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Flying Fairies

The kids are bored today, it’s raining. But I got to thinking, the butterfly house at the Arboretum is open. Plus kids get in free.

“Alright everyone, we’re going to a butterfly house. It’s an ugly day. We need to see some color.” My announcement was met with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Jerri, my little one, said “Ooohh, flying fairies! Can I wear my fairy wings?”

“Of course.” She ran to put them on.

Maggie is the oldest. “For real? Butterflies? Don’t I get a choice? This is so lame…” She sent a text to her friends to complain.

Jack is my middle, he always agrees. “Can I take the good camera? Do you think I can get some shots for my school project? Are the batteries charged? I’ll just be a minute…” He ran to grab the Nikon before I could tell him sure, you know I am all about taking pictures on anything but a smartphone.

Once we got there, we found the butterfly house was crowded with others escaping the doldrums of a rainy day. The humid exhibit had dozens of trees and shrubs, purple, red, pink, yellow, blue flowers; each filled with multicolored butterflies and moths. Hundreds more flew in the air.

Red admirals, Monarchs, tiger swallowtails, Malachite, all sorts of butterflies and moths. A virtual feast for the eyes flew past, landed with the tiniest touch in your hair and on your hands.

Jack roamed with the camera, shooting with abandon, eating up the memory card. Jerri danced and squealed with delight. She reminded me of a tiny fairy. Even a smile appeared on Maggie’s face.

As we left, Jack proclaimed butterflies were now his new hobby. He decided he’s going to memorize all the names of the butterflies in the guide book from the gift shop.

Jerri didn’t want to leave the fairies, but I promised her we would return some night to see the owl butterflies that only fly at night. They have a special night program we’ll have to catch soon.

Maggie even said “I think God was wonderful when he created butterflies.”

Yes, indeed.

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