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Understanding change
If I take a pill and I change who am I?
If I see the error of my ways who am I?
Can I be anyone else?
How can I change?
From what to what?
Who to whom?
How will I know I am done?
If I change what next?
What new metamorphosis?
What judgment will those I dare to love have?
I missed the best years of my life.
How can I make up for that?
Will I have time?
My death is bobbing in the water over the horizon.
I am in a row boat.
When will I bob upon my death?
What wind will bring me there?
What sun will blind me?
What waves will force me there?
When I die I will pack my own regrets, but how many will I leave with others?
How will I be remembered?
I forgot to care!
I forgot to care!
Love I did not accept.
Favors for which I never asked.
Help I did not offer.
The example I never was.
Friends I never made.
The lover I never was?

Poor sweet one.
What have I done to you?
How much have I added to your pain?
How much have I missed?
Petty petty man
Stupid petty man,
I have forsaken all for my own sullen self pity.
I must have known.
I must have known.
Even I must have known.

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