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There were extra medical bills due to my hip surgery a few months and now moving costs too
Yes, it is costly medical expenses if you break a leg with rehab following it. And, it was tougher getting through it without transmitting COVID. It was a protocol hip replacement surgery--a little scary. But, me and my medical and rehab teams survived and I know of only one of my other doctors who fell ill by it but recovered.

Lucky for me that there were 3 government relief payments that I used to help me along. I had many added medical costs and many moving expenses after my rehab. Not only am I trying to recover money wise but I'm also try to recover health wise.

Besides the medical state I listed above I was in--I somehow managed to move to a first floor apartment. As I could not negotiate the stairs on second level and was trapped without assistance in my old apartment. I'm in a better place now. Although there was a moving van with 2 men to help me. And, a few other people to help pack and unpack for me as I lose my balance standing and use a walker.

I can only work at writing articles of my own journal, current events and life styles or a slice of life. I wish people in these hard pandemic times know no other hardships that my come your way. But, in reality the hospitals actually see others besides COVID in-patients. We all just can't redirect our lives somehow around unfortunate situations.

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