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Lighten-up and get-up and get-out for--your COVID-19 SHOTS 'Exclusive Life Saving Offer'
Don't cry to me UNVACCINATED when we all can be VACCINATED and LIVE. Both the vaccine shots are pretty straight forward with some
side effect symptoms temporarily. Well worth the 'fight for your life' event at your local health department. Just give them a 'shot' for your 'shot'.

Why do we need to fight for life with an avoidable COVID infection? Clearly, what have all the doctors said about the vaccine benefits that way outweigh the risks all along--no debate about it. CHOSE LIFE and get your shots. We can't afford to lose another life to this coronavirus.

Now--the unvaccinated and unprotected are risking their own lives or contract sickness to both themselves and other unprotected populations. . Why do we have them to begin with--because they save lives and sickness and spread of disease. Then. why are there the disbelievers and what are they spreading with infectious nonsense or non-science.

Is there a force greater than the truth when it comes down to vaccinating the masses for us and our children's sake. We don't want to infect others with any other sort of beliefs that the vaccines will fail us--they won't--we will win this but together. United we live--Divided we die.
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