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Daily Flash Fiction 7/25/21 W/C 245


Andy gazed longingly through the fence. On the other side was a pool. A pool of clean, blue water, just perfect for splashing and cooling off.

He laid down, face against the fence, trying to figure out a way into that yard, into that pool.

Martha strolled out in the yard and spied Andy.

“What’s up, you? Your face looks like you’ve been sucking on a lemon.”

“It’s hot, Mom, and there’s a pool over there. Right over the fence.”

“Yes, I know. That’s the Williams’ yard. They have a pool.”

“I wish we had a pool.” Andy rolled over, looked up at the cloudless sky.

“So do I, but we rent this place. We can’t add a pool, Andy.”

The dog came over, tongue hanging out as far as it could.

“See Buster? He’s hot, too. We need to cool off.”

Martha thought for a moment. “I have an idea. But I’ll need your help, Andy.”

Soon Andy and Buster were splashing in cool water in their own backyard.

Mom had found an extra-large plastic tote big enough for Andy and Buster to squeeze into. Then they lined it with some old sheets of plastic Andy found in the garage. Once they filled it with cold water from the garden hose, it could almost be considered a pool. Not like the Williams’ fancy-dancy one next door, but wet and cold. Just what a boy and his dog needed on a hot afternoon.

W/C 245

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