is this being revealed within yourself as the truth. This is the beginning of the new stage, one that hasn't been written yet. I am sure with many more to be revealed ahead.

         So how do you find and know the truth? Go inside. This is where God hides. Where is God hidden inside, you may ask? ( I will tell you in another story) Here are some clues. It has been said "I am closer to you, and your heart then you realize, and know your every thought. I know the number of hairs on your head". That has been always out there, written to be found again by others trying to reveal the truth.

          Go inside yourself, though whatever form you like, prayer, meditation, etc. Ask the God inside to reveal the truth, so it can begin to unfold within you. When you pray to a God on the outside, you deny your power. Not that God isn't listening on the outside too, but can't always act, because you think you are powerless, and kept changing your mind. (Like ordering a meal in a restaurant and calling back the waiter to change it every minute. You will never receive the meal). It's because you don’t believe in yourself as the truth. If you don’t believe in yourself, then God can’t exist to you, because you deny who God is. Prayer is so much more powerful with you taking back your power, being, and holding the answers inside, to be revealed to you by intuition, or synchronicity (things unfolding before you). You have more help then you know right now.

         Question everything with the heart, remember who you are. You would not chose killing, violence, harming others. You would not push others down because they don't look like you. Remember God is inside them all too! We truly are one. You are your brothers keeper because a piece of what you have is in them too! Would you intentionally hurt yourself? That's why WE made the golden rule. "Do unto to others like you would have done to you". One day all the injustices you have done against another will return to you. We decreed that in the beginning of remembrances.

Thomas Seeker
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