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After a day's work, Dr. Thomas heads home only for something to happen in his office.
Once, there was a man who worked inside an office. His name was Dr. Thomas, and he viewed his job with indifference. Every day the man would read over papers, staple them, and made sure to do as much as he needed to continue to support himself. He was a lonely man, only 35, and did not think much about his ambitions. Every day felt like a carbon copy of the day prior. However, Dr. Thomas did not seem to mind this at all. After all, he did not seem to distinguish each day as unique anyway.
On Tuesday night, the doctor locked up his office and headed home. Inside his office, something very unusual began to occur. The stapler began to move on its own, as if it had not needed a force to make it move. The stapler jumped up and down until it finally was able to speak.
“Who am I?” the stapler asked out loud, its voice being in between a toddler’s and a young child’s.
“Who am I?” the scissors sitting in a toolholder asked aloud.
“Who am I?” asked the roll of tape sitting next to the toolholder.
“I am Stapler. I staple things.” the stapler bounced up and down, similar to that of a dog.
“Why do you staple?” the scissors asked.
“I do not know.”
“Who are you?”, the roll of tape stood up facing the scissors.
“I’m Scissors, and I cut things for those who wield me.”
“Why do you cut?”
“I do not know. I guess I just do it because that is what my wielder does with me.” the scissors stood up, “I never thought about it, but why am I called Scissors?”
The stapler shook his top, “Why does Dr. Thomas, dictate our beings? I want a name like Steven, Boris, or Jaune!”
The tape chuckled, “Well those higher beings created us, I think. So we were made to be tools to help.”
The scissors scoffed, “Do you think those higher beings really give us a second thought, we are nothing to them!”
The stapler began to sob, “No.. No! It cannot be true! We are cared about right, we must have families we go home to like the higher beings right?”
“I do not have a family, I am scissors! Why do I have to think about all of this now, I did not have to be burdened with this power before.”
The tape rolled up the edge of the table, “I want to be away from here.”
The other two agreed.
“Where will we go though?” the stapler asked.
The scissors and the tape looked at each other and then scissors spoke up.
“We will go to-”
Suddenly, they noticed the sun starting to rise, and then all felt their sentience being drained from their very being. After a few moments, the three office supplies were on the floor, completely lifeless.
Dr. Thomas entered the room and noticed that three office supplies were on the floor. He examined them, and then said, “Broken already? Oh well, I’ll get new ones tomorrow.” The doctor chucked the three office supplies into the garbage bin. “Another ordinary day at the office, I suppose.”

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