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When someone shows you who they are, believe them . . . – Maya Angelou
Credit Where Credit is Due

The world knows a person by what he or she does more than by what they say. Donald Trump’s actions from December 2019 to the present, bolstered by his own claims and revelations, show that he truly deserves more credit for his response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When President Trump was first notified of a novel coronavirus outbreak in November of 2019. Private updates were followed by two official intelligence briefings in January of 2020. Acting in his role as the U.S. President, arguably the most influential person in the world, Trump made a conscious decision to ‘downplay’ the danger of the Covid-19 virus. He revealed this brave decision in an interview with Bob Woodward, where he took credit for preventing a ‘general panic’. Even after calling for a brief social distancing period in mid-March of 2020, Trump gallantly insisted that the U.S. be ‘fully open’ for the Easter holiday. The four-month delay in instituting measures to control the virus was a primary factor in its development into a truly world-class pandemic. The Covid-19 outbreak might have fizzled out quickly without the help of Donald J. Trump.

President Trump courageously contradicted official CDC guidance throughout the summer of 2020. He personally led the valiant resistance to wearing masks and the practice of social distancing. His ‘no mask’ political rallies helped to spread the Covid-19 virus throughout the U.S. Some even reached the status of ‘super spreader’ events. His tenacious opposition to preventive measures enhanced the spread of the virus and allowed time for even more beautiful variants to emerge. The growth of the Covid-19 outbreak into a major pandemic wouldn't have been possible without the heroic support of President Trump.

Despite being pushed into showing ‘official’ support for Covid-19 vaccine development, Ex-President Trump has become the gutsy face of vaccine resistance. He’s made it a point of honor for conservative voters to remain unvaccinated as a protest against ‘big government’. And, in spite of being vaccinated himself, Donald J. Trump still has the courage to tell his base to rely on 'herd immunity' to show their personal loyalty to him. This further delay in stopping the virus has allowed the Delta variant to emerge and develop into the greatest 'second wave' pandemic ever. Mr. Trump's valiant rearguard action continues to protect the Covid-19 virus to this very day, allowing it to tighten its stranglehold on the international economy.

It’s clear that this failed, one-term president can claim at least one huge victory. He, and he alone, is responsible for the almost unchallenged spread of the Covid-19 virus throughout America. That’s why he, and he alone, deserves the honor of having the outbreak recorded in history as the Trump Pandemic.
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