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A man and a judge speak their minds
A Day in Court

"Your Honor, I have to contest this miscarriage of justice!"

"Well, Mr. Ashul, we probably have to actually have the trial before we can consider it a miscarriage of any justice."

"But, your honor, my rights have been violated!"

"Mr. Ashul, can we just get to the charges against you before we talk about any mistreatment. I promise to look at all of the facts."

"But, your honor, according to penal code 1633.5."

"Mr. Ashul, you're seriously trying my patience. Close your mouth and let's get on with it. Baliff, could you read the charges please?"

"But, your honor, once he reads those unscrupulous charges against me they become part of the record and I can forget about any fair treatment in this courtroom."

"Mr. Ashul, they made me a judge for a reason. I'm a fair kind of guy. Give me a chance to get it right, okay?"

"But, if you just let you tell my story, it will go much quicker."

"I doubt anything you have to tell me will be quick, Mr. Ashul. But get on with it."

"Thank you, your honor. It all started on Saturday, July 16th 2020. My family and I had been in isolation for many months. We were following all the rules and were busy staying home. We worked at home, played at home, and ate at home. But we were in desperate need of supplies. The decision was made that I would risk it all and go to the store."

"Mr. Ashul, I'm looking at these charges and cannot understand what any of this has to do with it."

"I'm getting there, sir. I wore my gloves and used my germ killer on the cart. I avoided other customers by following the painted arrows in the store. I made my trip as efficient as possible. In the middle of my shopping I was accosted by security personnel. They threw me to the floor like a piece of meat. Your honor, it was all because I didn't have a mask on. My rights as member of the human race were violated, I say! The constitution does not allow for random laws to confine us."

"Well, Mr. Ashul, yes it does, but we'll get back to that. I think you might have misunderstood the charges against you. You are charged with a violation of penal code 1633.5. Public nudity is not allowed, pandemic or not! Mr. Ashul, you have to wear clothes to the store... and might I add court!"


"Yes,butt! No butts allowed! Guilty as charged, and may I say your name fits perfectly, Mr. Ashul. Good day, sir!"

Word count 436

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