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A poem I just wrote … after feeling a little raw … vulnerable
Surely I'm more than just mother and wife?
Surely there's another me, another life?
A life were I am loved, and even desired,
One where the love clock hasn't expired.

I have purpose, I have real worth,
Many gifts I've yet to unearth,
I need compassion, a soft place to land,
An open mind and gentle hand.

I need more than memories past,
Foggy moments that don't seem to last.
I need to feel life's burning flame,
Not just sadness, or ricocheting pain.

I am women, strong and wild,
Inner warrior goddess and inner child.
I want more, than you're prepared to give,
I want more than the life I live.

I need to feel ablaze with life,
Not just labelled mother and wife.
I need to feel life's coursing energy,
burning bright within the core of me.

I am so much more than you choose to see,
There's another person, another me.
Has it come time to let it go?
Find my own rhythm, my own flow.

I'm screaming in silence unheard,
Every misinterpreted heartfelt word,
I need a gentle soul to hold me tight,
Helping to guide and share their light

I am the gentle soul...
I am the one to shine my light..
It's my life...
I write who and what I am...
Other than just mother and wife...

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